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Updated October 29, 2018 - 8:51 PM EDT
US Airstrike Kills Syrian Family on Iraq Border
  ISIS Kills 40 US-Backed Kurds in Eastern Syria
  US Praises Israel Attacks in Syria, but Fears Backlash on US Troops
  Sept.: 104 Civilian Casualties in Syria, Pentagon Says None
One Yemeni Civilian Killed Every Three Hours
  Yemen on Brink of Catastrophic Famine Orchestrated by Saudis
  Amid Famine, Khashoggi, Will Saudis Be Pressed to End Yemen War?
Saudis: 'Hysterical' Media Blame Us for Killing Khashoggi
  Saudi Intel Official Was Involved in 2017 Meeting Plotting Against Iran
Koreas Agree to Scrap 22 Guard Posts by December
Report Calls for More Ships for Already Massive US Navy
item Lightening Skies: The Case for Optimism  by Justin Raimondo
item Trump Came This Close to Getting Afghanistan Right  by Daniel L. Davis
item What Trump and John Bolton Don't Understand About Nuclear War  by Jon Schwarz
item Time to End the War on Terrorism  by Scott Horton
item America Doesn't Need a 'Fort Trump' in Poland  by Doug Bandow
item Iran and America: Why All the Enmity?  by John Limbert

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About Face: Veterans Against the War
Jair Bolsonaro: Far-Right Candidate Wins Brazil Poll
Rand Paul Blasts Saudis at Rally With Trump Jr.
Islamic Jihad Group Announces Gaza Ceasefire With Israel
3 Palestinian Boys Killed by Israel on Gaza Border
Attack on Police Leaves Multiple Casualties; Five Killed in Iraq
Iraqi PM Highlights Need to Secure Borderline With Syria
Almost 2 Million Iranian Pilgrims Head Into Iraq for Arbaeen
Iraqi Minority Shuns Children Born of ISIS Rape, Enslavement
Turkish Forces Strike Kurdish YPG Militia Positions in Syria
National Museum of Damascus Opens Again After Seven Years
With Border Open, Jordanians Visit Syria for First Time in Years
Russia, Germany, France, and Turkey Call for Lasting Ceasefire, Constitutional Meeting for Syria
Saudi Arabia
In Talks With Saudi Minister, Mattis Calls for Transparent Investigation in Khashoggi Killing
Saudi Arabia Rejects Turkey Call to Extradite Khashoggi Killers
Macron, Merkel Back Europe Coordination on Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Commander of Anti-Drug Unit Assassinated in Yemen's Aden
Media: Saudi Soldiers Using Swiss Arms in Yemen Conflict
Iran Sells Oil on Exchange in Bid to Counter Sanctions
Rouhani Says US Isolated Against Iran, Reshuffles Economic Team
Israeli Jets Hit 80 Targets in Gaza Amid Rocket Fire and Protests
Palestinian President Says Hamas Serving US Interests
Burin Farmers' Olive Season Full of Israel Settler Attacks
Palestinians Debate Value of Jerusalem Vote Boycott
Gulf Nations
Bahrain Foreign Minister Says Planned Gulf Security Alliance to Be Active Next Year
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Rebels Issue Ultimatum to Govt Officials
Central African Republic Ousted Assembly Leader Calls for Calm
Cameroon Police Arrest 50 Opposition Demonstrators
Cameroon Opposition Militants Freed, Others Detained
Two UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali Attacks
Nigeria and Benin Make a New Break for the Border
100,000 Rally in Support of DR Congo Ruling Coalition
Four Militants, Two Troops Killed in Afghan Fighting
Afghans Misery Reflected in Low Levels of Hope: Gallup
Afghan Police Officials Among 80 Arrested Over Electoral Crimes
35 Daikundi's Residents Kidnapped by Taliban Militants
148 IEC Staff in Kandahar Fail to Show Up on Election Day
Pakistan Embassy Confirms Release of Taliban's Baradar
North Korea
Pyongyang Declaration to Take Legal Effect Monday
North Korea Hospital Director Says Warmbier Torture Charges 'Total Distortion'
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka President Suspends Parliament Amid Political Crisis
Sri Lanka Crisis Turns Violent as One Killed at Ex-Minister's Office
'Black Day' Observed in Pakistan Over Contested Kashmir
Kashmir: Terrorists Shoot Civilian in Srinagar
Two Army Personnel Injured in Landmine Blast in Kashmir
Intelligence Officer Kidnapped, Shot Dead by Terrorists in South Kashmir
Pakistan's President Says No Ties With Israel
Maoist Rebels Kill 4 Indian Paramilitary Soldiers
Bolton Says Putin Has Been Invited to Visit Washington in Early 2019
Russia Says Preparing Answers to US Questions on Arms Control Pact
Kremlin 'Amused' by Report That Russia Listening to Trump's Phone Calls
Up to 80 ISIS Widows to Return to Britain
UK Opens All Military Jobs, Including Elite SAS, to Women
Mattis Looks to Calm European Allies Nervous About INF Treaty
Catalan Former Leader Forms New Party a Year After Independence Bid
Julian Assange's Lawsuit Against Ecuador Halted Over WikiLeaks Publisher's Issue With Translator
US Military
Mattis: Military Already Moving Equipment to Southern Border
This Army Missile Might Be the Pentagon's First Post-INF Weapon
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