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Updated November 4, 2018 - 8:58 PM EST
Mayor of Utah City Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
  Taliban Stronger Than at Any Time Since 2001
  Taliban vs. Taliban Clash in Afghanistan's West Leaves 40 Dead
  Taliban Capture Major Security Base in Faryab, Afghanistan
After US Call for Ceasefire, Saudis Pound Yemen
  State Dept Improperly Seized Passports of Americans in Yemen
The Film the Israel Lobby Didn't Want You to See
  Gaza Protests Quietest in Months, Israel Injures 32 in Crackdown
Iraq Deploying 30,000 Fighters to Syrian Border
  Former US Allies in Syria Now Supporting Iran or Turkey
US Reimposes All Nuclear Sanctions Against Iran
  US Grants Iran Sanction Waivers to Some Countries, Denies Others
  EU, Germany, UK, France Say They Do Legitimate Business With Iran
item Withdrawing From INF Treaty One of Trump's Most Dangerous Moves  by Martin Fleck
item Strangulation of Persia: Trump's Iran Policy Will Backfire  by Sina Azodi
item Why Do We Need a National-Security State?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Murder of Saudi Journalist Builds Opposition to Yemen War  by Reese Erlich
item Killer Politicians  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
item A New Cold War With China?  by Christopher A. Preble

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US Navy's Costliest Carrier Was Delivered Without Elevators to Lift Bombs
American Military Apologizes for Booklet With Racially Offensive Language
Netanyahu: Saudi Arabia Deserves a Pass for Khashoggi Murder
'We Live in Misery': New Caledonia's People Fight for Independence From France
ISIS Assassinates Three Chieftains in Iraq; 16 Killed, 15 Found in Mass Grave
Life Returns to Kirkuk: ISIS Still Threating Residents

Syrian Border Town Braces for New Turkish Offensive, as SDF Forced to Pause Battle Against ISIS

Turkey-US Start Joint Syria Patrols but Turkey Strikes at Kurds
Prominent Raqqa Tribal Leader Killed in Attack Claimed by ISIS
Shelling Kills 8 in De-Escalation Zone Around Syria's Idlib
Russia Says Nusra Militants Want to Wreck Deal Over Syria's Idlib
Gaza Border Protest Subdued as Egypt Pushes for Calm
Israel Bars Entry to Palestinian-American Writer Because She Didn't Coordinate Her Arrival
'Father of the Taliban' Killed in Pakistan
Afghan Troops Kill Nine Militants in Southern Province
Russia Reaches Out to Afghan Leaders for Taliban Talks, Angering Kabul
49 Cases of Violence Against Journalists Probed in Afghanistan
IEC Suggests Delay in Afghan Provincial Councils Elections
Fire Destroys 600 Stores in Afghan Capital
Pakistani Islamists to Call Off Protests Over Christian Woman
China Promises Pakistan Support as Khan Tells of 'Very Difficult' Economy
Killings in India's Northeast Raise Tension Over Citizenship Survey
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Saudi War in Yemen a Bloody Stalemate and Humanitarian Disaster
Yemeni Children Die as Warring Sides Block Aid Deliveries: UNICEF
UN Chief Appeals for End to Yemen War, Outlines Next Steps
Saudi Arabia
'Pray for the Crown Prince': Michele Bachmann and Other End-Times Evangelicals Turn Up in Saudi Arabia
Turkey's Erdogan: Khashoggi Killing Ordered at Saudi 'Highest Levels'
WWE Planned to Green Screen Daniel Bryan Into Saudi Arabia
Iran Dismisses Fresh US Curbs, Says It Can Manage Economy
Iranian MP Says Reimposition of US Sanctions to Unite Iranians
Some Iranian Planes Refused Fuel in Turkey
Struggling to Cope, Iranians Fear More Misery From US Sanctions
Iran Says Report of US Oil Waivers Shows Market Needs Iranian Crude
Nigerian Army Posts Trump Video to Justify Deadly Fire
Gunmen in Egypt Kill Seven Coptic Christian Pilgrims
UN to Lift Sanctions on Eritrea After US Shift
A Problem for Ethiopia's Leader: The Young Men Who Helped Him to Power
Spanish Prosecutors Call for Up to 25 Years for Jailed Catalan Leaders
Brazil's Bolsonaro Threatens to Cut Diplomatic Ties With Cuba
Cuba Lashes Out at Trump Administration Over New Sanctions
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