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Updated October 19, 2018 - 9:22 PM EDT
Saudi TV: Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed
  Turkish Probe Locates Exact Site of Khashoggi Killing
  Sen. Corker: Trump Must End Intel Clampdown on Khashoggi
  70 Years of New York Times Describing Saudi Royals as Reformers
Taliban Insider Attack Kills Top Afghan Officials
  Raziq's Death Leaves Massive Void in Southern Afghanistan
US Opposes Koreas' New No-Fly Zone Plans
  Trump Administration Bans US Aid Groups From North Korea
Pentagon Exaggerates ISIS Fighter Estimates
US Mercs Hired to Assassinate Mideast Politicos
Yemeni Forces Stop Houthis Trying to Reopen Supply Route
Trump May Send Military to Close Border With Mexico
item When Saudi Arabia's Credibility Is Damaged, So Is America's  by Patrick Cockburn
item Killing Khashoggi Was Easy. Explaining It Is Much Harder  by Philip Giraldi
item Saudis Stonewall on Khashoggi but Pressure Will Increase  by Bernard Horstmann
item There Is No Proxy War in Yemen  by Rannie Amiri
item Don't Believe Donald Trump; We'll Be Just Fine Without Saudi Arabia  by Emma Ashford
item Why Is Saudi Arabia Under Fire Over Khashoggi, but Not Yemen?  by Lloyd Russell-Moyle

More Viewpoints

Israel Steps Up Armored Deployment on Gaza Border
US to Merge Jerusalem Consulate in to New Embassy
Honduran Activists Welcome Trump's Threats to Cut US Aid
'The Saudis Will Find a Scapegoat' for Khashoggi, Says Exiled Prince Khalid
Over 2,200 Bodies Exhumed in Mosul Region; Four Killed in Iraq
Second UN Official in Syria Is Stepping Down
Syrian-American Doctors: Raising Money to Lobby Trump in Person Led to Policy Change
Putin Says ISIS Has Seized 700 Hostages in Syria
UN Official: Syria Has Withdrawn Controversial Property Law
Putin: Not Russia's Job to Decide Whether Iran Leaves Syria
Israel's Supreme Court Grants Lara Alqasem's Appeal; She Will Be Allowed to Enter the Country
Israeli Military Worked to Create System to Track Social Media Users' Private Correspondence
Egyptian Mediators Step Up Truce Efforts With Israel, Hamas
Pope Gets Invite to North Korea, Indicates Will Consider It
On Eve of Meeting Pope, SK President Speaks of Peace Hopes
Afghanistan Shooting Will Not Change US Resolve in South Asia Strategy: Pentagon
Football, Funfairs and Fortunes: In Afghan Election, Money Talks
Kashmir: Militant Killed, Another Arrested for Hurling Grenades Inside Court Complex
South Sudan Armed Opposition Seized Girls as 'Wives'
Tribe of Slain Rebel Commander Protests at Eastern Oil Libya Port
Egypt Denies Disappearance Reports of Former Lawmaker
Ethiopia's PM Says Soldiers Who Marched on Palace Sought to 'Abort Reforms'
Saudi Arabia
US Spy Agencies Are Increasingly Convinced of Saudi Prince's Ties to Journalist's Disappearance
Pompeo Recommends Giving Saudis 'A Few More Days' for Khashoggi Investigation
Saudi Suspect in Khashoggi Case 'Dies in Car Accident': Report
Jamal Khashoggi: Who's Who in Alleged Saudi 'Hit Squad'
Putin Says Can't Justify Spoiling Saudi Ties Over Khashoggi Affair
France Sends Mixed Signals Over Saudi Ties After Khashoggi Affair
Goldman Sachs Says Executives Will Not Attend Saudi Conference
Fox Business Network Pulls Out as Sponsor of Saudi Conference
US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Withdraws From Saudi Conference
Dutch Call Off Saudi Trips Due to Concern Over Missing Journalist
Over 20,000 Newly Displaced People in Northern Yemen
Yemen's New PM Sworn In, Vows to Ease Yemenis' Suffering
Putin Blames Fatal College Attack in Crimea on Globalization
Russian Military Jet Crashes, 2 Pilots Missing
Kosovo Votes to Establish National Army
UN to Host Meeting of Divided Cyprus' Rival Leaders
Norway Police Appeals Against Order to Release Russian Spy Suspect
Nicaragua Intensified Crackdown on Protesters: Amnesty
Ecuador Expels Venezuela Ambassador After Official Says President Moreno Lied
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