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Updated March 27, 2018 - 11:22 PM EDT
Trump, 14 EU Nations Expel Russian Diplomats
  Russia Mulls Options After Biggest Diplomatic Expulsions Ever
Kim Jong-un Arrives in China on Surprise Visit
  North Korea Says US Should Show Seriousness About Diplomacy
Turkey 'Will Expel Kurdish Forces From Sinjar'
  Last Eastern Ghouta Rebels Deny They'll Surrender as Talks Continue
Saudis Threaten Iran, Blaming Them for Yemeni Missiles
  13-Year-Old Boy and Other Yemeni Civilians Killed by US Drones
item The March We Need: A March for Peace... Or, at Least, De-Escalation  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Neocons Are Back With a Big War Budget and Big War Plans  by Ron Paul
item Arms Sales Decisions Shouldn't Be About Jobs  by William D. Hartung
item Is Trump Assembling a War Cabinet?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Is Al Jazeera News a Hostile 'Foreign Agent'?  by Peter Van Buren
item Pentagon Is Ramping Up the High Quality Bullsh*t About Afghanistan  by Paul Szoldra

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Facebook Logs SMS Texts and Calls, Users Find as They Delete Accounts
Pulse Nightclub Shooter's Father Was an FBI Informant for 11 Years
Two Failures in a Day: Missile Defense Is an Embaressment
Clashes Take Place Near Shirqat; 35 Killed in Iraq
Yazidis in Iraq's Sinjar Brace for Possible Turkish Attack
Iraqi Kurdish Authorities Use Force to Contain Public Discontent
Russia Expects Deal With Major Rebel Group in Syria's Ghouta
Last Syrian Rebels in Ghouta Negotiate as Others Bussed Away
In Face of Ghouta Defeat, Syrian Rebels Blame Each Other
Turkey Committed to EU Accession Process: Erdogan
EU Says Summit With Turkey Provides No Answers to Concerns
Bulgaria Should Press Turkey Over Historic Compensation Claim: President
Israel's Ex-Defense Minister Says John Bolton Pushed for Israeli Strike on Iran
$1 Million Worth of Iron Dome Missiles Fired at Nothing Due to 'Oversensitivity'
Kansas Legislators Try to Save Law Against Boycotting Israel
Israeli Forces Arrest 14-Year Old Palestinian Burn Victim in Hospital
Claiming Defense Ministry Approval, Settlers Enter Two Disputed Hebron Buildings
Middle East
US Denies Leaving Air Bases in Turkey and Qatar
Mueller Probe Witness Secretly Backed UAE Agenda in Congress
Germany and France to Netanyahu: Sanctioning Iran's Missile Program Better Than Altering Nuclear Deal
Egyptians in Sinai Queue for Bread, Not Ballots
Cameroon: Military Arrests Boko Haram Fighters and Accomplices
Niger Arrests 23 as Tax Protest Turns Violent
Militia Chief, Policeman Arrested Over UN Murders in DR Congo
Expelling Diplomats
Kremlin Says Putin to Decide on Response to Diplomat Expulsions
Russian Senator Says Moscow Will Expel Dozens of US Diplomats
Czech President Asks Spy Service to See if Novichok Was Produced Locally
Russia Says 'Powerful Forces' in US and Britain Behind Salisbury Attack
US Tells UN 12 Russians to Be Expelled Acted 'Outside Official Capacity'
Italy's Right Criticizes Mass Expulsions of Russian Diplomats
Israel Says 'No Comment' on Expulsions of Russian Diplomats Across the Globe Over Poisoning of Spy
Canada to Expel 4 Russian Diplomats, Reject Credentials of 3 More
Ireland to Take Action Against Russia Over UK Nerve Agent Attack
Puigdemont Case in the Hands of Regional Courts: Germany
Puigdemont Arrest Leaves Catalan Independence Movement on the Ropes
Ex-Catalan Minister Will Fight Extradition to Spain From Scotland: Lawyer
32 Injured, 5 Seriously in Kosovo Clashes
Kosovo Police Expel Serb Official Amid Surge in Tensions
Exits Were Blocked, Say Russian Mall Fire Investigators
Cambridge Analytica Headquarters Raided by British Data Regulators
Reshuffled Slovak Government Wins Confidence Vote in Parliament
Eight Militants Killed in Conflicts in Northern Afghanistan
China Accuses US of Arrogance for Xi Criticism at Rights Forum
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