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Updated March 25, 2017 - 11:10 PM EDT
US General Wants to Hike Intervention in Somalia
US Will Keep Ground Troops in Libya
  US Commander: Russia Links to Libya General 'Undeniable'
Mattis Wants Troops in Iraq 'For Years'
  Iraqi Civilians Continue to Flee Mosul, Facing Danger, Uncertainty
Russia: US Claim We Supply Taliban Is 'A Lie'
On War Anniversary, Serbia PM Rules Out Joining NATO
Netanyahu Rejects US Proposal on Reining in Settlements
UN: 200 Civilians Killed Per Month in Yemen War
Democrats Trade Places on War and McCarthyism  by Robert Parry
Does It Matter Who Pulls the Trigger in the Drone Wars?  by Peter Van Buren
ISIS Losses in Syria and Iraq Will Make It Harder for It to Recruit  by Patrick Cockburn
Trump's Military Budget Is Not NATO's Fault  by Sheldon Richman
The Big Lie About the Libyan War  by Micah Zenko
The US Shouldn't Fear Russia: America Is Vastly More Powerful  by Doug Bandow

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Gabbard's Stop Arming Terrorists Act Introduced in Senate
Russia Says Six of Its Soldiers Killed in Chechnya Base Attack
Israeli Troops Detain 8-Year-Old Palestinian
South Sudan: 'There Are Only Dead Bodies'
Civilians Casualties Increase Dramatically in Mosul; 316 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces to Deploy New Tactics in Mosul, Civilians Flee City
ISIS Gunmen Target Civilians Fleeing Mosul by Night
Muqtada Al-Sadr Threatens to Boycott Iraq Elections
Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Says Only Iraq's Military Should Hold Land Seized From ISIS
US-Led Coalition Helps Train Raqqa Police: Syrian Kurdish Officials
Syria's Ja'afari Says US Action on Raqqa Would Be Illegitimate
Syria Army Retakes Damascus Areas From Rebels
Battle for Key ISIS Bastion to Start in 'Days,' French DM Says
Rebel Group Fights at Home, Talks in Geneva
Syrian Negotiator Puts 'Terrorism' at Center of Geneva Talks
Syrian Militia Reaches Tabqa Dam: SDF Official
Russians Bomb Syrian Rebels Near Hama
Yemen Children Dream of School as Saudi Arabia Led War Keeps Them Out
Aid Reaches Yemen's Mokha District Where Thousands Are Displaced by War
Decline of Ancient Trade Route Deepens Yemeni Food Crisis
JCC Bomb Threat Suspect Said Not Cooperating With Police
Israel Ignores UN Demand Against Settlements: Diplomat
Hamas Militant Shot Dead in Gaza Strip, Group Blames Israel
Why Did Trump Keep Obama's Senior Israel Adviser? Depends Who You're Asking
The Right Angle: a Nationalist Group Takes Israelis on a Tour of Hebron
Merkel Worried Israeli Settlement Building Undermines Two-State Solution
Middle East
Five Children Among 11 Syrians Killed as Boat Sinks Off Turkey
Young Bahraini Dies After Being Shot Outside Shi'ite Leader's House: Activists
Cuba's Secret Negotiator With US Was President's Son: Cardinal
Three Dismembered Bodies Found in Mexico Resort Town
Protests Disrupt French Guiana, Prompt US Travel Warning
El Salvador: Sisters Killed, 2-Month-Old Girl Missing
Regional Powers to Meet Over Venezuela Crisis: Mexico
The War at Home
FBI, NSA Directors Called Back to Give Closed-Door Testimony to House Intel Committee
Nunes: Manafort Has Agreed to Be Interviewed by House Intel Committee
WikiLeaks: The CIA Has Been Spying on Apple Users for Years
Apple Says It Fixed CIA Vulnerabilities Years Ago
US Sanctions 30 Firms, Individuals for Aiding Iran, North Korea Arms Programs
Egypt Says 10 Soldiers and 15 Militants Are Killed in Sinai Fight
Explosion in Cairo Suburb Kills One, Injures Three: Security Sources
At Least 50 Killed by Armed Men in Central African Republic: Locals
International Court Awards Reparation for War Crimes for the First Time
French Citizen Kidnapped in Chad Taken Into Sudan
Tanzania's President Warns Journalists That Press Freedom Has Limits
China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Likely to Choose Beijing's Pick for Leader Amid Economic Malaise
Hong Kong Prosecutes Captain, Shipper in Singapore Troop Carrier Case
China Says in Touch With Philippines About Naval Visit
Russia Says US Refused to Attend Afghanistan Conference: Ifax
Man Blows Self Up Near Bangladesh Airport, ISIS Claims Attack
UN to Probe Alleged Crimes Against Rohingya in Myanmar
North Korea Crimes to Be Documented for Prosecution Someday: UN
In Eastern Ukraine, Troops Tiptoeing Up to Front Line Risk Heavy Battles
One Dead After Blasts at Eastern Ukraine Arms Depot
Police Arrest Two More Over British Parliament Attack
Tillerson to Meet NATO on March 31, Ending No-Show Furor
Poland Doesn't Want America's Used F-16s
Police Remove Barricades at Turkish-Bulgarian Border
Americans Still Dying
US Army Medical Sergeant From San Luis Obispo (CA) Dies in Afghanistan
Marine Sergeant Major From San Diego (CA) Dies in 'Non-Combat Related Incident' in South Korea
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