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Updated April 25, 2017 - 9:28 PM EDT
White House to Brief Entire Senate on North Korea
Taliban Bombs US Base in Afghanistan
  US Warns of 'Another Tough Year' in Afghanistan
  US General Thinks Russia Must Be Arming the Taliban
  UN Finds Torture by Government Widespread in Afghanistan
US Airstrike Kills Family of Eight Fleeing in Syria
  10 Off-Duty Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Anbar Ambush
Tillerson: Sanctions 'Until Crimea Is Returned'
  Trump: I Didn't Know Much About NATO When I Said It Was Obsolete
Global Defense Spending Increases
US, Philippines Cancel War Games
US Drone Kills 3 Civilians, 4 'Suspects' in Yemen
Why Paul Wolfowitz Is Optimistic About Trump
Candidate Trump: 'I Love WikiLeaks.' President Trump: 'Arrest Assange!'  by Ron Paul
Why Is There So Little Protest Against Threats of Nuclear War?  by Lawrence Wittner
South Korea Should Give US Troops the Boot  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Mattis Versus Kim Jong-UN Will End Badly for US All  by Van Jackson
The Pro-War Twist of the 'Resistance'  by James W. Carden
Trump's Bombings May Elicit the Mother of All Blowback  by Faisal Kutty

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Japan Made Secret Deals With NSA That Expanded Global Surveillance
UN 'Horrified' by Video Showing Killing of Experts in Congo
NSA Blimp Spied in the United States
US Sanctions Hundreds of Employees of Syrian Research Center
Mass Execution Near Kirkuk; 58 Killed in Iraq
Hundreds Flee Mosul Fighting as Others Return to Former ISIS Areas
Activist Denies 2013 Sunni Protests in Iraq Were ISIS' Doing
As War Wrecks Ancient Iraq, Erbil Works to Rebuild Citadel
US-Israeli Man, 18, in Court Over Threats Against Jewish Centers
Netanyahu to German FM: Cancel Meeting With Israeli Leftists or We Won't Meet
Israel Receives Three More F-35 Warplanes
Probe Closed Against Israeli Cop Who Shot Scissor-Wielding Teenage Girls
US Irks Turkey, Says No Policy Change on Armenian Bloodletting
Italian Reporter Freed From Turkey After Two-Week Detention
Turkey Says EU Ties Could Be Revived if Migrant Deal Implemented
Iranian Court Rejects Final Appeal of Jailed British-Iranian Charity Worker
Death Sentences for 20 Over Egypt Killings
The Lonely Pyramids of Giza: Egyptian Tourism's Decline
Sudan Accuses South Sudan President of Meeting Rebels
Zambian Opposition Denies Arson, Says Government Plotting Against It
Cameroon Journalist Jailed for 10 Years Under Anti-Terrorism Law
War Crimes Court Unseals Arrest Warrant for Gadhafi Aide
Kenya Promises to Curb Election-Related Violence Amid Party Primaries
Three More Die in Venezuela Protests
Venezuelans Shut Down Roads and Highways in Protest Against Government
Venezuela Opposition Aims to Keep Protests Peaceful, but Violence Erupts
Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico, Search On: Officials
Former Haiti Coup Leader Admits Drug-Money Laundering Charge
The War at Home
Trump Officials Pick 'High Priority' Towns for Border Wall
Why Soviet Weather Was Secret, a Critical Gap in Korea, and Other NSA Newsletter Tales
House Backing Away From Proposal to 'Tax' GI Bill
Defense Contractors Make Three Times Private Sector Wages, Numbers Show
Adelson, Miffed at Trump Over Embassy About-Face, Said to Shut Spigot
US: Turkish Man Charged With Serious National Security Crime
Navy Increases Restrictions on T-45 Flights After New Cockpit Episode
China's Leader Urges Restraint on North Korea in Call With Trump
Trump Calls for New UN Sanctions Against North Korea
Missile Submarine Joining US Naval 'Armada' Bound for Korean Peninsula
Eight North Korean Defectors in China at Risk of Deportation: Rights Group
US Defense Chief Arrives in Kabul as Afghan Defense Minister Resigns in Disgrace
Two Top Military Officials in Afghanistan Resign After Taliban Attack
Afghan Base Massacre Adds New Uncertainty to Fight Against Taliban
Philippine Army Says It Kills About 36 Militants in Three-Day Clash
Lawyer for Philippines Hit-Man Files Complaint Against Duterte at ICC
India: Suspected Maoist Rebels Kill 24 Soldiers
Kashmir Students, India Police Clash in Srinagar
One Killed, 11 Hurt in Grenade Explosion Near School in Russia
Kremlin Denies Russian State Hacked the Danish Military

EU Steadfast on Crimea Sanctions Against Russia

Malta Suggests Cash Solution to End EU Migration Row
Scots Don't Want Another Independence Vote: Kantar Poll
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