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Updated December 19, 2018 - 9:24 PM EST
Trump Announces Full Withdrawal From Syria
Trump's Syria Pullout Fuels Backlash Across DC
  Russia Cuts Military Flights Over Syria by 99%
Calm in Yemen Port as Hodeidah Ceasefire Holds
  UAE Backs Saudi Rebuke of US Senate Over Khashoggi Killing
Afghan Airstrikes Kill 55 'Militants' in 24 Hours
  US-Taliban Talks Focused on Proposal of Six-Month Ceasefire
Trump Signs Order to Create Space Command
Trump Urges Kosovo to Reach 'Historic' Deal With Serbia
Russia To Send Warplanes to Crimea, Citing 'Provocation'
item The Strangest Loyalty Oath You Probably Never Heard Of  by Thomas Knapp
item US Liberals Increasingly Turning Away From Israel  by Philip Weiss
item Kicking Palestinians Out of Refugee Camps in Lebanon  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Coming of Hyperwar  by Michael Klare
item Are We Ready to Lose Afghanistan?  by John Q. Bolton
item Historic Senate Vote Sets Stage for End to US Role in Yemen  by William D. Hartung

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Rand Paul Considers Law Banning Lobbyists Working for Foreign Governments
Violence Against Journalists Hits Unprecedented Levels
Brazil's Bolsonaro Says He Will Target Venezuela, Cuba
North Korea Using Gasified Coal to Withstand Sanctions
Poll: Hamas Leader Would Win Palestinian Elections
Taliban Judge Among Six Killed in Northern Afghanistan
Kamala Harris Travels to Afghanistan With GOP Senators
War Is Main Cause of Migration: Afghan Chief Executive Officer
Google's Secret China Project 'Effectively Ended' After Internal Confrontation
Huawei Arrest May Dash Canada's Hopes for 'Essential' Trade Deal With China
Japan Objects to Russian Military Construction on Disputed Islands
Japan to Buy More US-Made Stealth Jets, Radar to Counter China, Russia
Facebook Removes Hundreds of Pages Linked to Myanmar's Army
Russian Embassy Claims UK-Based Cyber Attack Launched Against Its Website
Kremlin Rejects New US Reports Alleging Russian Election Meddling
Putin: Nothing to Stop New States Joining Nuclear Pact With US and Russia
Putin Says Russia Can Easily Make Intermediate-Range Missiles if US Quits Nuclear Treaty
Cologne: Evacuation After WWII Bomb Found at Gas Station, Third in Month
German Police Raid Mosque Over Suspected Financing of Syria Fighter
EU Urges Kosovo to Drop Tariffs as Political Tensions Mount
Britain Eyes a More Lethal Force in Newly Revealed Defense Modernization Review
Colombia Massacre Leaves Six Dead in Likely Drug Trafficking Battle
Guatemala Expels Investigators From UN Anti-Corruption Group
UN to Convene Yemen's Warring Parties by Video on Truce Deal
Yemen's Cancer Patients Struggle to Survive, Yell to End Blockade
Iran-Iraq War Remains Exchanged; Five Killed in Iraq
Iraq Fails to Fill Key Ministerial Posts 7 Months After Election
Iraq's Parliament Confirms Cabinet Ministers, but Divisions Remain
Trump Admin. Mum as Israel Mulls Legalizing 66 Outposts
Palestinian Protesters Demand End to Brutal Treatment at Hands of Palestinian Authority
Israel Said to Strongly Protest Russian Invite to Hamas Leader
Bahrain Foreign Minister Defends Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Israel Says More Than 130 Arrested in Search for Attacker
Arab League Urges Australia, Brazil to Shift Stance on Jerusalem
Dozens Working on Critical Turkish Defense Programs Detained in Probe
Turkey Jails Nephew of Cleric Accused of Orchestrating Coup Bid
Middle East
Russia, Iran, Turkey Back New Syria Constitution Body but Fail to Agree Makeup
Saudi 2019 Budget Boosts Spending in Bid to Spur Sluggish Economy
Cameroon Military Says It Killed Seven Suspected Separatists
Nigeria Soldier Killed in Boko Haram Attack Near Monguno
Kabila Party HQ 'Ransacked', One Dead in DR Congo Vote Demo
Zimbabwe Inquiry Finds Army, Police Killed Six During Protest
The War at Home
SpaceX Halts US Satellite Launch for National Security Mission
Arizona Man Gets 12 Years in Prison in New York ISIS Case
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