The idea that the "mainstream" media is any kind of check on our rulers is a concept that just doesn't apply in the year 2017. They are a branch of government, not a check on it. And nothing shows this more than how they function in wartime – i.e. the last 16 years.

In the run up to the Iraq war, they reported lies as if they were facts. And the same goes for all the post-9/11 conflicts they've covered: totally uncritical, they're nothing but lapdogs of the Pentagon.

This presents a major problem: where can the American people find out what's really going on? That's why we founded – to let the people know how they're being lied to, and by whom.

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Updated May 11, 2017 - 11:18 PM EDT
US Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians in Northern Syria
  US-Backed Kurds Capture Syrian Town of Tabqa, Nearby Dam
  Retired General: Jordan Won't Support Ground Invasion of Syria
  Trump: Russia Must Rein in Assad, Iran-Backed Forces in Syria
Erdogan Rips US Plan to Arm Kurds
  Syrian Kurds: US Arms Will Mean More Influential Role
  Trump Agrees to Arm Kurds in Hugely Significant Move for Syria
New S. Korea President Vows to Defuse Tensions
  CIA Creates New Mission Center to Focus on North Korea
US Criticizes Russian Build-Up Near Baltic States
How to Smuggle US Nuclear Triggers to Israel  by Grant Smith
Trump Agrees to Arm Kurds in Hugely Significant Move for Syria  by Patrick Cockburn
How US Meddling in the Bosnia Conflict Changed the Face of NATO  by Ted Galen Carpenter
The Silent Slaughter of the US Air War  by Nicolas JS Davies
Big Brother Is Still Watching You  by John W. Whitehead
Trump Wants a New Afghan Surge, That's a Terrible Idea.  by Douglas Wissing

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Why Was
Comey Fired?

by Philip Giraldi
Consultant Used Facebook to Recruit to Saudi Cause, Didn't Disclose Saudi Role
Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe
Egypt: Islamic Extremists Kill 10 Sinai Tribesmen
NATO Assesses Sending More Troops to Afghanistan
The War at Home
Reporter Arrested for 'Yelling Questions' at HHS Secretary
US Likely to Expand Airline Laptop Ban to Europe: Govt Officials
Comey Invited to Testify Before Senate Intel Committee Meeting Next Tuesday: Reports
Physics Professor Sues FBI Agent Over Espionage Arrest
Police Carry Out Anti-ISIS Raids Across Germany
A Problem in Germany: Pro-Nazis in the Military
UK PM May Pledges Annual Defense Spending Rises Until 2023
Snap Election to Follow Kosovo Government Collapse After No-Confidence Vote
International Court Halts Pakistan Execution of Indian Convicted of Spying
Pakistan's Army Assures Commitment to Democracy After Row With Government
Bye-Bye Blue House as South Korean Leader Shuns Imperial Home
US Lawmakers Not Backing Down on Human Rights for Tibet: Pelosi
Tajikistan Detains Son of Defector to ISIS
Venezuela Protesters Fling Feces at Soldiers, Unrest Takes Two More Lives
Rising Use of Military Tribunals Alarms Venezuela Activists
Mexico Names New Prosecutor for Crimes Against Journalists
Mexico Urges Probe of Apparent Shooting of Prone Man by Soldier
Argentina Shoots Down Early Release of Dictatorship-Era Criminals
Thousands Flee Mosul; 70 Killed in Iraq
Explosions in ISIS Weapon Depot Kill Dozens in Syria
Jordanian Air Force Brings Down Drone Near Border With Syria
Iranian Military Commander Killed in Baneh, Iran
Iran's Supreme Leader Warns Against Disrupting Presidential Vote
Charismatic Tehran Mayor Defies Establishment to Stay in Presidential Race
Gaza's Health Ministry Warns: Palestinian Authority to Stop Sending Medicine, Baby Formula to Hospitals
Leading Hamas Official Says No Softened Stance Toward Israel
New Bill Would Reject All Israeli Conversions Performed Outside Orthodox-Sanctioned State System
Israel Police's 'Good Citizenship' Activity for Fifth-Graders: How to Verify an Assailant Is Dead
Four Turkish Soldiers Wounded in Landmine Blast
Turkey, Pakistan Sign Warship, Training Plane Deals
Turkey Needs to Sort Out Price Issues With Russia on S-400 Missiles, Defense Minister Says
Middle East
Several Injured in Saudi Raid on Shi'ite District: Activists
Arab Coalition Says Preparing Alternatives to Yemen Port for Urgent Aid
Tunisia Orders Army to Protect Oil and Gas Fields
Tunisian Vendor Sets Himself on Fire, Sparking Clashes With Police: Residents
Thousands Flee Congo Conflict, Swelling Villages Over Border in Angola
Libyan Coastguard Turns Back Nearly 500 Migrants After Altercation With NGO Ship
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