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Updated March 16, 2018 - 10:17 PM EDT
Trump: US May Pull Troops From South Korea
  Commander: Army Has Prepared for Korean War for 18 Months
McMaster: US Will Stay Until Syria Is Stabilized
  Erdogan: Turkey, US May Form 'Safe Zone' Around Syria's Manbij
GOP Leaders Want To Delay Yemen War Vote
  Saudis in Secret Peace Talks With Yemen's Houthis
US Revives Debunked Grid Hacking Charges
  Britain, Russia Trade Insults After Testy UN Meeting
  US Hits Russia With New Sanctions; Russia Vows Retaliation
DoD: Talk More to Contractors, Less to Public, Media
Correction: Trump's CIA Pick Didn't Oversee Waterboarding of Zubaydah
item Return of the Neo-Cons: Pompeo and the Death of Diplomacy  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Max Boot Resurrects the Lansdale Legend  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item Russia's Clash With the West Is About Geography, Not Ideology  by Benn Steil
item My Lai Amnesia Fifty Years On  by Russell Vandenbroucke
item The Fog of War in America  by William J. Astore
item We Made a Documentary Exposing the Israel Lobby. Why Hasn't It Run?  by Clayton Swisher

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North Korean Foreign Minister Visits Sweden Amid Summit Speculation
Apple Appears to Have Totally Cut Off Iran From the App Store
Spanish Police Raid Catalan Govt HQ in Vote Probe
How Facebook Protects Israel
US Military Helicopter Crash; 63 Killed in Iraq
US Military Aircraft Crashes With US Personnel Onboard in W. Iraq
Syrian Observatory: At Least 12,500 Leave Eastern Ghouta Enclave
Senior Kurdish Official, Key to US Policy in Syria, Killed
How a Bitcoin Developer Ended Up Fighting ISIS in Syria
Lebanon Plans To Boost Army Presence on Israel Border
Hezbollah Expects Its Allies to Win More Seats in Lebanon Vote
UN Palestinian Refugee Agency Gets New Cash Pledges, Needs Much More to Survive
'Barak Was Begging Me, I Sent Him to Hell': Former Prime Minister Olmert's Prison Memoir
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Saudi Crown Prince Is Hiding His Mother to Prevent Her From Opposing His Power Grab
UN Urges Warring Parties in Yemen to Facilitate Aid
Egyptian Army Believes ISIS Using Sim Cards From Israeli Phone Company
UAE to Train Somaliland Forces Under Military Base Deal: Somaliland President
Cameroon: Media Defies Ban on Political Debate
South Africa Grants Bail to Six Police in Marikana Massacre Case
Libya Navy Seizes Oil Tanker Suspected of Smuggling
Global Iraq Fallout
Colombia Charges Cuban in Jihadist Plot to Kill US Diplomats
Colombia Tribunal Begins Mammoth Task of Investigating, Trying War Crimes
My Lai Massacre: 50 Years On
The My Lai Massacre Is Retold by Survivor
Who Was Hugh Clowers Thompson Jr.?
Survivors Recall the My Lai Massacre
50 Years Ago, the My Lai Massacre Shamed the US Military
Survivors of Vietnam's My Lai Massacre Remember 'Darkness and Silence'
My Lai Massacre: Vietnam Prepares to Mark 50th Anniversary
US Military
Congress Demands Pentagon, DoJ Investigate Child Sex Assault
Six US Soldiers in Mountain Warfare Training Hit by Avalanche and Survive
Navy Pilots Die Following Rescue After F/A-18 Crashes Off Florida
Pentagon Stops Short of Blaming Funding, Training Issues for Deadly Jet Crash
Afghan Hostage Shoots Taliban Captors, Killing Seven
Defying the Taliban: Afghan Women Apply to Join Police Force
Russia: We Never Had a Program to Develop Nerve Gas Named in UK Spy Case
Pentagon Blames 'Misinformation' for Serbia Defense Minister Comment
Thousands Rally Against Czech President's Attack on Media
Jens Stoltenberg, NATO's Chief, Says Allies Are Spending More on Defense
Brazil: Rio De Janeiro Councilwoman, Critic of Police Killings, Shot Dead
UN Accuses Mexico of Torture, Cover-Up in Case of 43 Missing Students
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