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Updated November 2, 2018 - 8:50 PM EDT
Taliban Stronger Than at Any Time Since 2001
  Afghan Forces Suffer Record Casualties, Lose Control to Taliban
  Centcom Not Following the Rules for Deploying Afghan Advisers
Saudi-Backed Yemenis 'Welcome' Peace Bid, Keep Fighting
  Saudi War in Yemen a Bloody Stalemate and Humanitarian Disaster
  Despite Khashoggi Killing, Saudi Crown Prince Seen Retaining Power
Bolton Gives 'Axis of Evil' Speech About Latin America
North Korea Readies Nuke, Missile Sites for Int'l Inspectors
Former US Allies in Syria Now Supporting Iran or Turkey
item Cut Ties With Saudi and Stop Supplying Its Bombing of Yemen  by Mark Weisbrot
item Koch's Opposition to US Military Action in Yemen Not 'Unexpected'  by Scott Shackford
item China's Balancing Act Will Fail in the Middle East  by Ramzy Baroud
item Torturers' Confessions  by Ginger Thompson & Gary Cohn
item Julian Assange, Modern Day Political Prisoner  by Nozomi Hayase
item Washington Smothers Independent European Security Initiatives  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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How Your Congresspeople Rate on Israel and Palestine on Mid-Term Scoreboard
South Korea Supreme Court OKs Conscientious Objection to Military Service
UN Gen. Assembly Renews Long-Standing Call End US Embargo Against Cuba
Trump Reportedly Offers Heather Nauert Job of Next US Ambassador to UN
Bomb Blasts Governor's Convoy; 40 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Border City Eyes ISIS Advance Amid Dust Storms
Former US-Backed Rebels in Syria Joining Hezbollah: Report
US-Backed Syrian Kurdish Fighters on Alert for Turkish Attack
Russia Says Militants Trying to Wreck Deal Over Syria's Idlib
Iran Missile Strike in Syria Confirmed
Russia Warns of 'Provocation' in Syria, Hints at Israeli 'Hot Heads'
Europe Torn Over ISIS Children in Syria
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Agree to Keep Anti-Israeli Marches 'Popular, Peaceful'
Brazil President-Elect Bolsonaro: Will Move Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
France to Offer Its Own Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan if US Fails
13 Arrested in Violent Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Draft Protest
What It Takes for Palestinians to See Their Imprisoned Relatives
Foreigners Among 68 Militants Killed, Wounded in Afghan, US Forces Operations
Afghan President Pushes to End Longest US War as Taliban Tighten Grip
Insider Attacks, Opium and Drought: Afghanistan Gets Even Worse
Six Injured as Police Vehicle Blown Up in Kabul
Two Policemen Wounded in Grenade Attack in Kabul
BJP State Secretary Anil Parihar, Brother Shot Dead
Two LeT Militants Killed, Soldier Injured in Kashmir
India: Suspected Separatists Shoot Dead Five in Assam
US Charges China-Controlled Company in Trade Secrets Theft
Pakistan Islamists Protest for Second Day After Christian Acquitted of Blasphemy
The War at Home
Energy Department Says US Is Now World's Top Oil Producer
Arizona Marine Recruiting Station Fire-Bombed With Molotov Cocktail-Like Explosive
Remains Identified of Texas Soldier Who Went Missing in South Korea in 1950
Saudi-Led Coalition Says Attacked Airbase, Missile Sites in Sanaa, Nearby
Yemen Government Says It Is Ready to Resume Peace Efforts, Coalition Silent
Yemen's Rival Forces Deploy Thousands of Fighters to Hodeidah Ahead of New UN-Sponsored Peace Talks
Oman Welcomes US and British Calls for Ceasefire in Yemen
Saudi Arabia
Pompeo Says 'Handful More Weeks' Before US Responds to Khashoggi Killing
Annual US-Gulf Gathering Treats Khashoggi Death as Mere Speed Bump in Relations
Saudi Arabia Hosts Rare Visit of US Evangelical Christian Figures
Report: Netanyahu Asked Trump to Stick With Saudi Crown Prince After Khashoggi Murder
Kazakh Leader Invites Saudi King, Crown Prince to Visit
Turkey to Saudi Arabia: Co-Operate Over Khashoggi
US Iran Policy Depends Not Just on Sanctions but on Flexibility
Japan Still Has No Iran Sanctions Waiver After Talks With US Officials
Egyptian Security Forces Arrest Seven Female Rights Activists and Lawyers
Egyptian Authorities Detain Daughter of Senior Muslim Brotherhood Leader
Egypt Rounds Up 19 Rights Activists: Amnesty
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill 15 in Northeast Nigeria
Tanzania Arrests Opposition Leader Over Deaths Claim: Party
The Mossad Ran a Fake Diving Resort for Tourists in Sudan. This Is the Incredible Story Behind It
Human Rights in Morocco Deteriorate in 2017-18: Rights Group
Ukraine President Poroshenko Sees Russian Sanctions as Award
OSCE Drone Shot Down While Spotting Russian Surface-to-Air Missile in Ukraine
Germany Will Back Extension of Sanctions Against Russia: Merkel
After Macedonia Name Accord, Athens, Skopje Reconnect by Air
Trump Increases Pressure on Venezuela With Sanctions on Gold
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