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Updated December 11, 2018 - 9:11 PM EST
Senate To Face Off With Trump Over Saudis
  Yemen Debate in Senate Shows Waning Saudi Influence
Who Is Paying for the War in Yemen?
  Yemeni Govt Rejects UN Peacekeeping Mission in Hodeidah
  Yemen Prisoner Swap Deal Underway as Talks Continue
Huawei Executive Released on Bail in Canada
  US Threatens to Punish China With More Tariffs as 'Deadline' Looms
Baghdad's Fortified Green Zone Opens to Public
4 Dead, 11 Injured in Xmas Market Shooting in France
New US Goal for Syria Training Portend a Longer Mission
US Hopes for an Afghan Peace Deal by April Appear Dim
Dems Lead Surge in Belief US Should Be World Leader
item GOP Purse Strings Held by Saudi Lobbyist  by Eli Clifton
item The US Is Paying More Than It Bargained for in the Yemen War  by Samuel Oakford & Ryan Goodman
item How H.W. Bush's Brother Made a Killing Off the Iraq Wars  by Jeffrey St. Clair
item Go With Your Gut, Mr. President  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Trump's Sanctions Meet His Trade War  by Jacob Hornberger
item America's War in Afghanistan Is Now About Only One Thing: Pride  by Jerrod A. Laber

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Maria Butina Requests to Change Plea, Appears to Have Reached Deal
US Air Force Says Insurgent Drones Watching One of Its Bases in Afghanistan '24/7'
Qatari Envoy Proposed Gaza Airport, Israel Unresponsive
Russia Deploys Two Bombers to Venezuela for Exercises
Peshmerga Member Among Two Dead in Iraq
Baghdad's Fortified Green Zone Opens to Public After 15 Years
One Year On, Baghdad Falls Silent to Mark Defeat of ISIS
Syrian Army Demobilizes Some Conscripted, Reservist Officers
Syrian News Agency Removes Report of Damascus Air Attack
EU's Top Diplomat: EU-Iran Trade Vehicle Could Be Ready by Year-End
Iran Said to Arrest Over 100 Christians in Crackdown on Conversions
Israeli Troops Raid Palestinian News Agency for Footage
Israel, Courting Ex-Foes, Can Overfly Sudan: Netanyahu
Abbas Urges International Action Against Israel Over Daytime Raid in Ramallah
Trump's Peace Plan for Israel-Palestinian Conflict Facing More Delays
Palestinian-American Prolongs Hunger Strike Over Alleged Torture in PA Jail
Middle East
Turkey Calls for Justice for Khashoggi Killing Under International Law
UN: 20 Million Yemenis Hungry, 250,000 Face Catastrophe
Egypt Restricts Yellow Vests Sales to Avoid Copycat Protests
US Blocks Ex-Gambian President, Family From Entering
UN Calls on Armed Group to Withdraw From Libyan Oilfield
Russia Deploys Two Bombers to Venezuela for Exercises
Arab League Tells Brazil Israel Embassy Move to Jerusalem Could Harm Ties
The War at Home
Pentagon to Begin Withdrawing Hundreds of Active Duty Troops at Border
Pentagon: Dunford Will Serve Full Term as Joint Chiefs Chairman
US Man Arrested for Plotting Synagogue Attacks in Toledo, Ohio
Afghan Villagers Face Hunger as Fighting Cuts Northern Roads
11 Civilians Freed From Taliban Jail in Helmand
Five Afghanistan Soldiers Wounded in Kandahar Chopper Crash
Korea Joint Railway Inspection Going as Scheduled: Unification Ministry
US Sanctions Three North Korean Officials for Alleged Rights Abuses
Chinese State Media Distance Huawei Arrest From US Trade Talks
China Bans Most Iphone Sales After Granting Qualcomm an Injunction Against Apple
Indonesia Troops Allegedly Kill Civilians
Bangladesh Briefly Shuts Dozens of Online News Sites, Citing Security Concerns
EU Blacklists Nine Over Rebel Ukraine Vote, No New Russia Sanctions for Now
Kremlin Says Russia Did Not Interfere in Domestic Affairs of France
Kosovo's Prime Minister Says New Army Will Serve World Peace
Catalan Hunger Strikers Sending Message, Not Risking Life: Jailed Separatist
Macedonia Parliament Attack Amnesty Sparks Prison Protest
German Man Who Fought for Taliban Convicted of Terrorism
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