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Updated April 4, 2017 - 9:36 PM EDT
Susan Rice Got Unmasked Intel on Trump Team
  Rand Paul: Susan Rice Should Testify About Trump Unmasking
'Gas Attack' Reported in NW Syria: 100 Killed
  US Envoy: Syrians Don't Want Assad as Leader
  Moderate Islamists Announce New Alliance in Northwest Syria
  At Least 22 Killed in Syrian Airstrikes on Damascus Suburb
As ISIS Shrinks in Iraq, Shi'ite Militias Grow
  ISIS Used 17 Suicide Bombs 'To Help Al-Baghdadi Flee Mosul'
  Fleeing Mosul as Deadly as Remaining; 219 Killed in Iraq
Russia Metro Suicide Bomber Identified, 14 Dead
Suspected Saudi Airstrikes Kill 8 Yemen Civilians
Trump Vows US Support for Egypt Junta
Blackwater's Prince Tried to Establish Trump-Putin Link
Police: 43 ISIS Killed, 32 Wounded in Eastern Afghanistan
Does It Matter Who Pulls the Trigger in the Drone Wars?  by Peter Van Buren
Blaming Russia for Everything  by Robert Parry
White House Meeting With Egypt's Tyrant Unmasks US Policy  by Glenn Greenwald
Why Is Kim Jong UN Our Problem?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Yes, Let's Allow the Syrian People to Decide for Themselves  by Ron Paul
How Netanyahu's Dirty Tricks Squad Targets Boycotts  by Jonathan Cook

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Assange a Winner in Ecuador Election
US Appeals Court Sets May Hearing on Revised Trump Travel Order
HRW: Israel and Egypt Deny Aid Workers Access to Gaza
Tillerson to Chair UN Meeting on North Korea Nuclear Program
Colombia Landslide: FARC Offers to Help Rebuild Town
Fleeing Mosul as Deadly as Remaining; 219 Killed in Iraq
Death Around Corner for Civilians Living on Mosul's Frontline
Kushner, Dunford Meet With Iraqi Prime Minister
Iraq's Anti-Corruption Czar: The Job So Tough They Won't Let You Quit
White House Says No 'Formal Negotiations' With Israel on Settlements
IDF Rescinds Demolition Orders Against Four Settler Structures
Netanyahu's Biggest Likud Rival Gideon Sa'ar Announces Return to Politics
Hamas Said to Arrest Group of 'Israeli Agents' in Gaza
Israel's Labor Federation Threatens Strike Over Netanyahu's Public Broadcaster Deal
Dublin's City Hall to Reportedly Fly Palestinian Flag in Gesture of Solidarity
Turkey Dismisses 45 More Judges and Prosecutors in Post-Coup Probe
Many Turkish Diplomats, Soldiers Seeking Asylum in Germany
How 'Anti-Terror' Information Sharing Soured German-Turkish Relations
Middle East
US Carries Out Additional Strikes in Yemen: Pentagon Spokesman
Bahrain Approves Military Trials for Civilians
American Held in Iran Released on Bail Amid 18-Year Sentence
Lebanon Prime Minister Pleads for Financial Support Ahead of Syria Conference
Factbox: Deadly Attacks in Russia
Russia and Belarus Heal Ties in Shadow of Metro Bombing
US Clashes With Russia on UN Human Rights Debate
Merkel Dismisses Allies' Calls for 'Islam Law'
German Court Jails Four Islamists Over Attack Plots
German Man Given Life Sentence Over Failed Bonn Bomb Attack
EU Tells Macedonia, Paralyzed by Political Crisis, to Focus on EU Entry
Poland Accuses Russian Air Traffic Controllers Over Smolensk Plane Crash That Killed President
Pakistan Approves Military Hero to Head Tricky Saudi-Led Alliance
Pakistan Resumes Repatriation of Afghan Refugees
Philippine Soldiers Kill 'More Than 10' Militants in Bid to Free Captives
'Biggest Insurgent Attack in Years' in Thai South Wounds 12 Police
11 Indian Sailors on Small Boat Hijacked Off Somali Coast
AFP Photographer Freed in Libya, Still Under Detention Threat
Paraguay House Delays Re-Election Vote After Protests; Bill's Backers Persist
Organization of American States Rebukes Venezuelan Government
Paris Refuses Demand for 'Unrealistic' 2.5 Billion Euro French Guiana Aid Package
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