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Updated December 25, 2018 - 8:27 PM EST
Mattis Signs Order Withdrawing Troops From Syria
Syrians Broadly Welcome US Withdrawal
  Erdogan, Trump to Coordinate on Syria Pullout
  US-Backed Kurds Clash With ISIS in Southeastern Syria
Trump to Oust Mattis Two Months Early
  US Envoy to ISIS War Quits, Slams Syria Pullout
Militants Storm Afghan Govt Offices, 43 Killed
  US Commander: No Orders Yet on Afghanistan Drawdown
Israel Agrees to Early Elections, Sets April 9 Date
State Dept: US to Increase Funding for Ukrainian Navy
S. Yemen Secessionists: Our Demands Can't Be Ignored
Pence Cancels NK Human Rights Speech Amid Tensions
item We Can End the US War on Syria  by Kevin B. Zeese & Margaret Flowers
item A Short History of How the US Went to War in Syria  by Peter Van Buren
item Packed Bags in Washington: Mattis, Haley, and The Weekly Standard  by Gary North
item Ringing in a New Year of War  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item Time to Get Out of Syria  by Eric Margolis
item The Dangers of Military Mission Creep in Syria  by Daniel R. DePetris

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Rand Paul Praises Trump for Syria Withdrawal: 'This Is Exactly What He Promised'
Class-Action Suit Could Aid More Than 50,000 Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars
SpaceX Launches US Military Navigation Satellite
ACLU to Feds: Your 'Hacking Presents a Unique Threat to Individual Privacy'
ISIS Kidnaps Two Dozen; Six Killed in Iraq
Baghdad's Green Zone Opens Its Gates to Public After 15 Years
Iraq's Largest Christmas Tree Raised to Celebrate ISIS Defeat
Turkey Bolsters Military on Syrian Border as US Readies Pull-Out
Trump, Erdogan to Coordinate as US Pulls Out of Syria: Turkish Presidency
US-Backed Forces Battle ISIS in Eastern and Southeastern Syria
US Forces to Leave Syria, Be Stationed in Kurdistan
US General Pressed for Reassurance for SDF After Syria Withdrawal Decision
Israeli-Russian Relations Strained Following US Withdrawal From Syria
Netanyahu Rejected Russian Plan to Work With US on Syria, Iran
Israeli Army Opens Fire at Armed Men Near Syria Border
Kurdish Official Calls on US to Stop Turkish Offensive
Turkey Says Nearly 300,000 Syrians Return Home After Military Operations
Iran Says US Presence in Syria 'Wrong' From the Start
Advance UN Truce Monitors Arrive in Yemen's Hodeidah
New Yemeni Airline Launches Regular Flights to Jordan
Iran Denies 'Secret' US Meeting Over Yemen
US Aircraft Carrier Trailed by Iranian Boats as It Enters Arabian Gulf
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Launches Drill Near Strait of Hormuz
Iran Executes Businessman for Economic Crimes
Abbas Dissolves PA Parliament, Calls for Elections in Six Months
Hamas Says It's Weighing Response to Israeli 'Stupidity' After Four Killed in Riots
Abbas: Netanyahu Gives Hamas Money and We Pay the Price When They Attack
Palestinians Call for Boycott of New Israeli-Palestinian Mall
Israeli Police Admitted Killing Wounded Palestinian but Incident Never Probed
Middle East
As Syria War Winds Down, Refugees Stay Put in Lebanon Despite Hardships
Lebanese Protest Over Economy and Politics, Briefly Closing Some Roads
Saudi Arabia
Reformist Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Dies Aged 87
Russian Fighter Jets Land in Crimea Amid Ukraine Tensions
Serbia: Thousands Rally Against President Aleksander Vucic
Spanish PM: Consensus Only Way to Resolve Catalonia Crisis
Disgraced German Reporter Could Face Donation Fraud Charges
Venezuela Navy Confronts Exxon Oil Ship in Guyana Border Dispute
Guyana Will Not Allow Venezuela to Illegally Claim Essequibo
German Reporter Still Detained in Venezuela Under Murky Circumstances
Nicaragua's Ortega Pushes Ahead With Crackdowns on Dissent
Nicaraguan Police Raid News Network Critical of Ortega
WWI Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce of World War I
A True Story of Peace in the Midst of World War I
Christmas 1914 – When Soldiers Made Peace
The Christmas Truce
Christmas Truce 1914: Peace in No Man's Land
In Memory of the Christmas Truce
Give Peace a Chance
Holiday Classics Related to the Christmas Truce of 1914
All Together Now – Christmas Truce Memorial
Pakistan Says US Troop Withdrawal 'Step Forward in Afghan Peace Effort
Afghan Civil Order Police Commander Killed in Militants Attack
Eight Taliban Militants Killed in Herat Clash
Afghan President Names Two Former Spy Chiefs to Key Posts
Water Shortages Worsen in Afghanistan as Drought Persists
Pence Canceled North Korea Human Rights Speech, With Trump Administration Concerned About State of Nuclear Talks
North Korea State Media Attacks 'Double-Faced' South Over UN Human Rights Resolution
North Korea Criticizes Japan for Conducting Test of US-Japan Interceptor
India: Opponents Say Modi Creating Surveillance State
Six al-Qaeda-Linked Militants Killed in Kashmir Encounter
Philippines: Politician Rodel Batocabe Shot Dead
Myanmar Says Policeman Found Dead Near Border With Bangladesh
At Least 13 Killed in Mogadishu Blast
Top Somali Journalist Among Mogadishu Bomb Victims
Burundi Military Opposes Somali Withdrawal Plan
Sudan Opposition Leader Says 22 Killed in Bread Protests
Sudanese Police Fire Tear Gas After Protesters Block Road in Khartoum
Sudan Rounds Up Several Opposition Politicians as Protests Continue: Activists
Sudan's Military Pledges to Stand by Embattled President
Sudanese Opposition Leaders Detained as Protests Continue
Egypt Says Its Security Forces Killed 14 Militants in Sinai
Egypt Appoints New Military Intelligence Chief: Security Sources
Bulgaria Seizes Libyan Tanker 'Badr' and Forces Crew Off Board
Libya Complains of Arms Cargo From Turkey, Joint Investigation Launched
Canada PM Justin Trudeau on Surprise Visit to Forces in Mali
Macron in Chad to Meet French Troops Deployed in Sahel
Rebels Attack Beni in Eastern DR Congo, Killing Five Civilians
Burkina Faso Soldiers Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast Between Fada and Pama
Colombian FARC Dissident Guacho, Who Shot Dead Three Ecuadoreans, Killed
Cuban Lawmakers Approve New Constitution Which Heads to Referendum
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