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Updated November 1, 2018 - 8:40 PM EDT
US Officials Seek Immediate Yemen Peace Talks
  Saudis' Account of the Yemen War Called Into Question
  Saudi-Led Forces Mass Near Hodeidah Despite Calls for Ceasefire
Saudi King's Brother to Challenge Crown Prince
  Turkey: Khashoggi Was Strangled, Dismembered in Saudi Consulate
Half of Afghans Live Outside Govt's Control
  New US Commander Says We're Going on Offense Against the Taliban
N. Korea Readies Nuclear, Missile Sites for Int'l Inspectors
Trump Says 15,000 Troops Could Be Sent to Border
NATO, Russia Hold Rare Talks Amid Military Exercise
Israeli Army Says Didn't Know Targets Were Minors
item Yemen Needs an Immediate Ceasefire  by Daniel Larison
item Is the Trump Administration Backing Away From Saudi Arabia?  by Curt Mills
item Paper Cuts: The American President and the Prince of War  by Bonnie Goldstein
item The Fall of the House of Saud?  by Justin Raimondo
item Let's Stop the Merchants of Death  by Sheldon Richman
item Germany's Left and Right Change Sides on Issues of War and Peace  by Gilbert Doctorow

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Okinawa Leader Wants Americans to Stop US Base
Japan Resumes Work at Okinawa Base Relocation
100s of Security Firms Vie for Contracts at Qatar Meet
US Illegally Transferring ISIS Suspects From Syria to Iraq for Trial: HRW
Israeli TV Report: Iran Hit by Computer Virus More Violent Than Stuxnet
Amid Increased Pressure, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Pushes for End to Yemen Conflict
Roadside Bombing Kills Four Yemeni Policemen
British PM May Backs Call for De-Escalation in Yemen
Sweden Says It Could Host Yemen's Warring Sides for Talks
Over 8.4 Million in Yemen Close to Famine, Number Growing: WFP
Carrying Bloodstained Backpacks, Yemeni Children Return to Class
Saudi Arabia
Khashoggi Murder Outcry Threatens US-Saudi Ties, Saudi Prince Says
Switzerland Suspends Arms Shipment to Saudi Arabia Over Khashoggi Case
Turkey Says Khashoggi Killing Not Possible Without Orders From Senior Positions
Senate Democrats Demand Khashoggi Briefing
Senators Urge Trump to Suspend Nuclear Energy Talks With Saudi Arabia
637 Killed or Found in Mass Graves in Iraq During October
Iraqi Militia Say They Killed ISIS Commanders Over Attack on SDF in Eastern Syria
Artists Emerge From Ruins of Mosul to Reclaim Iraqi City's Cultural Life
Iraq Occupation
Turkish Cross-Border Fire Kills 10 YPG Members in Syria: Report
Turkish Attacks in Syria Prompt Halt to Fight Against ISIS
Iraqi Border City Eyes ISIS Advance Amid Dust Storms
Norwegian Diplomat Geir Pedersen to Take Over as UN Syria Envoy
Trump Says Oil Supply Elsewhere Sufficient to Allow Cut in Iran Purchases
US Doesn't Want to Harm Friends, Allies With Iran Sanctions: Bolton
Turkey Refuses to Close Military Base in Qatar
Turkey to Produce Long-Range Air Defense Missiles, Erdogan Says
Colombia Denies Report of Pressuring Bolsonaro to Invade Venezuela
Venezuela Names New Spy Chief After Uproar Over Politician's Death
Venezuelan Court Frees Men Jailed for Video Mocking Maduro: Rights Groups
The War at Home
A Donald Trump Appointee – Also a Saudi Government Lobbyist – Is Reassessing His Roles
Pentagon Wants to Predict Anti-Govt Protests Using Social Media Surveillance
FBI Looking Into Smear of Russia Probe Chief Mueller
Mattis Rejects Criticism of Sending US Troops to Border
Chicago Judge Orders Alleged ISIS Propagandist Held
Joshua Schulte, Suspected CIA Leaker, Claims He's Being Tortured While Awaiting Trial
Libya's Rival Assemblies See Progress in Unifying Authorities
Investigations Reveal the Fate of Gadhafi's Billions Which Have Vanished in Belgium
Al-Fuqaha Attack Highlights ISIS Libya's Growing Confidence
Nigerian Shi'ite Group Says 42 Killed When Security Forces Fired Upon Protests
Amnesty Accuses Nigeria Forces of 'Horrific' Shiite Killings
South Sudan
Freedom for South Sudan Political Detainees Sentenced to Death
South Sudan's Kiir Says Jailed South African Adviser, Rebel Group Spokesman to Be Released in Peace Deal
US Says American Killed in Cameroon Was Caught in Cross-Fire
UN Renews Western Sahara Mission Ahead of Talks
Egypt Hosts Arab Military Exercises in What Could Develop Into an Arab NATO
Seven Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack in Afghan Capital
Ex-Guantanamo Inmates to Be Peace Brokers
Military Contractor Received $1.6 Billion to Advise Afghans but Results Unknown
Afghan Army Helicopter Crash Kills 25, Including a Top Commander
Fate of Moscow Afghanistan Peace Conference in Limbo
Decision on US-Korea Joint Exercises Coming by December
Pakistani Islamist Party Calls for Death of Judges Who Freed Christian Woman Sentenced for Blasphemy
US Limits Tech Exports to Chinese Firm on Security Grounds
India's Top Court Gives Govt 10 Days to Reveal Details of Military Jet Deal
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