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Updated December 10, 2018 - 9:23 PM EST
Senate To Vote on Getting US Out of Yemen War
  Yemeni Govt Spurns Houthi Call for Transitional Govt
  Yemen Is 'The Biggest Humanitarian Disaster in the World'
Trump Now Calls To Hike Pentagon Spending
  US Dwarfs Rest of the World in Arms Production
Sending Aid to Idlib Could Be a 'Terror Offense'
  Kurds Rush Reinforcements Into East Syria as ISIS Reclaims Town
What Does Huawei CFO's Arrest Mean for US-China
Saudi FM Rules Out Extraditing Khashoggi Case Suspects
item How G.H.W. Bush Blew Peace and Donald Trump Threatens Prosperity  by David Stockman
item Drowning in the Military Swamp  by Jeff Groom
item Trump's Anti-Iran Coalition Falling Apart, and He Has No Back-Up Plan  by Trita Parsi
item The End of the Weekly Standard
by Justin Raimondo
item Are You Ready to Fight a War Over Ukraine?  by Sheldon Richman
item Did the Israel Lobby Take Down G.H.W. Bush in 1992?  by Philip Weiss

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How G.H.W. Bush Rode Fake National Security Scandal to the Top of the CIA
Jared Kushner Advised Saudi Prince After Khashoggi Murder, Report Says
Motion Filed to Impeach Somali President
Israel Authorized NSO's Sale of Spyware to Saudi Arabia
Yemen Rebel Leader Seeks Torture Probe, Cites AP Report
Top Houthi Negotiator Calls for Main Yemen Port to Be Neutral Zone
Removing President Hadi Will Not Solve Yemen's Problems: Official
Yemen Food Survey Finds Majority in 'Dire' Crisis, Famine a Danger
Peshmerga Member Among Two Dead in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Party Pushes PKK Aside
Al-Maliki Balks at Demands to Revise Cabinet List
ISIS Pushes Back US-Backed Kurdish Forces From Key Town in Eastern Syria: Watchdog
Kurdish-Led Militia Brings Reinforcement to Fight ISIS Last Redoubt in Eastern Syria
Syria Denies Attack on Damascus Airport as Local Residents Hear Blasts
Iran Said to Hold Australian-Based Academic on 'Infiltration' Charge
Iran to Stage Military Drills in Indian Ocean: Commander
Palestinian Self-Home-Demolitions: 'A New Level of Depravity'
Israeli Military Probes Shooting of Palestinian in the Back
Six Israelis Wounded in Palestinian Shooting Attack
No Compensation for Gaza Doctor Over Children's Killing
For Palestinian Children in Gaza, an Education in Conflict
De-Miners Sound All-Clear at Marooned Jordan River Baptism Shrines
Israeli Machine Guns Go Missing on Lebanon Border
Israeli Military Chief, UN Commander in Lebanon Talk Tunnels
Gulf Summit
Qatar Rift Overshadows Gulf Arab Summit as Emir Stays Away
Brazil's Temer Announces 'Intervention' in State Bordering Venezuela
Maduro's Grip on Venezuela Tightens, Warns of Trump Threat
Few Venezuelans Turn Out for Municipal Elections Amid Crisis
China & Iran Sanctions
China Tells Canada: Free Huawei CFO or Face Consequences
Huawei CFO Seeks Bail on Health Concerns but Canada Wants Her in Jail
The War at Home
Trump's Pick for Attorney General Pushed for Military Strikes on Drug Traffickers
How the CIA Used Brain Surgery to Make Six Remote Control Dogs
Air Force May Scale Back the Responsibilities of Its International Affairs Office
Investigation Blames Air Force and Navy for Systemic Failures in Marine C-130 Crash That Killed 16
Trump Picks Gen. Mark Milley as Next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
10 Dead as Taliban Overrun Afghan Post
Afghan Forces Kill 14 Militants in Eastern Province
Official: Roadside Bomb Kills Three Civilians in Afghanistan
Corruption Major Cause of Poverty, Insecurity: Ghani
Educational, Judicial Institutions Are Afghanistan's Most Corrupt
Blast Wounds Six at Religious Gathering in Karachi in Pakistan
Thousands Vanish Without a Trace in Pakistan's Balochistan
Pakistan, China Special Forces to Conduct Sixth Joint Exercise
Indian Troops Kill Three Rebels in 18-Hour-Long Kashmir Fighting
As Election Nears, Religious Tensions Surge in Indian Village
North Korean Leader Kim Unlikely to Visit Seoul This Year: YTN
Chinese Police Shut Down 1,100 Social Media Accounts
Israel Aerospace to Sell Drones to Vietnam in $160m Deal
Saudi-Influenced Salafis Playing Both Sides of Libya's Civil War
Libyan Tribal Protesters Say Have Not Targeted El-Feel Oilfield
Fifteen Civilians Killed in Ethnic Attack on Mali Village
Boko Haram Kills Two Nigeria Soldiers in Gulumba Attack
Roadside Blast Injures Three in Northeast Kenya
Egypt Says Police Kill 2 Gunmen Behind Nov. Attack on Christians
At Least Seven Officials Killed in Sudan Helicopter Crash
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