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Updated November 29, 2018 - 8:49 PM EST
Senate Agrees To Debate on Ending Yemen War
  Support Grows for Senate Resolution on Yemen War
  Pompeo Warns Senate That Yemen Vote Could Harm US Security
Yemen: Saudis Sending Arms to al-Qaeda, ISIS
  White House Muzzled CIA on Khashoggi Slaying: Mattis and Pompeo
  Senators Furious as CIA Director No-Shows Khashoggi Briefing
US Strike Kills 30 Afghans, Including 16 Children
  Taliban Attacks British Contractors' Base in Kabul, Killing 10
Sen. Rand Paul Blocking US Military Aid to Israel
Putin Says Ukraine Leader Plotted Clash to Boost Ratings
US Judge Delays Decision To Unseal Assange Indictment
item Who Will Fix Facebook?  by Matt Taibbi
item US Air Strike Kills 30 Afghan Civilians, Including 16 Children  by Brett Wilkins
item Trump Runs PR for the Saudis but Congress Can Shut Him Down  by Kate Kizer
item Ukraine Should Not Be a Member of NATO  by Doug Bandow
item Doing Justice to Trump's 'Invasion' Claim  by Thomas Knapp
item Much Ado About Khashoggi  by Justin Raimondo

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Tear Gas Forbidden in War but Legal to Use on Civilians (and Migrants)
Israel's Espionage Crimes in Gaza and Abroad
US Military Says Strikes Kills Three Militants in Somalia
Google Employees Tell Bosses to Cancel Censored Search Amid Protests
Under Martial Law, Ukraine Troops Dig Trenches, Pack Bags
No Swift New EU Sanctions on Russia Seen After Ukraine Sea Incident
Trump Briefed on Ukraine as He Ponders Putting Off Putin Meeting
Putin Defiant on Ukraine Crisis Despite Trump Summit Talks Threat
Malls, Railway Station Evacuated in Moscow Over Bomb Threats
Russia to Deploy New S-400 Missiles on Crimea
Fire and Health Service Workers Try to Storm Catalan Parliament
Consolidate or Become Obsolete, German Official Tells European Arms Makers
Afghan President Forms Team to Talk Peace, Sees Five-Year Process
EU Announces New $535m Aid Package for Afghanistan
Two Koreas Study Possible Rail Link as Ties Get Back on Track
South Korea Orders 2nd Japan Firm to Compensate Forced Laborers
North Korea Criticizes US for Seeking UN Meeting on Rights
South Korea Sends Insecticide to North to Save Pine Trees
Philippine Leader Slammed Over Threat to Create 'Duterte Death Squad'
Two US Navy Ships Pass Through Taiwan Strait, Opposing China
Arms Firms Show Off Wares as Japan Eyes More F-35 Stealth Jets
Basra Protests Flare Up; Five Killed in Iraq
Iraqis Seek Tattoos to Cover Scars of War
Russia Says ISIS Militants Plan Chemical Attack in Syria
UN: Syria Must Account for Detainees Who Died in Custody
Iran-Japan Nuclear Safety Cooperation to Continue Despite US Sanctions: Iran Agency Chief
Iran Should Increase Its Military Capability to Ward Off Enemies: Supreme Leader
Saudi Arabia
Argentine Judge Seeks Help From Turkey, Yemen in Saudi Crown Prince Case
Sen. Angus King: John Bolton Engaging in 'Deliberate Ignorance' About Khashoggi Killing Tape
Turkey Says Saudi Prince Has Asked to Meet Erdogan at G20
Ultra-Orthodox Protesting Military Draft Clash With Police in Jerusalem
Jewish Americans Sue Airbnb Over West Bank Listing Ban
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Fire Missiles at Saudi Military Airport
Five Killed in Ivory Coast Clashes
Chad Said to Condition Resumed Ties With Israel on 'Extensive' Weapons Sales
Virunga National Park Says Ranger Killed in Militia Attack in Democratic Republic of Congo
Former FARC Fighters Turn a Camp Into a Tourist Attraction
In El Salvador, Ruthless Gangs Draw Invisible Borders
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