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Updated March 21, 2018 - 11:09 PM EDT
US-South Korea Spring War Games Scaled Back
Senate Votes To Kill Challenge to Yemen War
  Lawmakers Fail to End US Support for the Saudi War in Yemen
  44 Senators Made History by Voting to End Illegal US War in Yemen
  Trump Praises Visiting Saudi Prince, Focusing on Arms Sales
Turkey Threatens to Attack US-Held Syrian Town
  ISIS Takes Area South of Damascus, Driving Out Army
  Scores of Civilians Killed as Strikes Hit E. Ghouta School, Market
  Iraq Approves Turkish Military Operations Against Border Kurds
Cordial Talks Between Trump, Putin; Will Meet Soon
  Tests of Substance in Britain Poisoning Will Take Three Weeks
Austin Bomb Suspect Blows Himself Up
Dozens Killed in ISIS Attack Near Kabul University
Trump to Boost Exports of Lethal US Drones
French Ex-President Sarkozy Arrested in Libya Probe
item Untold Story of My Lai: Covering Up for General Westmoreland   by Gareth Porter
item Pompeo and Haspel Are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem  by Ron Paul
item Who Wants to Kill Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah?  by Ramzy Baroud
item 15 Years in Iraq: A Shameful Anniversary  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Russiagate Comes to England  by Philip Giraldi
item Saudi Crown Prince's US Visit Is a Shopping Trip for War  by Ebrahim Moosa

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NSA Worked to 'Track Down' Bitcoin Users, Snowden Documents Reveal
Moammar Gadhafi's Son Wants to Be the Next President of Libya
The Iraq War Continues to Divide the US Public, 15 Years After It Began
43% of US Public Thinks Iraq War Was Good Idea
India Abductees Found Dead Near Mosul; 72 Killed in Iraq
Russia Says 79,702 Civilians Evacuated From Syria's Eastern Ghouta
UN Seeks Access to Syria's Ghouta and Afrin as Needs Grow
Merkel Warned Netanyahu Collapse of Iran Deal Could Lead to War
Can European Business and Technology Save the Iran Deal?
Iranian Leader Says Tehran Has Defused Regional Threats
US Arrests Iranian Over Alleged $115 Million Sanctions Evasion Scheme
Turkey Condemns UN Report on Its State of Emergency
Turkey Detains More Than 100 Suspected PKK Members Ahead of Newroz Spring Festival
Haredim Burn Soldier Effigy During Jerusalem Anti-Draft Protest
Israeli Red Tape May Hold Up US Embassy Move to Jerusalem: Report
EU Raises Half-Billion Dollars for Project to Improve Gaza's Drinking Water
Netanyahu Defends Egypt Border Fence: Influx of African Migrants More Dangerous Than Terrorism
Expelled Russian Diplomats Leave Britain in Nerve Agent Crisis
Telegram App Can Be Forced to Reveal Personal Data to Security Services, Russian Court Rules
Britain Withdraws Offer to Lead EU Military Force After Brexit
Facebook Sent Auditors to Ensure Cambridge Analytica Wasn't Hiding User Data. the UK Said 'Get Out'
The War at Home
Austin Bombings: Police Respond to Report of New Explosion
New Explosion in Austin Is Not Believed Linked to Previous Blasts
American PR Firm Defends Its Role in Saudi Arabia's Controversial Corruption Crackdown
US Advancing Toward First Guantanamo Repatriation Under Trump
Yemeni Man Seeks Guantanamo Release After 16 Years
Ex-Facebook Insider Says Covert Data Harvesting Was Routine
Trump's New Lawyer: The Man Who Sent Jonathan Pollard to Jail
US-South Korea Military Exercises to Resume Next Month
South Korean K-Pop Stars Including Red Velvet to Perform in North Korea
China, Not North Korea, to Dominate Japan Military Planning
Xi Warns Taiwan Will Face 'Punishment of History' for Separatism
US Eyes 'Religious Pressure' to Bring Taliban to Peace Talks
Maldives Former Dictator, Judges Charged With Terrorism
Team Leader Warned He Didn't Have Right Equipment, Intel Prior to Deadly Niger Attack: Report
Cameroon: Armed Anglophone Separatists Kidnap 40
Sisi Says He Wanted More Challengers in Egyptian Election
Warned of Boko Haram, Nigerian Security Lapses Helped Schoolgirls' Abduction: Amnesty
Macedonia Offered Range of New Names
Mosque in Germany Attacked With Molotov Bombs
Moldova Will Send Its Ambassador Back to Russia Soon
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