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Updated June 12, 2017 - 11:25 PM EDT
Saudi Arabia, Allies Hail Trump Warning to Qatar
  Israel, Saudis, UAE Lobby Congress for Anti-Qatar Legislation
  Qatari Capital Brims With Fear, Uncertainty, and Resilience
  Iraq: Qatar's Ransom Money Was Never Given to Shi'ite Militants
Israel Cuts Gaza Electricity at Abbas' Request
  Israel Plans Most Settlement Homes Since 1992
  Netanyahu Demanded Settlers Be Allowed to Remain in Palestine
Russia Warns US Not to Strike Syrian Govt Forces
  Syrian Army: Reaching Iraq Border a 'Turning Point' in ISIS War
Iraqi Forces Repel ISIS Offensive South of Mosul
  Mosul Airstrike Kills Family; 275 Killed in Iraq
US Troops Kill 3 Civilians After Afghan Bombing
US, Somali Forces Attack Al-Shabaab Site
Philippines' Duterte Says Didn't Seek US Support in Siege
On 50th Anniversary of Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Opinions Largely Ignored  by Adam Johnson
ISIS Will Continue Even if They Are Defeated in Raqqa  by Patrick Cockburn
The TSA Turns Harassing Travelers Into a Fine – and Pointless – Art  by J.D. Tuccille
National Illusions and Global Realities  by Lawrence Wittner
US Can't Fix Afghanistan, and It Should Stop Trying  by Bonnie Kristian
The Qatar Crisis and Trump's Dangerous Embrace of the Saudis  by Daniel Larison

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Qatar Hires Former US Attorney General Ashcroft
Rep. Rohrabacher: Wasn't ISIS Terror Attack in Iran 'A Good Thing'?
Lawmakers to Pentagon: Tell Us When You Use Cyber Weapons
Puerto Ricans Back Full US Statehood but Vote Marred by Abstentions
The Five Most Bizarre Decisions in Gulf-Qatar Crisis
Qatar Willing to Listen to Gulf Concerns, Kuwait Says
Families Ripped Apart, Freedom of Expression Under Attack Amid Political Dispute in Gulf
Morocco Offers to Mediate Qatar-GCC Crisis
Qatar Denounces Gulf States' 'Policy of Domination'
Qatar Allows Residents From Boycotting States to Stay
Amnesty Bemoans Cost of Qatar Crisis on Human Rights
Qatar Blockade: Iran Sends Five Planeloads of Food
Saudi-Led Alliance to Ease Curbs on Some Qatari Families
Qatar Hosted Taliban 'At Request of US Government'
Qatari FM: For Arabs, Hamas Is a Resistance Movement
Qatar Petroleum Says Business as Usual Despite Diplomatic Rift
Reports: Qatari Pilgrims Harassed in Mecca Grand Mosque
Dollar Shortages Hit Qatar Exchange Houses as Foreign Banks Scale Back Ties
Tribal Fighting Kills 22 in Southern Iran: Lawmaker
Iran Sends Warships to Oman Amid Gulf Dispute
Iran Kills Mastermind Behind Tehran Attacks, Arrests More
Iran Arrests Almost 50 After Deadly Tehran Attacks
Iran's Aseman Signs Final Deal for 30 Boeing 737s: IRNA
Donald Trump's State Visit to Britain Put on Hold
Theresa May's Premiership in Peril as Loose Alliance Agreed With DUP
Notre Dame Attacker a Self-Radicalized Novice: Prosecutor
Three More Suspects Face Charges Over Killing of Paris Policeman
US Plans Massive Exercise in Black Sea Region
Israeli Commandos Head to Cyprus for Largest Land-Based Drill
Polish Police Charge Solidarity Activist, Other Protesters
Spain Rescues Two Babies and 52 Adults Crossing Mediterranean
Spanish Police Arrest Hamas Supporter Accused of Inciting Violence Against Jews
Three Killed, Nine Injured in Mosque Shooting in Afghanistan
All Six US Combat Deaths in Afghanistan in 2017 Were in Fight Against ISIS
Militants Kill Three Policemen in Pakistan
Pakistan's Alarming Social Media Death Sentence
Shi'ite Muslim Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for Blasphemy
Indian Troops Kill Seven Kashmir Youth
The Maute Brothers: Southeast Asia's Islamist 'Time Bomb'
Sri Lanka Arrest Five Over Anti-Religious Violence
Search Underway After USS Shiloh Sailor Goes Overboard Near Okinawa
Arms Show Offers Japan Venue to Build Military Ties in Southeast Asia
Australia to Build First Prison Aimed at Isolating Militants
US-Backed Syrian Force Starts Battle to Capture Raqqa From ISIS
Syrian Activists: At Least Seven Killed in Raqqa Airstrike
Syrian Army and Allies Step Up Bombing of Rebels in Deraa City
Syria Army Says It Holds Fifth of Key Desert Territory
Mosul Airstrike Kills Family; 275 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Repel ISIS Offensive South of Mosul
In Jerusalem's Old City, Palestinians Recall 1967 Uprooting
Israeli Soldiers Shoot From Towers Across Fence Into Gaza Protest, Killing Palestinian
Israeli PM Calls for Dismantling of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency
Thousands Protest in Israel Against Police Killing of Arab Man
Haredim Attack Another Soldier in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim
Hamas Denies It Built Tunnel Under UN Schools in Gaza
Middle East
US, Turkey Discuss Qatar Row, Syria on Phone Call: Sources
Jordan Troops Killed Five Suspected Infiltrators From Syria
DR Congo
11 Dead, 900 Escape After DR Congo Jail Attack: Official
Police Officer Dead in DR Congo Court Attack
Saif Al-Islam: Gadhafi's Son 'Released After More Than Five Years of Detention'
Eight Migrant Bodies Found Off Libya, Dozens Feared Missing: Coastguard
Boko Haram Slits Villagers' Throats in Revenge Killings
Pope to Nigerian Priests: You'll Be Fired if You Don't Obey
Nigeria to Hang Soldier for Burning Alive Boko Haram Suspect
US Opposes French-Drafted UN Resolution Authorizing Five Countries to Fight Extremists in Africa
UN Peacekeeper Death Toll Rises After Mali Jihadist Attack
Concerns as Thousands of South Sudan Children Used as Fighters
Egypt to Keep Administration of Red Sea Islands After Saudi Transfer
Led by Islamists, Thousands of Moroccans Rally in Support of Northern Protests
Tunisians Protest for Right Not to Fast During Ramadan
France, Ivory Coast Vow to Strengthen Military Cooperation
The War at Home
Chelsea Manning Says WikiLeaks Disclosures Weren't Solicited; 'No One Told Me to Do This'
Air Force May Retire a Third of Active A-10 'Warthogs' for Want of Replacement Wings
'Apathetic Safety Mentality' Cited in Ft. Hood Wreck That Killed Nine
Navy Ends Search for Sailor Who Went Overboard Off NC Coast
Venezuelan Opposition Rallies Broken Up by Tear Gas
Vast Majority of Venezuelans Reject Plan for New Constitution: Poll
Six Killed, Including Two Children, in Southern Mexico Attack
Trump to Reveal Cuba Policy in Miami Next Friday
Brazil's President Denies Spying on Judge Investigating Him
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