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Updated March 21, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
Number of US Airstrikes Soaring in Iraq, Syria
  Turkey Won't Accept Kurdish 'Region of Terror' in Northern Syria
  Syria Army Recovers Damascus District a Day After Rebel Raid
  Russia Denies Plan for Syria Bases as Kurdish YPG Reports Deal
FBI Probing Russia Ties to Trump Campaign
  FBI's Russian-Influence Probe Looking at Conservative News Sites
  Tillerson Will Visit Russia in April
  US and Russian Military Leaders Are Finally Meeting Again
Israelis in US to Negotiate Settlement Slowdown
How Much Is an Afghan Life Worth? That Depends
US Announces New Deployment to Poland in April
Budget Experts Wary of Trump Military Buildup Impact
US to Impose 'Large Electronics' Ban on Some Flights
Tillerson's Comments on N. Korea Fueling Regional Unease
Inconsistencies in Trump's National Security Policies  by Ivan Eland
Fat Leonard and the Decline of Military Values  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Let's Make a Deal: How Trump Can Win Over Kim Jong-Un  by Daniel R. DePetris
Will Russiagate Backfire on the Left?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
War Is Not an Option for Korea  by Christine Ahn
Moral Bankruptcy, Left and Right  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Fox News Pulls Judge Napolitano Over His Trump Wiretap Claims
Gunfire in Kabul? Not the Taliban – It's the Politicians
Okinawan Anti-Base Activist Released After Five Months
Somali Govt Blames Saudi Coalition for Airstrikes That Killed 42 Somali Migrants
Trump Support for Two States 'Encouraging': Palestinian Official
Israeli Ministry Trying to Compile Database of Citizens Who Support BDS
Israel Okays Law Restricting NGO Funding of Political Campaigns
Lieberman Rules Out Alternative Govt Without Netanyahu
Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Says State Hounding Him
Bennett Says Coalition Broadcaster Spat 'Nearly Over'
Israel Set to Annex Disputed Maritime Border Area
Israel to Declare Air Defense Shield Fully Operational: Officer
Israel's President Rivlin Labels Netanyahu's Threat to Call Early Election 'Insane'
Jerusalem Denies Report of Russia's Second Summoning of Israel Envoy
Pakistan PM Orders Border Re-Opening Amid Tense Afghan Ties
Pentagon: No Life-Threatening Injuries for Troops Wounded in Apparent Insider Attack
Baloch Rebel Leader Standing in Way of Pakistan's Economic Goals
France, Japan Back Free Navigation in Asia-Pacific: Abe
Malaysia Mulls Naval Upgrades Amid ISIS Threat, South China Sea Standoff
Former Resistance Fighters Vie for Presidency in East Timor
Libya Rescues 420 Migrants Off Its Coast: Navy
Europe, North Africa Ministers Seek to Curb Libya Migrant Flows
South Sudan Rebels Seize Four Oil Workers, Demand Firm's Exit
Mass Graves in Central Congo Bear Witness to Growing Violence
Pope Asks Forgiveness for Church Role in Rwanda Genocide
Attackers Shoot at Motorcade Carrying Former President Aristide
UN Chief Calls for Haiti Peacekeeping Mission to End Oct. 15
Uruguay Pulling Troops Out of UN Mission in Haiti
Mexico: Remains of Three Left in Coolers in Cabo San Lucas
Cubans Still Trying to Reach US by Sea Despite Rule Change
117 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Captures 9 Officers in Mosul
Iraq's PM, on US Visit, Says Wins Assurances From Trump Administration
ISIS Militants Capture Iraqi Police Colonel, Eight Officers in West Mosul: Official
Syrian Envoy: Russia Told Israel Freedom to Act in Syrian Airspace Is Over
Hezbollah Says Israeli Drone Downed Over Syria
Syrian UNHCR Envoy: Israel Aiding al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorists
UN Explores Land Route Options to Get Aid to Syria's Qamishli
Assad: Russia Has 'Important Role' in Preventing Israel-Syria Clash
Syrian Kurdish YPG Aims to Expand Force to Over 100,000
EU Targets Syrian Military for Chemical Weapons Attacks
Turkey Detains More Than 2,000 People Over Militant, Coup Links: Interior Ministry
Merkel Reserves Right to Block Turkish Campaign Appearances
Denmark Summons Turkey Envoy Over Claims of Anti-Erdogan List
Middle East
UN Seeks Inquiry Into Deadly Assault on Migrant Boat Near Yemen
Syrian Refugees Squeezed Out of Livelihoods in Lebanon
British Banks Handled Vast Sums of Laundered Russian Money
Britain's May to Launch EU Divorce Proceedings on March 29
Poland Promises to Fight Idea of Multi-Speed Europe at EU Summit
Greece Intercepts Eight Suspect Packages
Russia Investigates Suspicious Prison Death of Space Official
US Diplomat Ejected From New Zealand After Mysterious Incident
US Officials Meet Asylum Seekers at Australian-Run Camp, Possibly Restarting 'Dumb Deal'
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