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Updated April 10, 2017 - 11:19 PM EDT
Putin to Snub Tillerson as Tensions Spike
US Official: Russia Knew About 'Gas Attack'
  Trump Administration Demands Russia Stop Supporting Syria
  Russia Warns US Against Carrying Out More Syria Attacks
US Vows to Keep Pressure on Syria
  White House Sends Confusing Messages on Syria Barrel Bombs
  US Officials Send Conflicting Messages on Assad's Future
  US Airstrikes Kill 21, Mostly Civilians, in Northern Syria
  US-Led Force Cuts Attacks on ISIS in Syria After Attacking Assad
'Shadow Brokers' Give Away NSA Hacking Tools
  WikiLeaks Just Dropped CIA's How-To for Infecting Windows
US Intel Chiefs Urge Trump to Assassinate Kim
  US Sends Carrier Strike Group to Korean Peninsula
  Tillerson Says Attacking Syria Was a 'Message' to North Korea
ISIS Church Bombings Kill 47 in Egypt
One Man's Quest to Prove Saudi Arabia Bankrolled 9/11
Referendum May End What's Left of Democracy in Turkey
US Admiral: Russia Navy More Active in Europe Than During Cold War
US Bombs Syria in Retaliation for Alleged Chem Attack  by Will Porter
Syria: Neocons Get Almost Giddy  by Jim Lobe
How Does Media Know Source of Chemical Attack Was Syrian Govt?  by Kevin Gosztola
Trump's Base Revolts Against Syria Strike  by Justin Raimondo
US Covered for Starvation Strategy in Yemen  by Gareth Porter
Alaska in the Crosshairs  by Dahr Jamail

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Mideast War

by Eric Margolis
On Eve of Trip, Tillerson Takes Hard Line on Russia
US Soldier Killed in Ops Against Afghanistan ISIS
Bannon Set Up Trump-Gabbard Meeting
The War at Home
Nervous State Department Workers Prepare for Major Restructuring
FAA Bars Drones Over US Military Bases Due to Security Risks
Only Member of Congress to Vote Against War on Terror in 2001 Says She'd Do It Again
Coast Guard Dodges Budget Ax but Still Sliced by Inflation
National Security Council Shake-Up Continues as Deputy Adviser McFarland Expected to Be Named Ambassador to Singapore
Google Expands Automatic 'Fact Check' Insertion Into Search Results
Stockholm Suspect, ISIS Sympathizer Who 'Partied and Drank': Media
Stockholm Suspect Was Failed Asylum-Seeker; 2nd Man Arrested
Sweden Identifies Truck Attack Suspect as Uzbek Native, 39
Oslo Police Detonate 'Bomb-Like Device'; Suspect in Custody
Norway Raises Terror Threat Levels After Oslo Bomb Find
Boris Johnson Cancels Russia Trip After US Air Strikes in Syria
Brexit Chief: Theresa May Must Let Brits Remain EU Citizens
French Police Escort Firebrand Swiss Imam to the Border
Russian Computer Programmer Arrested in Spain: Embassy
NATO Official Hopes Serbia-Kosovo Tensions Will Ease After Vote
Moldova: 17 Detained in Alleged Plot to Kill Politician
Spain Demands That ETA Apologize and Disband
3.5 Tons of ETA Munitions Found After Disarmament Vow: French PM
McMaster Calls Aircraft Carrier Deployment Toward Korean Peninsula 'Prudent'
Trump Seeks Options for Eliminating North Korea Nuke Threat
North Korea: Trump's Airstrikes in Syria Justify Its Nuclear Weapons Program
Trump Explained US Position on Thaad to Xi: South Korea
Six Killed as Indian Police Fire at Kashmiri Protesters
Hindu Group Claims Christians Tried Forced Conversions in India
Indonesia Police: Six Militants Killed in Gun Battle
Philippines on Duterte's Order to Occupy Disputed Islands: Never Mind
Pakistan: 10 Lahore Blast Suspects Killed in Encounter
Thailand: Karen Refugees Return Home Amid Ceasefire Deal
India Offers $5 Billion Credit Line to Bangladesh for Projects, Defense
Venezuelans Pour Into Caracas Streets in Anti-Maduro Protest
Venezuela's Maduro Blasts Caracas Mayor for Chemical Attack Comments
Venezuela Socialists' Election Strategy? Block Adversaries
Embattled Venezuela President Keen for Local Vote
Colombia Seeks to Turn FARC Guerillas Into Normal Citizens
Gambia: Barrow's Party Wins Most Seats in Parliamentary Poll
Air Strike Kills 18 in Syria's Idlib Province: Observatory
Syria Strikes: Site of Chemical Attack Hit Again
ISIS Launches Suicide Attacks on US-Backed Syrian Rebels
Coalition and Syrian Opposition Forces Repel ISIS Attack
Hundreds Leave Syria Rebel District Under Deal: State Media
Bomb on Bus in Syria's Homs Province Kills Woman, Wounds 25
Suicide Bombing Rocks Syria Refugee Camp Near Jordanian Borders
US on Syria
Rand Paul: Syria Strikes 'Not in the National Interest'
McMaster: US Eager for Regime Change in Syria
US Strikes Destroyed Syrian Means to Deliver Chemical Weapons: Admiral
Ryan and McConnell Flip-Flop on Use of Force in Syria to Deter Chemical Weapons
Global Syria Impact
Russia Sends Warship to Battlegroup Off Syrian Coast
Russia and Iran Warn US They Will 'Respond With Force' if Red Lines Crossed in Syria Again
Sadr Becomes First Iraqi Shi'ite Leader to Urge Assad to Step Down
UK Defense Minister: Russia Responsible by Proxy for Syria Chemical Deaths
Turkey Says US Strikes 'Cosmetic' if Assad Stays in Power
French Candidate Condemns 'Criminal Act' by US in Syria
Netanyahu Doubles Down on Support for 'Moral' US Strike on Syria
Trump Ordered Syrian Air Strike Before Dinner With Xi
China Mocks Missile Strike After Xi Leaves: 'A Weakened Politician Who Needed to Flex His Muscles'
ISIS Attack at Border With Syria; 108 Killed in Iraq
Belgium Withdraws Its Jets From the US-Led Coalition Against ISIS
Erdogan Draws Huge Crowd in Istanbul Ahead of Key Vote
30 Injured in Clash Between Turks and Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Turkey Claims Killing 7 Senior PKK Members
Voting Closes in Germany Ahead of Turkey Referendum
Purged From Turkish Army, NATO Officers Get Asylum in Norway
Israel Warns of Imminent Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Strip
Gaza's Only Fisherwoman Navigates Dangerous Waters
Thousands Protest Palestinian Authority Pay Cut in Gaza
Middle East
Death Toll in Clashes at Lebanon Palestinian Camp Rises to Five
Hardline Cleric Raisi to Take on Rouhani in Iran's Election
Sisi Orders Troop Deployment After Church Bombings
Egypt Declares State of Emergency After Bombings
Three Police Officers Died Preventing Suicide Bomber From Entering Alexandria Cathedral
Egyptian Worshippers Recall Horror of Church Blast
ISIS Says Egypt Church Bombings Carried Out by Militants With Suicide Vests: Statement
Al Shabaab Car Bomb Outside Mogadishu Army Base Kills 15
Somalia's Puntland Executes Militants for Killing Officials
Somaliland Journalist Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison After Meeting Somalia President
India, China Navies Stop Suspected Somali Pirate Attack on Merchant Vessel
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