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For years the US has been funding and arming Syrian jihadists in a campaign to overthrow the Syrian government. These fighters are allied with al-Qaeda – the same people who took down the World Trade Center on 9/11. And the propaganda in the "mainstream" media supporting their cause has been relentless.

When "news" of a "poison gas attack" hit the headlines, no one in the media raised questions – and there were plenty to raise. Even though a well-known expert at MIT debunked the "evidence," it wasn't reported in the Establishment media – and so Trump bombed.

It was reported right here, however, because that's what we're all about: giving you the news the War Party doesn't want you to know about.

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Updated May 12, 2017 - 11:12 PM EDT
Abbas Set to Sign Peace Deal With Israel: Sources
Syria Doctors Crowdfund Underground Hospitals
  Raids on Damascus Cut Syrian Rebel Enclave's Tunnel Economy
S. Korea Pres. Wants to Limit Sanctions on North
  North Korea Demands US Hand Over 'Kim Assassination Plotters'
Trump Mulls 'Less Kinetic' Afghanistan Strategy
  Afghan Security Situation Will Get Worse: US Intel Chief
Southern Yemen Leaders Launch Secessionist Bid
US OKs $2 Billion Missile Sale to United Arab Emirates
SEAL Killed in Somalia Was Fighting Alongside Local Troops
Trump Rejects Digital Catapults for Carriers, Demands Return to Steam
The Hazards of Military Worship  by Danny Sjursen & Tom Engelhardt
America's Ready Supply of Enemies  by Col. Ann Wright (ret.)
Nuremberg's Last Living Prosecutor Has an Important Message  by Carey Wedler
Shut Down the 'Russia-Gate' Farce  by Justin Raimondo
Palestinians to the Woodshed?  by Philip Giraldi
US Killing Civilians in Battle for Mosul  by Kyle Anzalone & Will Porter

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Ukrainian General Calls for Destruction of Jews
Saudis Paid for US Veteran Trips Against 9/11 Lawsuit Law
Germany Not 'First in Line' to Boost Afghanistan Troops
Norway Base May Become Marines' Hub in Europe
New Mass Graves Found; 70 Killed in Iraq
Hezbollah Says It Has Secured Lebanon's Border With Syria
Assad Says De-Escalation Zones Chance for Rebels to 'Reconcile'
Pentagon Tries to Ease Turkey's Concerns With Arming Kurds
US Tells Turkey It Supports Ankara's Fight Against PKK
German Journalist Arrested in Turkey
Weakened but Defiant, Turkish Hunger Strikers Protest Purge
Ahead of Trump Visit, Israel Delays Meeting of Settlement Planning Body: Report
Israel to Let Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Mawan Barghouti Meet With Red Cross, But Not His Lawyer
Israeli Cabinet Panel to Consider Bill Barring High Court Petitions on Behalf of Palestinians
Netanyahu: All Embassies Should Be in Jerusalem, Not Tel Aviv
Hamas Says It Has Caught Killer of a Top Gaza Militant
Middle East
Yemenis Compete for AK-47 in al-Qaeda Quiz: Residents
Skirmishes Over Culture Strain Alliance Between Saudi Rulers, Clerics
Central African Republic
Latest Fighting Kills 37 People in Central African Republic
Fifth UN Peacekeeper Found Dead After Central African Republic Attack
Somalia and Its Backers Sign Security Pact to Beef Up Army
Egypt Cleric Suspended, Faces Trial for Non-Muslim Remarks
Ivory Coast Army Mutineers Drop Financial Demands
CIA Director Warns of Venezuela Weapons Transfers
Venezuela Opposition Seeks Int'l Support for 'Democratic Agenda'
The War at Home
Trump: 'No Collusion' Between My Campaign and Russia
NYU Accidentally Exposed Military Code-Breaking Computer Project to Entire Internet
US Military Failing to Address Improper Payments, Says Pentagon Watchdog
Trump Signs Cyber Security Executive Order
US Airlines Meet With Homeland Security on Expanding Laptop Ban
Al-Qaeda Member Who Flipped and Helped US Gets Time Served
Ohio Man Indicted for Attempting to Provide Support to ISIS
Kashmir: Civilians Killed as India, Pakistan Trade Fire
Pakistan Summons Indian Diplomat Over Kashmir Firing Death
UN Experts Call for Lifting of Kashmir Social Media Ban
China Says Has 'Positive' Talks With Vietnam on South China Sea
Trump's Mixed Signals on South China Sea Worry Asian Allies
South Korean Leader Moon Discusses North Korea With China's Xi: Blue House
Six Killed as Bangladesh Police Raid Militant Hideout
Thai Authorities Hunt 10 Over Bomb That Injured 60: Military
Philippines Says Will Review UN Concerns Over Killings
Guam Drills Indefinitely Postponed After French Craft Runs Aground
UN Rights Chief Tells Uzbekistan to Go Easy in Fight Against Islamism
Kremlin Says Feels 'Cautious Optimism' After Trump Meeting With Lavrov
Ukraine Soldiers Bombarded by 'Pinpoint Propaganda' Texts
Spanish Parliament Urges Government to Exhume Franco's Remains
Mexican Activist Who Searched for Disappeared Is Slain
Argentines Protest Supreme Court Ruling on Dirty War Sentences
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