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Updated March 30, 2018 - 11:22 PM EDT
Israeli Forces Kill 15 Palestinians on Land Day
  Israel Sends Over 100 Snipers to Gaza Border Ahead of Protest
  Despite Israel's Threats of Violence, Gaza Protesters Have Peaceful Dream
Trump: US Troops Leaving Syria 'Very Soon'
  American Troop Among Two Dead in Syria Bombing, Officials Say
  France to Send Special Forces to Powder-Keg City of Manbij
  Mattis: US Nearly Attacked Russians in Syria Again Last Week
Russia Announces Expulsions of Diplomats
  As New Cold War Escalates, Trump Tells Aides to Keep Quiet
Saudi Crown Prince Meets AIPAC, Other Jewish Leaders
Nine Soldiers, Five Militants Killed in Attack on Yemeni Force
Trump May 'Hold Up' S. Korea Trade Deal Pending NK Deal
Pulse Gunman's Widow Found Not Guilty
item Syria: Is Trump Finally Putting America First?  by Thomas Knapp
item For Bolton, the Slaughter of a Million Iraqis Is a Job Qualification  by Dahr Jamail
item Trump Is Gutting the National Endowment for Democracy, and That's a Good Thing  by Stephen Kinzer
item Peace & the Intellectuals: Trump's Korea Initiative Vs. 'The Blob'  by Justin Raimondo
item Making Atrocities Great Again  by Rebecca Gordon
item The Anti-Liberty Boomerang of US Militarism  by Jerrod A. Laber

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'We Know Where Your Kids Live': How John Bolton Once Threatened an Int'l Official
Dutch Voters Say 'No' to New Spy Law
Video: Israeli Soldiers Appear to Harass 3-Year-Old Palestinian Boy
Pentagon: Trump, Mattis Discussed Using Military Dollars for Border Wall
More Fake Checkpoint Deaths; 19 Killed in Iraq
Operation in Syria's Ghouta 'Nearly Over', Russia Says
Basement Schools Aid Children in Syria's Eastern Ghouta
Turkey Orders 70 Army Officers Detained Over Gulen Links
Six Turks Arrested in Kosovo Over Gulen Links Extradited to Turkey
What Is Palestinian 'Land Day' and Why Is Israel Worried?
For First Time in 80 Years, Palestinians Return to Their Villages
Landmine Clearing Near Jordan River Baptism Site Begins Before Easter
Palestinians Get Bulldozed for Doing What the State Dept Does
Netanyahu Urges Bill Be Passed to Prevent Muslim Call for Prayers
Israel: Gaza March 'Dangerous' Provocation, Hamas to Blame for Any Violence
Why Yifat Doron Slapped the Prosecutor at the Tamimi Trial – and Only Spent Two Days in Jail
Four Al Qaeda Militants Killed in US Strike in Yemen: Pentagon
At Least Five Killed by Car Bomb in Eastern Libya: Medics
Mayor of Libyan Capital Freed After Gunpoint Abduction: City Council
UN Chief Warns Another Cold War Developing Between Russia, US
Old Ties With Russia Weigh on Bulgarian Decision in Spy Poisoning Case
German General Sees Closer Missile Defense Ties With Dutch
German Military Raises Fears Over Capabilities of Airbus A400m Aircraft
Police Cordon Off Play Area Near Former Russian Spy's Home
Mine Kills Three, Injures Two De-Miners in Nagorno-Karabakh
Croatia to Buy F-16 Fighter Jets From Israel
China Says South China Sea Drills Routine, No Word on Carrier
China Says It Is 'Coordinating' With US Over Possible Mattis Visit
Afghan Women Launch Rare Protest for Peace in Taliban Stronghold
Pakistan Successfully Test-Fires Submarine Launched Cruise Missile 'Babur'
Sixty-Eight Killed in Venezuelan Police Station Riot and Fire
In Cuba, Vietnam Communist Party Chief Advocates Economic Reforms
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