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Updated January 17, 2019 - 8:13 PM EST
US Rejects Russia Offer, To Pull Out of INF Treaty
  Trump Announces US Will Develop Space-Based Missile Defense
US Troops Killed in Syria Suicide Attack
  Army Chief: US Will Leave Syria Once ISIS Is 'Finished'
  US-Backed Kurds Would Support Syria Safe Zone With 'Guarantees'
American Anchor for Iran TV Arrested During US Visit
Trump Faces Move to End Support for Saudi War on Yemen
Al-Shabaab: Kenya Attack Revenge for US Jerusalem Policy
Pence: NK Not Taken 'Concrete Steps' to Dismantle Nukes
US Peace Plan Would Give Palestinians Most of West Bank
item AP Expunges Iran/Contra Pardons From Barr's Record  by Sam Husseini
item Israeli Politics Enter Grubby Realm of Reality TV  by Jonathan Cook
item After 17 Years, Guantanamo Still Erodes the Rule of Law  by Peter Jan Honigsberg
item Return of the Neocons!  by Matt Taibbi
item Russia-Gate Evidence, Please  by Ray McGovern
item Will the ISIS Attack Accelerate Trump's Syria Pullout?  by Hunter DeRensis

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Rand Paul: Trump Poised for Draw Down in Afghanistan, Syria Pullout
Fake Editions of Washington Post Handed Out in DC
US Weighs New Ways to Detect and Track Enemy Missiles
Pentagon Plans to Scrutinize Recruits With Foreign Ties, Green Card
Vice President Pence Reiterates Plan to Withdraw Troops From Syria
Turkey-Backed Rebels Await 'Zero Hour' to Attack Syria's Manbij
Iran Vows It Will Keep Military Forces in Syria Despite Israeli Threats
UN Security Council Approves Up to 75 Truce Monitors to Yemen's Hodeidah
Yemen Combatants Start Talks in Jordan on Prisoner Swap Deal
Iran Looks to Sign Zero-Tariff Agreement With Iraq
Iran Says It Will Be Ready for New Satellite Launch in a Few Months
Palestinian Authority Rejects Trump Peace Plan Revealed in Israeli Report
Gentrification in Haifa Soars as Palestinian Homes Are Converted Into Luxury Real Estate
Italians Leave Gaza Strip After Hamas Standoff
Middle East
40 Bodies in ISIS Grave; Seven Killed in Iraq
Turkey Seeks Interpol Warrant for Knicks' Center, Declaring Him a Terrorist
Germany Still Won't Approve Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia
Peace Talks With Taliban Will Happen Soon: US Envoy
Road to Peace Will Require Afghans-Taliban Talks: Khalilzad
Taliban Officials Say Pakistan Applying Pressure Over Afghan Talks
In Chaotic Afghan Capital, Crackdown on Crime Is Turning Heads
Pompeo's North Korean Counterpart Booked on Flight to US
Philippines Army Rescues Indonesian Hostage of Abu Sayyaf
Indian Opposition Seeks Scrapping of 1870 Sedition Law After Students Charged
332 Pakistan Lawmakers Suspended for Not Disclosing Assets, Says Report
Fifty People Believed in Nairobi Complex at Time of Attack Still Unaccounted For
Death Toll in Nairobi Attack Climbs to 21, Plus 5 Attackers
Libya Strongman's Forces Launch Operation to 'Purge' South
Militia Groups Battle in Capital, Breaking Four-Month Truce
Clashes in Libyan Capital Leave Five Dead: Health Ministry
Scores Arrested, Beaten as Zimbabwe Police Crack Down on Protests
Zimbabwe Doctor Group Reports 68 Gunshot Wounds
Top Zimbabwe Activist Arrested in Protest Crackdown
MSF Says 14 Killed and Aid Affected After Boko Haram Attack on Rann
Nigerian Opposition Candidate Seeks to Privatize State Oil Firm
Ethnic Violence in DR Congo Killed 900 Over Few Days in December
Gunmen Kill More Than 30 Tuaregs in Ongoing Mali Violence
Ethiopia Says Launches Offensive Against Oromo Rebels
Canadian Man Kidnapped in Burkina Faso
Suspected Anglophone Separatists Release 30 Kidnapped in Cameroon: Security Source
Sudanese Forces Disperse Hundreds of Demonstrators in Kassala
Russia Says It Caught Former US Marine Accused of Spying Red-Handed
Russia Rules to Hold Jailed Ukrainian Sailors Until April 24
Russia Calls on Japan to Recognize Outcome of WWII
Thousands March in Belgrade in Anti-Government Protest
Brazil, Argentina Step Up Pressure on Venezuela's Maduro
12 Charged in Detention of Opposition Leader
US May Toughen Stance on Cuban Lawsuits Provision
Brazil Plans to Drop Visas for Americans to Boost Tourism
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