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Updated April 7, 2017 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Launches Over 60 Missiles Aimed at Syria
  Russia Suspends Cooperation With US in Syria
  Syria Slams US Aggression After Overnight Attacks
  Erdogan Welcomes US Attack on Syria
Tillerson: Steps Underway for Removal of Assad
  UN Seeks Compromise on Investigation Into Syria Gas Attack
ISIS Snipers Slow Iraqi Forces in Mosul's Old City
  Iraqi Helicopter Shot Down; 196 Killed in Iraq
'Truck Incident' in Stockholm Kills, Injures Several
General: US Confident Can Intercept a N. Korean Missile
US Spy Agencies Intercept Congressional Figures Monthly
NYT Retreats on 2013 Syria-Sarin Claims  by Robert Parry
We're Asking the Wrong Questions About Syria  by Thomas Knapp
Why Would Assad Use Chemical Weapons on Khan Shaikhoun?  by Elijah J. Magnier
Trump Betrays Trumpism: Syria in the Crosshairs  by Justin Raimondo
Believe the Autocrat
 by Rebecca Gordon & Tom Engelhardt
The Case Against Another Intervention in Syria  by Daniel Larison

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House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes Recuses Himself From Russia Probe
Yemen's Houthi-Appointed PM Tenders Resignation
Twitter Refuses US Order to Reveal User Behind Anti-Trump Account
Ecuador's President-Elect Warns Assange to Avoid Politics
Netanyahu Seeks Buffer Zones on Syria's Borders With Israel and Jordan
In Curious First, Russia Recognizes West Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Israeli Soldier Killed in Palestinian Car Ramming in West Bank: Army
Hamas Executes Three Palestinians in Gaza, Says They Collaborated With Israel
With Healthcare Faltering in Gaza, Care in Israel Is Sought After
At Least 19 People Killed by Land Mine in Somalia
Somalia Leader Declares Country a 'War Zone'
Somali President Shakes Up Security Agencies, Urges Militants' Surrender
As Somali Bombings Spike, an Unlikely Savior Steps Forward
Somalia: Al Shabaab Imports Its Bombs Through Mogadishu Port, Outgoing Security Minister Says
French Soldier Killed in Mali in Clash With Militants
Morocco's King Regains Upper Hand With New Cabinet
15 Burkina Troops Jailed Over Arms Depot Raid
Libya Coastguard Clashes With Suspected Smugglers, Four Killed
North Korea
Japan to Extend Unilateral Sanctions Against North Korea
EU Expands Sanctions Against North Korea as Trump Meets Xi
Philippines' Duterte Orders Occupation of Isles in Disputed South China Sea
Thai King Signs Military-Backed Constitution
Japan Education Reforms Stir Memories of Wartime Indoctrination
Mexico Urges Respect From US for 2018 Presidential Election
Number of Missing People in Mexico Rises to 30,000 by End-2016
Mexico Rights Group: No Final Count of Clandestine Graves
Venezuelan Opposition, Security Forces Clash in Anti-Maduro Protests
Chile Says Will Give Venezuelan Politician Asylum if Requested
Cuba Invites First UN Rights Investigator in a Decade
Brazil Eschews Wars but Will Happily Arm Combatants
Paraguay Faces New Protests in Re-Election Row
Kremlin Says Syrian Gas Attack 'Unacceptable' but US Data on It Not Objective
2014 Destruction of Syria's Chemical Weapons
Syrian Government Sets Terms for Any Inquiry Into Gas Attack
France's Macron Urges Military Intervention if Chemical Use by Assad Proven
Assad Tells Paper He Sees No 'Option Except Victory' in Syria
Syria: Israel 'Main Beneficiary' of Gas Attack Allegations
Israel '100% Certain' Assad Ordered Syrian Chemical Attack, Defense Minister Says
Putin to Netanyahu: Unacceptable to Make 'Groundless Accusations' on Syria Chemical Attack
US-Educated ISIS Propagandist Killed in Syria
Iraqi Helicopter Shot Down; 196 Killed in Iraq
Two Iraqi Pilots Killed When Helicopter Shot Down Over Mosul by ISIS
Kurds 'Re-Energize' Independence Referendum Plan for Post-Jihadist Iraq
Turkish Warplanes Strike Kurdish Militants, Eight Killed: Governor
Australia Says Has Information on Possible Gallipoli Terror Attack
Foes on the Run as Erdogan Makes Power Personal
Up to 100 Dutch Citizens 'Prevented From Leaving Turkey After Criticizing Erdogan'
Iranian Conservative Cleric to Run in May's Presidential Vote
US Granted BP Licence to Operate Joint North Sea Field With Iran
Explosion in Russian City of Rostov-On-Don, One Person Hurt
European Lawmakers Approve Visa-Free Travel for Ukrainians
European Guidelines on Carrying Computers on Airplanes
One Migrant Found Dead as 1,350 Rescued in Mediterranean
Basque Parliament Pressures ETA as Disarmament Day Nears
Irish PM Says We Must Not Return to Hard Border With Northern Ireland
US Military
F-16 Military Plane Crashes Near Joint Base Andrews: Sources
Five Marines Walk Away From Ch-53 'Hard Landing' in Yuma
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