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Updated April 12, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Trump: NATO Is 'No Longer Obsolete'
Russia Worried US Will Attack North Korea
  North Korea Threatens Nuclear Retaliation if US Attacks
  Trump: N. Korea 'Looking for Trouble,' US Will 'Solve the Problem'
  Mattis: Strike Group Not Headed to North Korea for Any Reason
Russia Vetoes UN Measure on Syria 'Gas Attack'
  Tillerson to Russia: Assad Rule 'Coming to an End'
  Tillerson Meets Putin; Visit Polite but Major Differences Remain
  White House Says Russia Trying to Cover Up Syria 'Gas Attack'
  Pentagon Doubts Claims Russia Knew About Syrian Chemical Attack
  Mattis: US-Russia Tensions Won't Spiral Out of Control
US Threatens Further Attacks on Syria
  US Officials Can't Explain Reason for Syria 'Chemical Attack'
  Legal Experts: US Missile Strikes 'A Violation of International Law'
Afghan Envoy: US Troops May Not Be Needed by 2020
Trump Approves Montenegro's Membership in NATO
FBI Got FISA Warrant on Ex-Trump Adviser Carter Page
Trump's Syria Folly Is Bad for Everyone  by Doug Bandow
The Verifiable Information Vacuum From Syria  by Peter Crowley
Why US Troops May Fight Alongside al-Qaeda in Yemen  by Michael Horton
Behind Trump's Syria Turnabout  by Justin Raimondo
Bill Maher's Muddled Attacks on Islam  by JP Sottile
Cable News Loves War
 by Jack Shafer

More Viewpoints

Iran the Destabilizer
by Philip Giraldi
Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes – Zero Are Critical
Deadly Explosion at Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri
Military Lawyers to Sue Pentagon Over Cancer-Linked Gitmo Areas
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: 'We Need to Learn From Iraq and Libya'
US-Backed Forces Push Back ISIS in Raqqa Campaign: Officials
Preparations Under Way to Evacuate Besieged Syrian Towns: Commander, Observatory
Monitor Says Syria Drops Barrel Bombs Despite US Warning; Syria Denies
Mattis Says US Military Policy in Syria Unchanged
Revised UN Resolution on Syria Attack Circulated
Western Push at UN to Boost Backing for Syria Gas Attack Inquiry
Russia Says Two of Its Soldiers Killed in Syria Mortar Attack
Russia Sends More Warships to Syrian Regime-Controlled Port of Tartus
Syrian Foreign Minister to Visit Moscow Soon for Talks: RIA
Israel Bars Entry to the Director of the Palestinian Federation of Chile
Jordan, Egypt Have 'Special' Relationship With Israel, Says Jordanian King
Palestinians Vow to Disband Islamist Group in Volatile Lebanese Camp
Nigeria: Trump to Sell 12 Attack Planes to Nigeria for Boko Haram Fight
UNICEF: Boko Haram Increasingly Using Children as Bombers
Congo Police Arrest Dozens After Protest Ban
Migrants Traded in 'Slave Markets' in Libya, UN Agency Says
Somali Security Forces Capture 10 Pirates in Stand-Off: Officials
South Sudan War Puts Neighbor's Tolerance of Refugees to the Test
UN Chief Calls for Western Sahara Talks, Parties Wary
Zambia Opposition Leader Arrested on Treason Charges
Tunisia Tightens Restrictions on Journalists, Press Freedom at Risk: Union
Venezuela Says Second Young Man Killed in Anti-Maduro Protests
Under Siege at Home, Maduro Gets Support From Regional Allies in Cuba
Infants Starving to Death in Mosul; 33 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Has Lost Most Territory It Held in Iraq: Iraqi Spokesman
With Media Muzzled, Turkish 'No' Voters Seek Alternative Channels
Erdogan Says Referendum Turnout Among Turks Abroad Jumps
Blast in Southeast Turkey Police Compound Appears Accidental: Minister
China/Hong Kong
China Will Get Better US Trade Deal if It Solves North Korea Problem: Trump
China Warns Against Intrusions Over Detained Taiwan Activist
New China-Backed Leader of Hong Kong Says No Room for Independence
Thai Junta Rejects Conditional Peace Talks With Muslim Insurgents
Thai Junta Lifts Control on Influential Buddhist Temple
Philippine Troops Clash With Suspected Abu Sayyaf Rebels on Holiday Island, Eight Dead
Indonesia Delays Blasphemy Trial of Jakarta's Christian Governor
India Warns Pakistan Against Executing Retired Naval Officer
Myanmar Reiterates No Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, Even as Investigations Go On
US Asks G7 Ministers Why It Should Care About Ukraine Conflict
Ukraine: Washington Won't Allow Package Deal With Russia Over Syria, Ukraine
Blast Hits German Football Team Bus
Stockholm Attack Suspect Admits to 'Terror Crime'
Fire Destroys French Migrant Camp, Leaving Hundreds Homeless
Russia Says All St. Petersburg Metro Bombing Suspects From Central Asia
EU, NATO Countries Kick Off Center to Counter 'Hybrid' Threats
Colombia Sent General Who Lost Job Over Rights Abuses to Its Washington Embassy
US Says Ending UN Mission in Haiti Is a 'Strong Example'
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