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Updated April 3, 2017 - 11:26 PM EDT
Russia: St. Petersburg Metro Explosions Kill 11
Trump Expands Pentagon's War-Making Authority
  Pentagon Claims Only Four Civilians Killed in Iraq, Syria in February
  UN to Oversee Iraqi Kurdistan Independence Referendum
  Civilians Flee Raqqa as US-Backed Invasion Nears
Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel
Trump Threatens to Act Unilaterally Against North Korea
Stratcom Chief Says $1 Trillion for Nukes Is 'Affordable'
UK Police Look at Charges of Saudi War Crimes in Yemen
US Kills 9 Civilians in Attack on Taliban Arms Cache
20 Sufis Tortured and Killed in Pakistan Shrine Attack
Saudi-Led Coalition's Slaughter of Somali Refugees  by Daniel Larison
In Bahrain, Confrontation for the Sake of Confrontation  by Paul R. Pillar
Al-Qaeda Is Attacking Major Syrian Cities with US Arms but Media Not Talking About It  by Ben Norton
Are We Headed for a Replay of World War I?  by Justin Raimondo
What Life Is Like in West Mosul  by Patrick Cockburn
Saudi Lobbying Campaign Exploited Vets  by Brian McGlinchey

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Trump to Welcome Egypt's Dictator
Russia Offers 'Election Interference' in April Fools' Voicemail
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Asylum Winner in Ecuador Election
Micronations: Run Your Own Country
The War at Home
Haley: Trump Hasn't Stopped Me From 'Beating Up on Russia'
Coast Guard to Congress: Don't Move Us to Pentagon
Growing Readiness Woes: Only 3 in 10 Air Force Planes Are Ready to Fly
Last Person Held Over London Terror Attack Released
Spain Eases Opposition to an Independent Scotland in EU
Unexploded WWII Bomb Found Near London Boat Race Course
Moscow Police Detains Up to 30 Anti-Corruption Protesters
Chechen Authorities Arresting and Killing Gay Men, Russian Paper Says
Two Teenage Girls Held on Suspicion of Plotting French Attack
Protesters Rally in France Over Chinese Man's Death
New Evidence Undermines EU Report Tying Refugee Rescue Group to Smugglers
Europe Keeps Its Rescue Ships Far From the Coast of Libya – Where Thousands of Refugees Have Drowned
Germany Balks at Tillerson Call for More European NATO Spending
History of 'Papal Tyranny' Catches Up With Pope in Northern Italy
Serbia's Powerful PM Claims Landslide Presidential Win
Exit Poll Projects Ruling Party Win in Armenia 'Milestone' Vote
Cyprus Leaders: More Work Needed to Restart Peace Talks
Picasso's Anti-War Guernica Still Resonates, 80 Years On
Protesters in Pakistan Demand Action Against Militants
UN Cuts Cash Incentive to Afghan Refugees in Pakistan
Policeman Killed in Kashmir Hours After Modi Visit
New Tunnel Opens in Troubled Indian Kashmir to Ease Travel
Indian PM Urges Kashmir Youth to Choose Tourism Over Terrorism
10 Leftist Rebels, 2 Philippine Troops Dead in Clash
Philippine Government, Communist Rebels Restart Peace Talks Without Truce
Philippines Seeks to Rename Marine Zone After China Shows Interest
Three Killed During Raid on Bangladesh Militant Den
By-Elections to Test Aung San Suu Kyi's Popularity
Protester Dies in Paraguay Re-Election Clashes as Congress Stormed
Mexico Newspaper Stops Printing After Reporter Shot Dead
Peshmergas Found in Mass Grave; 138 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Parliament Bans Kurdish Flag in Kirkuk
Kushner, Dunford Meet With Iraqi Prime Minister
Iraq to Fully Comply With Oil Cut Deal, OPEC Chief Says
US-Backed Forces Repel ISIS Attack Near Syrian Dam
Evacuations From Homs' Al Waer District Resume
Trump's Stance on Iran Emboldens Nation's Hardliners
Iran Rejects US Terror Claim by Mattis, Blames Saudi
Iranian-American Detained in Iran Released on Bail
Jews and Arabs March in Jerusalem to Protest 50 Years of Israeli Occupation.
Twice Barred Palestinian Farmer Says He Will Wait for IDF Permission to Farm
Palestine's Man in Washington
Israel Opposition Leader: Coalition Still on Verge of Collapse
Three Hurt in Jerusalem Old City Stabbing, Attacker Shot Dead
Israel Says Not Seeking Gaza 'Adventures' After Killing Claim
Israel Unveils Latest Missile Defense System
Hundreds Protest Against 'Israeli Occupier' in Paris
Middle East
UK to Send Military Trainers to Jordan to Help Fight ISIS
Houthis Abduct Seven International Aid Workers in Yemen
Britain Apologizes After Egg Thrown at Saudi General
ISIS Propaganda Outlet Amaq Targeted by Computer Hack
Egyptian Court Allows Contested Handover of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia
Egypt Military Says Top Jihadist Killed in Sinai
Bomb in Egypt Nile Delta City Kills 1 Policeman, Injures 15
Boko Haram Kidnap 22 Girls, Women in Northeast Nigeria
Dog Dies Fighting Suicide Bomber at Maiduguri Wedding Party
UN Reports 23 Mass Graves in Dem. Republic of Congo
Mali Opposition Close to Joining Key Peace Summit
South Sudan's Civil War Creates a New Lost Generation
Venezuela Troops Block Protesters
Venezuela's Maduro Wins Power Over Oil Despite Court Reversal
Venezuela Opposition Turns Ire on Supreme Court Judges
Peru Leads Toughening Stance on Venezuela After Court Power Grab
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