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Updated March 31, 2017 - 11:14 PM EDT
Tillerson: Assad's Future Up to Syrian People
  Syrian Rebels Capture Large Amounts of Southern Desert
  Tillerson Talked About Safe Zone Plan With Turkey
  Turkey Lashes Tillerson During First Visit to Ankara
Pentagon Video Proves Buildings Full of Civilians
  Pentagon No Longer Will Say How Many Troops Are in Iraq, Syria
  People in Mosul Starving as ISIS Shoots Anyone Who Tries to Flee
Israel Approves First New Settlement in 20 Years
  Israel To Retroactively Legalize Settler Outposts
Senate Intel Panel Rejects Flynn's Ask for Immunity
Trump Relaxes Combat Rules for US Troops in Somalia
WikiLeaks Releases CIA Programs That Hide Dirty Work
Putin: The 'Preeminent Statesman' of Our Times?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Sleazy Origins of Russia-Gate  by Robert Parry
People in Besieged Mosul Starving as ISIS Shoots Anyone Who Tries to Flee  by Patrick Cockburn
A Cyber-Gulf of Tonkin  by Justin Raimondo
How Many Civilians Can We Kill?  by Robert Koehler
The Pentagon's Blank Check  by Benjamin H. Friedman

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Reimagining China and Asia
by Chas W. Freeman, Jr.
Putin Ready to Meet Trump in Finland
Steinitz: Iran's Traction in Syria a Greater Threat to Israel Than ISIS
China Says Troops Reductions on Track
Fresh Executions in Mosul; 79 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Propaganda Team Killed in Iraq Air Strike: Coalition
In Iraq, UN Chief Guterres Calls for Protection of Civilians
UN Chief Presses Iraq's Leaders to Reconcile Once Mosul Won
Syrian Opposition Rejects 'Any Role' for Assad
Syria: Kurdish YPG Fighters Dominate Turkey-US Talks
UN: Syrians Trapped in Besieged Areas Face Horrific Threat
UN Envoy Haley: US Priority on Syria No Longer Focused on 'Getting Assad Out'
ISIS Claims Responsibility for March 15 Damascus Bombings
Syrian Refugee Numbers Pass Five Million Mark in Region: UN
Netanyahu Kills Israel's New News Channel, Vanquishing His Political Rival and Averting Early Elections.
Thousands Commemorate Palestinian 'Land Day'
IDF Holds Major West Bank Drill Ahead of Passover Holiday
Secret Negotiations and Promises of Aid: How Israel Restored Relations With Nicaragua
Cameras Are Changing the Fight Against the Israeli Occupation, This Is How
Israeli Police Officer Regrets Beating Arab Truck Driver, Apologizes for Attack
Turkey Expects Concrete Steps on Gulen Extradition: Cavusoglu
Germany Accuses Turkey of 'Provocation' as Spying Row Deepens
Belgium Warns Against Violence During Turkey Referendum Vote
Turkish Foreign Minister Says US Arrest of Banker Is 'Political'
Middle East
At Least Two Syrians Killed in Blast in Lebanese Town
First Tehran Marathon: 'Let's Build Bridges, Not Walls'
Investigators Suspect UK Killer Was Lone Wolf Radicalized on Internet
Survey: Brexit May Not Push Scots Toward Independence
Germany Deporting More 'Potential Attackers' After Berlin Attack
German Far-Right Party Urges Supporters to Infiltrate Police
Migrants Accused of Being Part of Syrian Militant Group Go on Trial in Germany
USAID Pauses on New Ukraine Anti-Corruption Agency Projects
Italy Foils Plot by Three Kosovars to Blow Up Rialto Bridge in Venice
Putin Says Western Criticism of Russia's Handling of Protests Political
Belarus Leader to Meet Putin Amid Threat of New Western Sanctions
Albania's Rama Says 'Political Temperature' Rising in Balkans
Canadian Man Arrested in Blaine Accused of Conspiring With Iran
Colombia's Congress Approves Police General as Vice President
Paraguay Fears Dictatorship as President Moves to Amend Constitution
El Salvador to Investigate Military Leaders Over 1981 Civil War Massacre
The War at Home
Group Releases Blacklist of US Academics Backing Boycott of Israel
Google: We'll Make New Tools to Tackle Terrorists Online
Seven Added to US Terrorism List, Including Jailed British Preacher
Federal Judge in Hawaii Extends Court Order Blocking Trump Travel Ban
China Says 'No Such Thing' as Man-Made Islands in South China Sea
China Says Weapons Won't Stop Unification With Taiwan
China Bans Burqas and 'Abnormal' Beards in Muslim-Majority Province
US Wants China to Take Action to Stop North Korea Nuke Tests
China Blocked Sydney Academic From Leaving to 'Safeguard National Security'
US Fires Afghanistan Embassy Workers for Dealing Drugs
American University of Afghanistan Is Reopening After a Devastating Attack. Here's One Student's Story.
Militants Kill Themselves With Grenade in Bangladesh
Vietnam Labels Taiwan Drills on Disputed Island 'Serious Violation'
A Year On, Myanmar's Suu Kyi Acknowledges Reforms Have Been Slow
Philippine Lawmaker Pushes for Duterte Impeachment Over 'Defeatist' China Stance
Malaysia Releases Kim Jong Nam's Body in Deal Ending Spat With North Korea
Somalis Fleeing Yemen War Caught in Nighttime Sea Attack
Fleeing Boko Haram, Thousands Cling to a Road to Nowhere
Ethiopia Extends State of Emergency by Four Months
Al Jazeera Reporter Spends 100th Day in Egyptian Jail
South Sudanese Rebels Free Three Foreign Oil Workers
Sudan: Minister of State for Welfare Says Urgent Intervention Needed for Supporting South Sudanese Refugees
Man With Knife Arrested Trying to Enter Tunisian Parliament
Zambia Gets Chinese Finance to Build 2,000 Houses for Military
Libya Asks EU for Ships and Radars to Stop Migrants
Venezuela Opposition Allege Coup as Supreme Court Seizes Power
Venezuela Moves a Step Closer to One-Man Rule
Venezuela Condemns 'Right-Wing' Regional Plot Against It
OAS Head Accuses Venezuela's Maduro of 'Self-Coup'
Peru Recalls Ambassador to Venezuela, Condemns Move by Top Court
US Condemns Venezuela Supreme Court Decision
Mexico Rebukes Venezuela's Supreme Court for 'Attack on Democracy'
Priest Kidnapped, Released in Northern Mexico
New Tips Back Search at Mexico Mass Grave Site
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