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Updated May 7, 2017 - 11:11 PM EDT
50 Afghan Soldiers Die in Pakistan Border Attack
Iraq Kills 68 Civilians in Attack on Mosul School
  Iraq PM: No US Combat Troops Will Stay After ISIS War
US Dismisses Aircraft Ban Over Syria Safe Zones
  Syrian Rebels Condemn Safe Zones as 'Illegitimate'
No Clear US Policy on Peace: Palestinian Experts
  Israel: Doctors Refusing to Force-Feed Must Find Own Replacement
Saudis, US in Talks on Billions in Arms Sales
  Yemen Food Supply Depends on Port Saudis Are Set to Attack
US Navy SEAL Killed, 2 Injured in Somalia Attack
US Carrier Parked Off Iran Complains About Iran Drones
Macron Defeats Le Pen, Becomes France's President
Justice for No One Except Jeff Sessions  by Lucy Steigerwald
Israelis Want Peace, Palestinians Want Freedom  by Mitchell Plitnick
Trump's First 100 Days: Capitulating to the Destructive Status Quo on Foreign Policy  by Bonnie Kristian
In Yemen, Shocked to His Bones  by Kathy Kelly
Letter From a Málaga City Jail  by Grant Smith
President Trump and the Art of Uncertainty  by Doug Bandow

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Uh, Did Someone Leave US Surveillance Drone Feeds Live on the Public Internet?
French Investigators Say No Trace of Explosives on Egyptair Victims
Death Count Rises to 38 Amid Venezuela Unrest
North Korea Accuses CIA of Biochemical Plot to Kill Kim Jong-Un
The War at Home
Trump's Pick for Army Post Drops Out Amid Growing Criticism
Comey Says Device Encryption Affects FBI's Ability to Investigate
Sen. Rand Paul Wants to Know if the Obama Administration Surveilled Him
Lawyers in Torture Case Seek Materials the CIA Calls Secret
Trump Administration Fights in Court to Prevent Top CIA Official From Testifying on Torture
Can South Korea's Moon Make 'Sunshine' Again With Defiant North?
Thai Police Find 35 Myanmar Smuggling Victims 'Dumped' in the South
Afghan Former Warlord Hekmatyar Rallies Supporters in Kabul
Philippines to Complain to UN After Investigator's Unannounced Visit
UN Denounces China Crackdown on Lawyers, Seeks Release
ISIS Leader in Egypt Tells Muslims to Avoid Christian Gatherings
Boko Haram Attack in Chad Kills Nine Troops, 40 Jihadists: Sources
Attacks on Aid Staff in Central African Republic Halts Work of Five Agencies
Suspects in Uganda Police Murder Claim They Were Tortured
Renegade General Cirillo Says Ready to Enter South Sudan's Civil War
Algeria Ruling Socialist-Nationalist Coalition Wins Legislative Elections
Death Toll in Mexico Border Drug Violence Rises to 12
Kidnapped UN Official to Be Freed, Colombia General Says
Americans Still Dying
Army Ranger From Kettering (OH) Dies in Anti-ISIS Raid in Afghanistan, Possible Friendly Fire
Army Ranger From Bloomington (IL) Killed in Afghanistan, Death Under Investigation
US Paratrooper From Bluffton (GA) Killed by IED in Iraq During Patrol Outside Mosul
Suicide Bomber Attacks Haditha; 75 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Gain Foothold in Northwest Mosul After Surprise New Push
US Company Denies Security Risks, Prostitution at Iraq Base
Iraqi Officials Say Mosul Dam No Longer on Brink of Catastrophe
Clashes in Northwest Syria After De-Escalation Zones Take Effect: Sources
Syrian Opposition HNC Group Criticizes De-Escalation Deal
Tillerson Discusses Syria With Russia's Lavrov
Hello, IDF? I Found a Tank Near the Mall in the Center of Town
Hamas to Begin Selection of New Leader to Replace Khaled Mashaal
Ministers Seek to Automatically Apply All Israeli Laws to Citizens in West Bank
Marwan Barghouti's Son: 'My Father Is a Terrorist Exactly Like Nelson Mandela'
Middle East
Hardline Foes of Iran's Rouhani Rap Lack of Payoff From Nuclear Deal
Turkish Court Rejects Wikipedia's Appeal Over Website's Blocking: Anadolu
'Radicalized' Man Arrested Near French Military Base: Judicial Source
Estonia: Russian Plane With Lavrov Intruded in Our Airspace
German Defense Minister Apologizes Over Criticism of Military
Ukraine Blacklists Action Star Steven Seagal Over Russia Ties
Kosovo Opposition Parties Seek No-Confidence Motion Against Government
Weekend Reviews
Confronting America's Misguided Drone Program
Peter Van Buren Reviews National Bird: Looking Deeply Into the Drone War's Abyss
No Country for Jewish Liberals
Hooper's War: An Imaginative Retelling of the End of WWII
Child Soldiers Reloaded: The Privatization of War
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