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Updated January 25, 2019 - 9:37 PM EST
US Bombs Afghan Funeral, 29 Civilians Killed
  dot US, Taliban Make Headway in Talks on Ending War
Trump's Hawks Take Dramatic Turn on Venezuela
  Venezuela's Military Chief, Foreign Allies Back Maduro
  Before Venezuela, US Has Long Involvement in Latin America
US Expects to Pull Out of Nuclear Arms Treaty Soon
US Will No Longer Announce Deaths in Somalia Strikes
Two Years Ago: US Destroyed Yemen Village, Killed 30
item Kamala Harris's Israel Problem Is a Deal-Breaker  by Michael Byrne
item Trump, Pull Them Out of Syria Now, Not Later  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item What We Don't Know About US Airstrikes in Somalia and Everywhere Else  by Lucy Steigerwald
item Regime Change Amnesia in Washington  by Michael Sweeney
item Afghanistan and the Implosion of America  by Tom Engelhardt
item A Pentagon Campaign to Keep the Public in the Dark  Bloomberg

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Gitmo Prisoner Says Judge Used Pro-Govt Rulings to Curry Favor With the DoJ
US Military Eyes Tiny Nuclear Reactors for Deployed Troops
Libya's Governments Agree on Mega Port Project
UN Expert to Lead Internationl Inquiry of Khashoggi Murder
Suicide Bomber Strikes Near Kirkuk; 27 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Parliament Approves $112 Billion Budget After Months of Wrangling
Saudi Crown Prince Offers Full Support for Iraq's Security: Iraq PM's Office
US-Backed Syrian Fighters Clash With ISIS, Many Killed
Turkey Says Has Capacity to Create 'Safe Zone' in Syria Alone
US Sanctions Hit Iran-Backed Airlines, Fighters in Syria
Three Dead in String of Blasts in Syrian Rebel-Held Northwest
Syrian Kurdish YPG Expects Negotiations With Damascus Soon
Explosive Device Goes Off Near Russian Embassy in Syria's Capital
Syria's Assad Suspends Special Visas for EU Diplomats
Jewish Teen Charged With Manslaughter Over Death of Palestinian Woman
Hamas Rejects Qatari Cash Infusion, Says Gaza Is Not an Israeli Pawn
Israeli Court Freezes Arafat Property in East Jerusalem
Israel's Far Right, Security Agency Spar Over Charges in Palestinian's Killing
'No to Apartheid': Palestinian Activists Blockade Entrance to Israel's New 'Apartheid Road'
Middle East
Troops, Shi'ite Rebels Clash Near Contested Yemeni Port City
Germany Approves Export of Weapons Systems to Qatar
UNIFIL Strongly Disapproves of Israeli Violation of Lebanon's Airspace
Taliban Appoints New Political Leader to Join US-Taliban Peace Talks
Soldier Identified From Remains Held by North Korea
US Seeks to Cut Off Money for Maduro, Aid Opposition
What a Venezuelan Oil Embargo Could Mean for US
US Asks for UN Security Council Meeting on Venezuela
Russia, Turkey, China Denounce US Interference in Venezuela
Venezuela's Guaido Would Consider Maduro Amnesty
US Orders Non-Emergency Embassy Staff to Leave Venezuela
EU Says Venezuelan Protests 'Cannot Be Ignored', Calls for Guaido's Safety
Venezuela Crisis Can Only Be Overcome With Vote: Portugal FM
Canada's Ambassador to China Says He Misspoke About Excecutive's Extradition
Canadian Police Make 2 Arrests in National Security Probe
Sudan Protests Death Toll Rises to 29: Investigatory Committee
Member of Sudan Intel Service Killed in Clash With Army Troops
Nigeria: ISIS Claims Attack on Geidam Military Base
Central African Republic Peace Talks Open in Khartoum
DR Congo's New Leader in First Peaceful Transfer of Power
Amnesty Says Egypt Detained 113 in 2018 for Their Views
Zimbabwe Army Says 'Bogus' Soldiers Behind Beatings
Ukrainian Court Sentences Ex-President Yanukovich to 13 Years in Prison
UK Court: Barclays Was 'Basically Dead' Without Qatari Cash
EU to Discuss More Russia Sanctions Over Azov Sea Next Month
Bosnian Muslims Anger Serbs With Name Change Plan
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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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