On one side, a paranoid dictator armed with nukes who might do anything.

On the other side, a vainglorious (and very touchy!) President armed with nukes who might to anything.

What could go wrong?

The Korean peninsula is a tinderbox waiting to explode – and it wouldn't take much of a spark to set if off. The situation calls for reasoned dialogue – not belligerent posturing. Yet our media is adding to the hysteria, rather than providing what's needed most: knowledgeable analysis and an alternative to war.

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Updated May 8, 2017 - 11:25 PM EDT
50 Afghan Soldiers Die in Pakistan Border Attack
  Taliban Seize District Near Key Afghan City of Kunduz
Syria Safe Zones Hold, Attacks Drop Significantly
  Russia: Deal Reached With US to Resume 2015 Syria Air Agreement
ISIS Mounts Fierce Resistance to Mosul Push
  ISIS Attacks Kurdish Base; 88 Killed in Iraq
Israel to Downgrade Status of Arabic Language
  Trump Confidant Claims Abbas Convinced to Make Concessions
  Haniyeh's Election as Hamas Chief Brings Gaza Back to Center Stage
CIA Has a Long History of Killing World Leaders
Pentagon Ramps Up Space Warfare Spending
House Panel to Investigate Obama Support for Iran Deal
Trump Says Not Bound by Spending Bill on Gitmo Transfers
These Nuclear Breakthroughs Are Endangering the World  by Conn Hallinan
What Obsessing About Trump Causes Us to Miss  by Andrew Bacevich
The Day of the Censors  by Justin Raimondo
The War Party Talks Nonsense on Korea  by Sheldon Richman

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item French Election: Centrist Macron Defeats Le Pen
item South Korean Buddhist Monks Protest US THAAD Missile Defense System
item Jordan, US Launch Major Military Exercises
item Ireland: Comedian Stephen Fry Probed for Blasphemy
item Unmanned US Air Force Space Plane Lands After Secret, Two-Year Mission
ISIS Attacks Kurdish Base; 88 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Attacks Kill Two at Iraqi Base Where US Advisers Stationed
In Mosul, Hunger Grows Amid Slow Advances Against ISIS
Syrian Safe Zones Agreement in Full
Ex-Nusra Fighters to Be Evacuated From Syria's Yarmouk Camp: Al-Manar TV
Iranian Supreme Leader Critical of 'Western-Influenced' Rouhani Education Plan
Iran Minister Warns Saudi Arabia After 'Battle' Comments
Bill To Declare Israel a Jewish State Back on National Agenda
Israel Says Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Ate in Secret
Israeli Police Kill Palestinian Girl Who Tried to Attack Them in Jerusalem: Police
Israel-Germany Row Shines Spotlight on Anti-Occupation Group
Netanyahu Tosses Hamas Policy Paper on Israel Into Waste Bin
Israel PM Says Police Will Indict Him to Avoid Admitting Failure
50,000 Evacuated in Germany Over Unexploded WWII Bombs
German Army Calls for Searches of All Barracks After Nazi Memorabilia Found
Merkel's Conservatives Thump Rivals in German Regional Vote
German President Steinmeier Mends Ties With Israel's Netanyahu After Diplomatic Spat
Seven Held in Russian Anti-Government Rally
Polish Capital Sees Huge Anti-Government Protest
Rally in Hungary to Support Reporter Claiming Govt Assault
Three Thousand Migrants Rescued in the Mediterranean: Italian Coast Guard
Spanish Naval Ship Saves 651 Migrants in Mediterranean
Azerbaijan: Soldiers Who Gave Armenia Secrets Are Arrested
Venezuela's Jailed Lopez Is Well, Urges More Protests: Wife
Roses in Hand, Venezuelan Women Protesters Face Security Forces
Trump Adviser Meets With Key Critic of Venezuela's Maduro
The War at Home
Congress Unhappy With Pentagon Office That Oversees F-35
The Military Is Using Human Brain Waves to Teach Robots How to Shoot
Oklahoma Governor Signs Anti-Protest Law Imposing Huge Fines on 'Conspirator' Organizations
Sputnik, Russian Media Outlet, Denied Permanent Capitol Hill Press Credentials
Liberal Son of War Refugees Projected to Win South Korea Vote
North Korea Detains Another American Citizen, KCNA Reports
China to Further Tighten Its Internet Controls
China Demands Taiwan Free Injured Fishermen
China, Japan to Boost Financial Ties Amid Protectionist, North Korean Tensions
Manila: Two Killed in Bombings in the Philippines
UN Expert Keen to Probe Philippines Killings, but Won't Debate Duterte
Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan Killed in April Raid, Pentagon Says
Pakistan: Indian Troops in Kashmir Wound at Least Four
Two Suspected Militants Killed in Police Raid in Bangladesh
Indonesia Governor's Loss Shows Increasing Power of Islamists
Decapitated Bodies Found in Egyptian Sinai Border Town
Egypt Kills Two Suspected Bomb-Makers in Shoot-Out
Egypt Temporarily Re-Opens Gaza's Rafah Crossing
Egypt's Al-Azhar University Replaces Head in Apostasy Row
Somali Government Says Kills Senior Al Shabaab Chief: Statement
Five Boko Haram Commanders Released in Deal That Freed 82 Schoolgirls
Kidnapped Frenchman Freed in Rescue Mission in Sudan's Darfur
Algeria Summons Tunisia Envoy Over 'Communist State' Remark
Colombia Government, ELN Rebels to Resume Peace Talks
Argentina Roiled by Cut to Sentences of Dictatorship-Era Criminals
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