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Updated May 1, 2017 - 11:24 PM EDT
Trump: Would Be ‘Honored’ to Meet Kim Jong-un
  Trump Won't Rule Out Attacking North Korea
  McMaster: US Will Pay for South Korea Missile Defense System
  US Carrier Strike Group Arrives Off Korean Coast
US, Turkey Tensions Grow on Syrian Border
  Syrian Rebels Continue to Fight One Another Near Damascus
  As Civilian Toll Grows, US Undercount in Iraq, Syria Worsens
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill Eight Rescue Workers in Hama
US Marines Return to Afghanistan's Helmand
  Pentagon Plans to Send 5,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
  Here's What 'Mother of All Bombs' Did for US Fight in Afghanistan
4,033 Killed in Iraq During April
Russia: US Missiles in Poland, Romania Violate Arms Treaty
US Drone Strike Kills 4 'al-Qaeda Suspects' in Yemen
'National Security': The Last Refuge of Vote-Buying Politicians  by Thomas Knapp
Graham's Deranged Idea To Attack North Korea  by Daniel Larison
After His First 100 Days, We Should Fear Trump More Than Ever  by Patrick Cockburn
Why Defend South Korean Ingrates?  by Justin Raimondo
David Ignatius' 15 Years of Running Spin for Saudi Regime  by Adam Johnson
Diverting Attention From the Tragedy of Palestine  by Paul R. Pillar

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Some of the Pentagon's Critical Infrastructure Still Runs Windows 95 and 98
NSA Ends Spying on US Citizens' Messages Sent to Foreign Surveillance Targets
Susan Rice Denies Misusing Intel to Damage Trump
China May Have Hacked Emails: Trump
Pennsylvania Aims to Smash US Embargo on Cuban Rum
4,033 Killed in Iraq During April
Arab Media Reports Israeli Strike on Syrian Army Near Border
US-Backed Militias Claim Big Advance Against ISIS in Key Syrian Town
Erdogan Says 'Saddened' by US Flags With Syrian YPG
Erdogan Says Syria's Raqqa Will 'Turn Into a Graveyard' for ISIS
Turkey Fires 3,900 in Second Post-Referendum Purge
Turkey Blocks Access to Wikipedia
Iran Satellite TV Chief Shot Dead in Istanbul
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Arrests 46 Militant Suspects Involved in Medina Attack
Germany's Merkel Arrives in Saudi Arabia, Does Not Wear Hijab in Meeting With King
Saudi Arabia 'Wants No More German Weapons': Report
Iran Becomes Self-Sufficient in Gasoline Production
Iran's Leader Rebuffs Rouhani's Detente Policy Ahead of Vote
Protests Across the West Bank: Palestinians Report Dozens Inured
New Hamas Chief to Be Announced Soon: Officials
Palestinians Stage Sit-In to Support Hunger Striking Prisoners
US Approves Possible $440 Million Arms Sale to Israel
Tensions Between Israel and Germany Intensify Over Critical UNESCO Resolution
Australia Seeks $180m US Anti-Radiation Missiles
McCain on Pre-Emptive Strike on North Korea: 'We Have to Consider That Option'
Japan, Philippines Urge US, North Korea to Avoid War Brink
Donald Trump Invites Controversial Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to White House
Trump Didn't Clear Duterte Invitation With State Dept
ASEAN Gives Beijing a Pass on South China Sea Dispute, Cites 'Improving Cooperation'
Pakistan Army 'Rejects' PM's Actions on Security Leak
Russian Police Arrest Dozens of Anti-Putin Protesters
Ukraine Opens Criminal Probe Against 94-Year-Old Jewish WWII Hero
Italy Fears ISIS Fighters Slip Into Europe Posing as Injured Libyans
European Union Leaders, Gathering Without May, Endorse Guidelines on 'Brexit' Talks
France Kills More Than 20 Militants on Mali, Burkina Border
Mali Extends State of Emergency in Bid to Quell Islamist Attacks
Army Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians: Report
Tunisia Forces Kill Senior Militant Commander Planning Ramadan Attack
Libya Seizes Oil Tankers After Shootout at Sea
Seven Suspected Gunmen Killed in Clash With Mexican Army
Venezuela's Maduro Sees Local Elections Later in 2017
Cuban Military Plane Crashes, Killing Eight Troops on Board
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