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Updated June 16, 2017 - 11:29 PM EDT
US to Send 4,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
Senate Votes for New Sanctions on Iran, Russia
  Germany and Austria Criticize New US Sanctions Against Russia
  Putin: Russia Wants Constructive Dialogue With US
Tillerson: US Working for Regime Change in Iran
  State Dept Releases Updated Official History of 1953 Iran Coup
US Anticipates Messy Fight in 'Next' ISIS Capital
  Int'l Airstrikes & Civilian Casualty Claims in Iraq and Syria: May 2017
DC Police Issue Warrants for Turkish Security
  Turkey Sentences UN War Crimes Judge to Prison for 'Terrorism'
Scores of Dead Line War-Torn Philippines City
Qatar: $12 Billion Fighter Deal Shows Deep US Support
Trump to Reverse Cuba Policy, Limiting Travel, Business
Al-Shabaab Kills Scores in Attack on Puntland Army Base
Derangement and Danger on the Potomac  by David Stockman
A Planet's Future Threatened by the Fate of Its Children  by Karen Greenberg & Tom Engelhardt
Forget Russian 'Threat': Mexico Is Our Real Problem  by Justin Raimondo
Sorting Out Ukraine Conflict's History  by James W. Carden

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The 'Global Order' Myth
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Finding Bravado, and Worry, at an Iranian Shrine Where ISIS Struck
Official's 'Quiet Diplomacy' Led to Warmbier's Release
Facebook Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Find Extremist Posts
US Threatens to Replace UN Human Rights Body Over Anti-Israel Stance
Their Life Disrupted, South Korean Grannies Vow to Fight THAAD Til the End
Demonstrators Demand Arrest of Former PM Maliki; 46 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Say About to Encircle ISIS in Mosul's Old City
UN Says Won't Play a Part in Iraqi Kurdish Referendum
Putin Says Russia Aims to Beef Up Syrian Military in Mid-Term
Russia Says US Moves Rocket Launching System to Syria: Agencies
Syrians Refugees Head Home on Foot From Turkey for Eid Holiday
Turkish Opposition Leader Begins 250-Mile Protest March
Turkey Gives 23 Life Terms in First Ankara Coup Verdict
Global Lenders Support Qatari Banks Hit by Gulf Rift
Qatar Says Gulf Crisis Has No Impact on World Cup Preparations
Lieberman: Israel Is Coordinating Settlement Building With the US
Palestinian Government Bans News Sites Critical of President
Tillerson Waters Down Statement That Palestinians 'Changed Policy' of Terror Payments
Lieberman Blames Hamas for Gaza Electricity Crisis
Swiss Parliament Blocks Attempt to Criminalize Israel Boycott
A Rare Look at Israel's Largest-Ever Commando Exercise in Cyprus
Why Israel Is Spending Millions on Orthodox Missionary Work – and How This Empowers the Settlers
UN Urges Yemen Ceasefire and Open Ports to Confront Cholera
A Recollection of Yemen's Ramadan Spirit
Lebanon Seeking Cyprus' Help Over Maritime Border
Opposition Grows to Egypt's Plan to Cede Islands to Saudi Arabia
Egypt Arrests Dozens Ahead of Proposed Island Protests
At Least 19 Killed in Hotel Attack in Somali Capital
UN Investigators Say Burundian Forces Still Torturing, Killing Opponents
Incoming Lesotho Prime Minister's Wife Shot Dead
On Boko Haram Front Line, Nigerian Vigilantes Amass Victories and Power
Protests in N. Morocco Swell With Calls for Royal Intervention
Venezuela Politician's Kidnapping Stirs Chavez's Home State
Venezuelan Congress Says $200 Million Wasted on Low-Income Food Packs
Cubans Brace for Worst as Trump Takes Aim at Obama Opening
Mexican Journalists Hold Protests One Month After Reporter's Murder
Journalist, Congressional Hopeful Is Shot Dead in Honduras
White House Says Existing Sanctions Against Russia Are Effective
Putin Compares Comey to Snowden, Calls Fired FBI Director's Leak 'Weird' but Jokingly Offers Asylum
Putin: if Other Countries Remove Sanctions on Russia, We Should Do Same
Russia's Putin Says Protests Should Not Be Used as Provocation
Russia's Putin Says Bridge to Crimea Is on Schedule
Putin Critic Navalny Has No Chance of Running for President: Election Chief
UK Arms Firm Sold Spyware to Repressive Middle East States
Activists Fear UK Censorship of Palestine Expo Event
Two British Soldiers Die During UK Training 'Incident'
Romanian Government in Limbo as PM Refuses to Quit
Rescue Ships Pick Up 1,000 Boat Migrants: Italy Coastguard
ISIS Claims It Captured Osama bin Laden's Mountain Hideout From Taliban
Four Killed in Attack on Mosque in Kabul
Japan Passes 'Brutal' Counter-Terror Law Despite Fears Over Civil Liberties
Joint Activities With Japan on Disputed Islands Is Possible: Putin
Suspect Identified in China Kindergarten Explosion; Eight Killed
US, China to Hold Diplomatic, Security Talks on Wednesday
Thailand Arrests Suspect in Connection With Bangkok Hospital Bomb
Vietnam Defends Decision to Revoke Dissident's Citizenship
The War at Home
Iraqi Detainees Launch Case to Halt Deportation From US
How a Conspiracy Theorist's Call About a Dirty Bomb Shut Down Part of a Port
What Went Wrong With the F-35, Lockheed Martin's Joint Strike Fighter?
The $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier That Has Trouble With Planes
F-35a Hypoxia Problems Date Back to 2011, Air Force Reveals
Shiloh Sailor Reported Overboard Now Found Hiding in Engine Room
Judge in Infamous 'Sleeper Cell' Case Agrees to Hear New Evidence That Could Help Convicted Terrorist
Colombia's FARC Leader Says All Weapons to Be Handed Over by June 20
Colombia Ignores US Pressure to Return to Aerial Fumigation of Coca
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