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Updated March 28, 2017 - 11:20 PM EDT
'Russian Hacking' Case Collapsing
  CrowdStrike Debunked, Russian 'Hack" Questioned
Pentagon Probing Mosul Attack That Killed 100s
  Britain Confirms Involvement in West Mosul Bombing of Civilians
  The Innocent Lives Lost Amid Trump's War on Terror
  At Site of Deaths, NY Times Reporters Find Cost of US-ISIS Battle
  US to Send 300 Paratroopers Into Mosul for Latest Escalation
US-Backed Kurds Attack ISIS Near Syria's Tabqa
  Syrian Kurdish Leader: Raqqa Will Join Kurdish-Run Region
ISIS Threatens Iran for Tolerating Jews
US Leads Boycott of UN Nuke Disarmament Talks
FBI Could Have Thwarted Garland, TX Attack
Senate Votes to End Debate on Montenegro Joining NATO
VA Overpaid Thousands of Vets – Now Wants Money Back
Israeli Coalition Split on Broadcaster, Risking Early Vote
Did the Govt Spy on Trump? Of Course. It Spies on All of Us!  by Ron Paul
The Westminster Attack: Savagery Versus Civilization  by Dan Sanchez
Paradigm Shift in the Middle East: Iran the Solution, Not the Problem  by Behrooz Ghamari Tabrizi
Russiagate's Unasked Questions  by Philip Giraldi
Do Muslims Commit Most US Terrorist Attacks?  by Ronald Bailey
Trump Insults the Media, but Bush Bullied It to Sell the Iraq War  by Zaid Jilani

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Dick Cheney: Russian Meddling Possibly 'An Act of War'
Trump Confidant Roger Stone Eager to Testify in Russia Probe
Trump Son-In-Law Met Executives of Sanctioned Russian Bank; Will Testify
New Civilian Casualties in Mosul Airstrikes; 127 Killed in Iraq
Rights Group: Coalition Isn't Protecting Mosul Civilians
Pentagon Denies Changing Airstrike Rules After Reports of Civilian Deaths
Civilian Deaths, Old City Fight Force Mosul Battle Rethink
Iraqi Forces Make New Push in Mosul Old City: Federal Police
Bomb Factories, Village Command Posts: ISIS's Rural Fight
Syrian Rebels Resume Withdrawal From Last Homs Bastion: Monitor
ISIS Tunnels Under Al-Bab Point to Hard Fighting Ahead
US-Coalition Sees No 'Imminent Risk' to Syria's Tabqa Dam
Syria Force Pauses Assault for Dam Checks
Spanish Court to Investigate Complaint Against Syrian Security Forces
Tillerson Will Not Meet Turkey Opposition in Ankara Visit This Week
Expat Turks Begin Voting in President Powers Referendum
Turkish Pop Star, Journalists on Trial Over Failed Coup
At Least 11 Dead in Suicide Bombing and Gun Attack in Southern Yemen
London Attacker Interested in Jihad but No Evidence of ISIS Link: Police
Britain Reopens Privacy Debate After Attack, Presses Tech Firms
NATO to Spend $3.3 Billion on Satellites, Cyber Security and Drones
Kremlin Critic Navalny Gets 15 Days in Jail After Protest
Serbia on EU Path Seeks to Improve Ties With Moscow, PM Says
Venezuela Seeks to Stymie OAS Meeting, Vows 'Severe' Response
The War at Home
Lawsuit Seeks Transparency as Searches of Cellphones and Laptops Skyrocket at Borders
Kushner Offers to Meet With Senate Intel Committee Over Russia Meetings
Man Charged With Murder as Terrorism for NYC Hate Crime
Iowa Soldier's Remains Identified; Missing in Korea for Decades
Netanyahu Pledges to Work With Trump on Peace Efforts
Lapid Drops Demand for Palestinian State
Senior Hamas Militant Gunned Down by Unknown Assassins in Gaza
Hamas Leader Accuses Israel Over Official Killing
Hamas Partially Reopens Gaza Crossing After Assassination
Vacationing Israelis Warned of 'Immediate' Terror Threat in Sinai
B'Tselem: IDF Temporarily Evicts 10 Palestinian Families
Afghan Security Ministers Survive Impeachment Vote
Senior Afghan General Arrested on Corruption Charges
Hopes and Fears as American University in Afghanistan Reopens After Deadly Attack
Pakistan Says Starts Fencing Afghanistan Border in 'High-Threat Zones'
Hong Kong Protest Leaders Charged Day After New Leader Chosen
War Crime Probes Will Hinder Sri Lanka's Reconciliation: Ex-Defense Secretary
Philippines Rescues Three Malaysians Held Hostage by Abu Sayyaf
Kenyan Forces Kill 31 Al Shabaab Militants in Somalia: Statement
South Sudan Rebels Blame Govt for Killings of Aid Workers
G7 Host Italy Wants US to Do More to Foster Stability in Libya
US Wants Quarter Cut to UN Congo Troop Cap, Others Warn Wrong Time
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