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Updated April 27, 2017 - 11:08 PM EDT
Trump Will Let Pentagon Decide Troop Levels
Israel Attacks Syrian Arms Depot Near Damascus
  Turkey Accuses Syria of Shelling Military Outpost
  Pentagon: Turkey Put US Troops in Danger With Surprise Airstrikes
  Turkish Army, Syrian Kurds Trade Artillery Fire Across Border
Iraq Seizes 'World's Largest' Ransom
  ISIS Troops Kill 15 Civilians in Central Mosul
Pentagon Sees Heavy Casualties in New Korea War
  US Commander: North Korea a Threat to Hawaii
  US Eyes Sanctions, Other Efforts to Isolate North Korea
Ex-Spy Admits Anti-Trump Dossier Unverified
US Test-Fires Long-Range, Nuke-Capable ICBM
Turkey Detains 1,009 'Secret Imams' in Mass Police Purge
US Fires Warning Flare at Iranian Ship Off Iranian Coast
Anti-Terrorism Laws Have Gut Somalia Aid Deliveries
Palestinian and Jewish Voices Must Challenge Israel's Past Together  by Ramzy Baroud
NYT's North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked by Media  by Adam Johnson
Woodrow Wilson Pushed US Into WWI: Communism, Fascism, and Nazism Resulted  by Doug Bandow
The CIA Director Is Waging War on Truth-Tellers Like WikiLeaks  by Julian Assange
No, North Korea Isn't 'Super-Mighty'  by Bonnie Kristian
Where Is the Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders of Foreign Policy?  by Katrina vanden Heuvel

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World Press Freedom Index 2017 Finds Democracies Are Clamping Down
Sunni Militants Kill 10 Iranian Guards at Pakistani Border
Al Jazeera Wins Broadcaster of the Year Award at NY Festivals
Trump's Powerful Zionist Friend Pushes Two State Solution
The War at Home
Trump Picks Retired Marine General to Lead Secret Service
US Spy Agencies Worry That Pot Bans Hurt Efforts to Recruit Young People
Florida Man Accused of Fighting for ISIS in Syria Could Face Prosecution in US
Seahawk Helicopter Crashes in the Pacific, Crew Recovered Safely
82nd Airborne Soldier Found Dead Sunday of Apparent Suicide
Senators Get North Korea Briefing in Unusual White House Visit
North Korean Elites Increasingly Think Kim Jong UN Is a Weak Leader, New Study Says
China Urges Withdrawal of US THAAD Missile Defense System in South Korea
India Struggles to Fend Off Maoist Menace
India Blocks Social Media in Kashmir in Wake of Abuse Videos
US Admiral Sees New South China Sea Freedom of Navigation Ops
India, Afghanistan Gave Help to Pakistani Taliban, Says Group's Ex-Spokesman
China Launches Its First Domestically Made Aircraft Carrier
South Sudan
South Sudan Forces Launch New Offensive: UN
South Sudanese Banks Run Out of Cash
New South Sudan Fighting Displaces 25,000 People
EU May Give Machine Guns to Libyan Coastguard Accused of Killing Migrants
Burundi Stops World Food Program Convoy From Entering Country
Burkina Faso Teachers Return to School, Seek Support, After Jihadist Threats
Sudan: Refugees Face Water Shortages After UN Cuts Fuel to Camp
Egypt's Sisi to Accept Courts' Decision on Island Transfers to Saudi Arabia
Fight for Power Takes New Forms as Kenyan Elections Approach
Venezuela Death Toll Hits 29 for April, Protesters Battle Security Forces
Venezuela to Withdraw From OAS: Foreign Minister
Injured Venezuela Protesters Face Another Woe: Finding Medicine
Prison Shootout in Violent Venezuela Leaves 12 Dead
Chile Charges 16 Military Officials in Pinochet's Caravan of Death
Paraguay's Lower House Rejects Presidential Re-Election Amendment
New Zealand and Australia Deploying More Troops; 134 Killed in Iraq
Pipeline Blown Up in Kirkuk: Official
For Some Mosul Men, Escape Leads Straight to the Interrogator
On the Mosul Front, a Brutal Battle Against ISIS and Time
ISIS Developing New Weapons Despite Losses: Arms Monitor
Russia Says US Missile Strike on Syria Was a Threat to Its Forces
Russia Slams Turkish Strikes in Iraq, Syria
Saudi Minister, After Russia Talks, Says Syria's Assad Still Has to Go
Turkey Says Detains 1,000 'Secret Imams' in Police Purge
Turkey Suspends 9,103 Police Personnel Over Alleged Links With Failed Coup
Turkey Detains 800 People Over Suspected Links to US-Based Cleric
Seven Wounded in Istanbul Explosion Inside Van
Turkey Deports Foreigners Working With Syrian Refugees
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudis Thwart Attempted Attack on Oil Facility Near Yemen
Yemen Govt Seeks UN Oversight of Port: Prime Minister
Hamas Says It Won't Be Cowed by Abbas's Threats
Israeli NGO Gave Thousands of Dollars to Killer of Palestinian Teen
Israel Bans Tour Groups From Staying in West Bank, Then Backtracks
Israeli Official: White House and Jerusalem Are Discussing Possible Trump Visit
United Arab Emirates
UAE Sentences Iranian to 10 Years for Aiding Nuclear Program
Anti-Putin Protesters Get a Smart Phone App to Help Get Out of Jail
Russian Military MIG-31 Fighter Jet Crashes in Siberia: Agencies
Guernica Survivors Meet Bombers' Descendants 80 Years On
'More Transparency' Needed Over Lethal Drone Strike Against British Radical, Lawmakers Says
US, European Military Chiefs Call for Better Data-Sharing Against Terrorism
German Spies to Access Citizens' ID Photos
France Awards Family Damages After Police Fail to Stop Daughter Going to Syria
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