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Updated April 9, 2017 - 11:16 PM EDT
US Airstrikes Kill 21, Mostly Civilians, in N. Syria
Hawkish Dems Cheer Trump Attack on Syria
  Tomahawk Maker Raytheon Fuels Defense-Sector Rally
  45 Times Trump Said Attacking Syria Was a Bad Idea
  Lawmakers Say Proof Lacking Before Trump Bombed Syria
Lacking Syria Plan, US Threatens More Strikes
  Syria: US Missile Attack Killed Nine Civilians
  Is Assad to Blame for the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria?
  Syrian Rebels Call for More US Attacks
US Says Russia Responsible for Syria Gas Attack
  Russia Cuts Military Communications With US Over Syria Attack
  Russia PM: US Attacks in Syria 'One Step Away' From Russia Clashes
ISIS Kills Dozens of Civilians Fleeing Mosul
  Mass Yazidi Grave Found; 289 Killed in Iraq
US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Fighting ISIS
Bombings at Egyptian Coptic Churches Kill 47
US Considers Putting Nukes in South Korea
WikiLeaks: New Files Show How CIA Hides Malware
The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise for Bombing Syria  by Glenn Greenwald
The Bogosity of Trump's 'America First'  by Sheldon Richman
The Debacle of Mosul and Beyond  by Robert Logan
Here We Go Again!
 by Gilbert Doctorow
How Did It Start?
 by Uri Avnery
It's WMD All Over Again. Why Don't You See It?  by Peter Hitchens

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Five Myths About WWI
Clinton Said US Must 'Take Out' Assad's Airfields Hours Before Strikes
Bannon Opposed Syria Strike
The War at Home
Twitter Drops Suit After Government Gives Up Request for ID of Anti-Trump Account
Sen. Ron Wyden: Government Must Explain Why It Tried to Expose Twitter User
First Marines Punished for Online Conduct Following Nude Photo Scandal
US Strikes on Syria Put Xi in Tough Position for Trump Meeting
Trump, Xi Agree to 100-Day Plan to Discuss Trade Issues
Donald Trump Touts 'Tremendous Progress' With Chinese President Xi Jinping
North Korea's Missile Test, a 9-Minute Hop, Leaves Analysts Puzzled
Philippines to Upgrade Facilities, Not Occupy New Areas in Disputed Sea: Military
Wave of Attacks Across Southern Thailand After New Constitution Signed
Maldives Opposition Leader Held for Alleged Plot Against Government
Stockholm Terror Attack: Several Killed After Truck Plows Into Swedish Shopping Center
Man Arrested in Connection With Truck Attack Identified: Police
Norway Police to Carry Weapons at Oslo Airport and Main Cities After Stockholm Attack
Kosovo Bows to US, NATO Pressure, Puts Off Plan to Create Army
ETA Weapons 'Handed to Civil Society' in France
South Sudan
UN: Army Attack Prompts Mass Exodus From South Sudan
South Sudan: Army Denies Blocking UN Convoy in Troubled Town
Mortar Attack Kills Three in Somalia, Police
Mali, France Rule Out Talks With Jihadists After Attacks
Thousands March in South Africa to Demand Zuma Resign
Rights Group Slams Opposition Arrests in Djibouti
Congo's Kabila Names Opposition Figure Tshibala Prime Minister
Weekend Reviews
The Troubling Legacy of World War I
The Amazing and Appalling Story of Darpa
Putin Through American Eyes
Double Exposure: Plays of the Jewish and Palestinian Diasporas
Americans Still Dying
Air Force Staff Sergeant From Umatilla (OR) Passes Away From Non-Combat Cause in Syria
Chief Warrant Officer With NY Ties Dies From Drowning at Guantanamo Bay
Trump Moves Against Assad
Legal Experts Question Whether Trump's Syria Strike Was Constitutional
US Plans New Sanctions for Syria
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: 'There's Been No Change' in US Policy Towards Assad
US Prepared to Do More in Syria, Hopes Not Necessary: UN Envoy
In Abrupt Shift on Syria, Trump Turns to Military Advisers
Pelosi Wants House Hauled Back to Debate Syria Resolution
US Raid
Before and After: Satellite Pictures Reveal the Damage to the Syrian Base
Syrian Jets Take Off From Air Base US Missiles Struck: Syrian Observatory
Eyewitness Says Syrian Military Anticipated US Raid
Mapping the Targets of the US Military Attack on Syria
Syrian Presidency Vows to Step Up Campaign Against Militants
Syrian Rebels Say US Responsibility Doesn't End With Raid
Russia in Syria
US Warned the Russians Ahead of Syria Missile Strikes: Official
Putin to Meet With Security Council After US Missile Strikes on Syria
Russia Says US Strike 'Illegitimate,' Attempt to Distract From Iraq
Russians Not Hurt in US Strikes on Syria Airbase: Ifax Cites Lawmaker
Global Impact
US Polarizes World With Attack on Syrian Regime
Which Countries Support and Which Oppose the US Missile Strikes in Syria
Oil Prices Leap After US Missile Strike on Syria
Despite Tough Talk, Turkey Caught Between US and Russia in Syria
Hezbollah: 'Idiotic' US Strikes Serve Israel and Its 'Regional Ambitions'
Germany Says US Informed It of Missile Strikes Shortly Before Launch
Mass Yazidi Grave Found; 289 Killed in Iraq
US Reminded of Iraq, Libya Following Attacks on an Airbase in Syria
College Student Dies During Venezuela Protest
Leading Venezuela Opposition Figure Barred From Office 15 Years
In First, Mexican President Meets Venezuelan Opposition Activist
Mexico Opens Up Its Heroin Fight to US, UN Observers
Paraguay President's Re-Election Bid Unsettles His Corporate Allies
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