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For years the US has been funding and arming Syrian jihadists in a campaign to overthrow the Syrian government. These fighters are allied with al-Qaeda – the same people who took down the World Trade Center on 9/11. And the propaganda in the "mainstream" media supporting their cause has been relentless.

When "news" of a "poison gas attack" hit the headlines, no one in the media raised questions – and there were plenty to raise. Even though a well-known expert at MIT debunked the "evidence," it wasn't reported in the Establishment media – and so Trump bombed.

It was reported right here, however, because that's what we're all about: giving you the news the War Party doesn't want you to know about.

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Updated May 13, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
Trump to S. Korea President: Don't Talk to North
  N. Korean Missile Lands in Sea of Japan After Flying 30 Minutes
  North Korea Urges World to Ignore New Sanctions
Turkish PM: US Vows Kurds Won't Stay in Raqqa
  Hundreds of Rebels Leave Damascus Suburb Under Evacuation Deal
Trump to Back Palestinian 'Self-Determination'
  Israel Plans 15,000 Settler Apartments in East Jerusalem
Yemen Govt Rejects Southern Secessionist Bid
  Attack on Yemeni Port Would Displace at Least 400,000: UN
Pakistani Senator Survives Attack, 27 Others Die
Saudis Seek Trump Support With $40 Billion 'Investment'
Leaked NSA Malware Is Helping Hijack Global Computers
Classified America: Why Is the US Public Allowed to Know So Little?  by Robert Koehler
The Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-Gate  by Daniel Lazare
Will Donald Trump Start the Second Korean War?  by Doug Bandow
A Curious National Home
 by Uri Avnery
Should Hamas Rewrite the Past?  by Ramzy Baroud
NPR Can't Help Hyping North Korean Threat  by Glen Frieden

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Comey Declines to Testify Before Senate Committee
Iran's Rouhani Lashes Out at Hardliners in Blistering Final Debate Before Vote
Palestinian Officials Hope to Launch E-Currency in 5 Years
Militiamen Launch New Operation Against ISIS; 44 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Shi'ite Paramilitaries Squeeze ISIS Toward Syria Border
Kurdish-Led Forces Say They Will Advance on ISIS Syrian Capital
Defense Secretary Mattis Meets Turkish Prime Minister, Defends Controversial Syrian Arms Deal
Erdogan Sees 'New Beginning' in Turkish-US Ties Despite Kurdish Arms Move
Turkey Arrests Cumhuriyet Editor-In-Chief Oguz Guven
Turkey Once Again Warms to EU Accession
Turkey Seeks Advanced S-400 Anti-Air Missiles From Russia
Turkey Detains Dozens of Former Bourse Staff Over Gulen Links: Media
Cholera Outbreak Adds to War-Torn Yemen's Misery
Sacked Yemeni Governor Departs to Saudi Arabia
US Envoy Said to Advise Israelis to Cooperate With Trump on Peace
Palestinians and Settlers Tried to Make Peace on Their Own, and Then This Happened
Palestinian Reportedly Killed at West Bank Rally for Security Prisoners' Hunger Strike
Palestinian Officials Hope to Launch E-Currency in 5 Years
Parents Sue US Palestine Group Over Son's Death Linked to Hamas
Kremlin Says May Retaliate Against US Over Expulsion of Russian Diplomats
German Army Suspends Soldier for Making Far-Right Comments
Americans Still Dying
Navy SEAL From Maine, Killed in Somalia, Remembered for His Drive, Leadership
South Korea's New Leader Abolishes State-Issued History Textbooks
Putin, South Korea's Moon Discuss Political Solution to North Korea Crisis
North Korea Seeks Extradition of South Korea Spy Chief Over 'Assassination Plot'
US Complains to China About North Korea's Attendance at Silk Road Summit
South Korea to Attend China's Silk Road Summit Amid Diplomatic Rift
Pentagon Wants to Boost US Troop Numbers in Afghanistan
UN Torture Committee Wants Afghan General Prosecuted
China Defends Military Ties With Sri Lanka After Submarine Visit Blocked
Thailand Threatens to Sue Facebook Over Anti-Monarchy Posts
US, Philippine Troops Train for Typhoon as Duterte Puts War Games on Hold
Myanmar Arrests Buddhists Accused of Targeting Muslims
US Military Offers Support, but Not Troops, to Aid France in Africa
Way Forward for Libya Uncertain Despite 'Breakthrough' Meeting
Congo Election Risks Delay Due to Militia Violence: Commission President
Torture Victim Images Spur Brutality Accusations Against Uganda's Police
Ivory Coast Soldiers Revolt Over Bonus Pay Dispute
Police Block March of Elderly Venezuelans
Venezuela Tries Protesters in Military Court 'Like We Are in a War'
First Colombia FARC Rebels Complete Disarmament: UN
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