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Updated October 23, 2018 - 9:53 PM EDT
Saudi Journalist's Remains Found in Garden
Saudi Prince Phoned Khashoggi Before Murder
  Trump 'Not Satisfied' After Talking With Saudi Crown Prince
  CIA Has Heard Audio Recording of Khashoggi's Death
  Khashoggi's 'Body Double' Is Pictured Leaving Saudi Consulate
Bolton Denies Trying to Blackmail Russia on INF
  NATO Sends 50,000 Troops to Largest Exercise Since Cold War
Koreas, UN Agree to Withdraw Arms From Truce Village
Explosive Device Found Near George Soros' Home
item The Saudis Keep Changing Their Story – What Should We Do?  by Ron Paul
item Trump Planting Seeds for a New Age of Nuclear Terror  by Joel Mathis
item Why America Shouldn't Threaten Preemptive War  by Doug Bandow
item America's Pattern of Killing Innocent Civilians  by Louis Fisher
item Why Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed  by Mark Perry
item Time for Trump to Cut the Prince Loose?  by Patrick J. Buchanan

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MSNBC and Daily Beast Feature UAE Lobbyist David Rothkopf With No Disclosure
Most American Jews Say You Can Support Israel and Criticize Its Government
Humble Pomegranate Seed Provides Clue to How Yemen's War Fuels Hunger
UN: 8.4 Million Yemenis Need Urgent Aid
Saudi Arabia
House Members Demand Answers About Khashoggi From Top Spy Chief
How the Man Behind Khashoggi Murder Ran the Killing Via Skype
CIA Director Haspel Travels to Turkey for Khashoggi Case: Source
Kushner: White House Still in 'Fact-Finding Phase' on Khashoggi's Death
Saudi Crown Prince Meets US's Mnuchin, Saudi State TV Says
Germany Urges Other EU States to Also Stop Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia
Gazans Scale Back Protest Along Israeli Frontier
20 Demonstrators Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Northern Gaza: Medics
Israel Puts West Bank Bedouin Village Eviction on Hold for Several Weeks
Israel Says It Finds Hezbollah Outpost on Lebanon Border
Lieberman Says Ceasefire Deal With Hamas Is Not Possible
Palestinian Stabs Israeli Soldier and Is Shot Dead: Military
Israel Releases Two Palestinian Authority Officials From Custody

Israel Threatens to Cut Water to Jordan

Fed Up With Critics, Netanyahu Opens Back Channel to Undermine US Reform, Conservative Leaders
Health Workers in Democratic Republic of Congo's Ebola Outbreak Attacked Weekly
Clashes Between Security Forces, Protesters Leaves Three Dead in Ethiopia
Biya Wins Cameroon Election to Extend 36-Year Rule
Macron Rejects 'Excessively Military' Ceremony for Armistice Day, Sparking Row Over Commemorations
Violent Deaths of Venezuelans in Colombia More Than Triple in 2018
US Space Force
Here's the Pentagon's Initial Plan for Creating a Space Force
INF Treaty and Russia
Donald Trump: US Will Build Up Nuclear Arsenal
Kremlin: We'll Respond in Kind if US Develops Intermediate Missiles
Pentagon: Trump, Mattis 'Completely Aligned' on Russia Arms Treaty Withdrawal
What Is the 1987 INF Nuclear Treaty?
Germany Regrets US Withdraw From Nuclear Pact With Russia
China Says US Is Wrong to Pull Out of Nuclear Arms Pact
Baghdad Deploys More Troops to Kirkuk: 13 Killed in Iraq
UK Official Says Airstrikes Against ISIS Continue
US General Visits Troops Fighting ISIS in Syria
Inside the Remote US Base in Syria Central to Combating ISIS and Countering Iran
US-Backed Kurdish Forces Advance Into Last ISIS-Held Pocket in Eastern Syria
Turkey Must Commit to Pledges of Demilitarized Zone in Northern Syria: Official
Normality Returns for Some in Damascus After Fighting Ends
Czech Soldier Killed in Apparent Insider Attack in Afghanistan
Taliban Failed to Disrupt Elections: Abdullah
Brother Appointed to Succeed Killed Afghan Commander
OIC Hails Afghanistan's Elections, Condemns Attacks on Voters
US Warships Pass Through Taiwan Strait Amid China Tensions
Imran Khan Leaves for Saudi Conference Saying Pakistan 'Desperate' for Loans
Japan, India Negotiating Military Logistics Pact in Tightening of Ties
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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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