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Updated November 8, 2018 - 8:34 PM EST
US-Backed Troops Take Main Road to Yemen Port
  Saudi-Backed Fighters Seize Mill Full of Food From Houthis
  Saudi Airstrikes Kill Six Civilians in Northern Yemen
  Battle for Hodeidah 'Threatens Lives' of 59 Children in Hospital
US To Impose More Sanctions Against Russia
Turkey: US Must Cut Ties With Syrian Kurds
US Warns All Ports to Block Iranian Ships
item Codename Cuckoo: Who Was Ibn Al-Sheikh Al-Libi?  by Nadine Dahan
item With Brazil's Bolsonaro, Israel Finds Another Natural Partner on the Far-Right  by Jonathan Cook
item The More Things Change: Trump and the National Security State  by Joseph Margulies
item Did the Russians Influence My Vote?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item The US Cannot Force Stability on Afghanistan  by Jerrod A. Laber
item Iran Sanctions Could Turn Into Demonstration of US Weakness  by Patrick Cockburn

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Airwars Monthly Assessment: Sept. 2018
Supreme Court Divided Over USS Cole Bombing Lawsuit Against Sudan
2 Marine Aviators Grounded After Flight Pattern 'Resembled a Phallic Image'
Snowden: Israeli Firm's Spyware Was Used to Track Khashoggi
Thirty Bodies Found in Mass Grave; 20 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says No Intentions for Operations in Syria, Borders Completely Secured
ISIS Suffers Heavy Syria Losses Despite Kurd Pause: Monitor
Turkey Kills YPG Militant Who Fired Across Syrian Border: Security Source
Lavrov Says Russia Warned Israel Against Targeting Syria
UN Salutes Damascus Allowing Yarmouk Palestinians to Return
UN Completes Food Distribution in Remote Syria Camp Near Jordan
Five Palestinians Injured in Settlers' Attack on West Bank
Two Israelis Injured in Palestinian Shooting Attack on Bus in West Bank
Palestinians Strive to Halt Brazil's Embassy Relocation to Jerusalem
West Bank Kin Cheer First Palestinian-American Woman in US Congress
Middle East
Qatar Announces Aid for Gazan Poor Amid Israel Truce Talks
Lebanon's Hezbollah Won't Yield in Government Formation Dispute
Gunmen Abduct Four Priests in Nigeria: State Official
Nigerian Shi'ite Leader Denied Bail After Supporters Killed During Protest
UN, Western Powers Quietly Bury December Plan for Libya Election
Libya Commander Haftar Visits Russia Ahead of Conference
Egypt Sentences Eight ISIS Jihadists to Death Over Attack
Cairo Contests Palestinian Claim That Egyptian Forces Kill Gaza Fisherman
Kidnapped Children Released in Cameroon, Two Teachers Still Held
Uganda Activist Back in Jail for Insulting President
After Years in Exile, an Ethiopian Politician Returns Home With Hope and Fear
Colombia Protests New Border Crossing by Venezuelan Troops
Remains of 26 Victims of Peru's Shining Path Handed Over
14 Million 'On Brink of Famine' in Yemen: Charities
Eight Yemenis Killed in Random Houthi Shelling
Yemen's Houthi Leader Calls for Mobilization for Port City Battle
Yemen President Appoints New Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff
Saudi Arabia
Trump Says He's Forming 'Very Strong Opinion' on Khashoggi Death
Saudi King Shows Support for Heir on Public Tour Despite Khashoggi Crisis
Amnesty Says Executions of Saudi Shi'ite Prisoners Imminent
Change in Saudi Policy Prevents Over One Million Israeli Muslims From Making Hajj to Mecca
US Envoy Aims to End Iran Oil Exports Without Price Spike
Facing New Sanctions, Iranians Vent Anger at Rich and Powerful
The Knowns and Unknowns of US Iran Oil Sanction Waivers
China Won't Sell Jetliners to Iran: State Aero Executive
Over 30 People Killed in Two Days of Fighting in Afghanistan
How Many Troops Are Currently in Afghanistan?
Taliban Attacks Kill Eight Policemen in Afghanistan
NATO Urges Russia to Support Afghan-Led Peace Process
Russia Asks UN Security Council to Discuss North Korea Sanctions Thursday
China Makes Trade Zone at North Korea Border 'National Priority'
South Korea Warns Japan in Row Over Wartime Forced Labor
South Korea Apologizes for Rapes During 1980 Gwangju Protest Crackdown
Pakistani Christian Woman Freed After Blasphemy Death Sentence Reversed
Vietnam, US Complete Cleanup of Toxic Chemical From Airport
Kremlin Sees No Prospects for Better US Ties After Elections
New US Sanctions Over Chemical Weapons Would Be 'Illegal': Kremlin
European Defense Coalition Launched in Paris
NATO Hopeful Macedonia Displays Military to Alliance
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