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Updated February 13, 2019 - 8:46 PM EST
House Calls to End US Support for Yemen War
  Senate Resolution Aims to Stop Saudi Path to Nuclear Arms
  US Seeks Accountability for Saudi Ex-Aide in Khashoggi Killing
US Strikes Kill Scores of Civilians in Syria Camp
  US Warplanes Attack Mosque in Eastern Syria
US Strikes in Afghanistan Hit Decade-Long High
  Envoy: Focus on Afghan Peace Accord, Not Withdrawal Agreement
Pentagon Seeks Huge Hike for War 'Slush Fund'
  National Debt Hits New Milestone, Topping $22 Trillion
Suicide Bus Bombing Kills 41 Iranian Soldiers
Iraq PM Rejects Any Permanent Foreign Bases in Iraq
Sen. Inhofe: US Could Hit Venezuela if Russia Arms There
Senate Intel Panel Finds No Evidence of Russia Collusion
item Pro-Israel Lobby Boasts That Its Money Influences Washington  by Ryan Grim
item How Many Minutes to Midnight?  by James Carroll
item The US-Backed Drug War in Mexico Has Never Been Deadlier  by Edward Hunt
item Walter Jones and the Road Not Taken  by W. James Antle III
item War's Moral Dilemma  by Anthony DeBlasi
item America's Effort to Isolate Iran Will Backfire  by Trita Parsi

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US Lawmakers Tout US-Japan-South Korea Alliance as Seoul, Tokyo Feud
Video: Take a Trip Down Israel's New Apartheid Road
50 More Bodies Found in Secret Graves in Western Mexico
Venezuela Hopes to Create Non-Dollar Trading Bloc
10 Bodies Found in Mass Grave; 3 Killed in Iraq
Unknown Attackers Throw Grenade at Police Chief's House in Kirkuk
Acting Pentagon Chief Reassures Iraqis After Anger Over Trump Remarks
Netanyahu Confirms Syria Strike: Israel Operating Constantly Against Iran in Syria
Lawyer Blasts Verdict That Blamed Syria for Journalist Death
In Eastern Syria, Foreign Families Flee Last ISIS Enclave
Car Bomb Explodes Near Syrian Town on Border With Turkey
Netanyahu Says Iran Focus of Warsaw Mideast Summit
Israel Warns Iran That Its Missiles Can Travel 'Very Far'
Palestinian Dies of Wounds After Israel Border Fire: Gaza Ministry
Five Palestinians Injured During Clashes in Northern Gaza
Palestinians Resume Night-Time Protests in Gaza
Israeli Firms Face UN Blacklist for Settlement Business
Russia Warns Trump Peace Plan Will Undo All Israeli-Palestinian Progress So Far
Middle East
Turkey Orders 1,112 Arrested Over Links to Cleric Gulen
76 Yemenis Killed During Breaches of Hodeidah Ceasefire Since Dec.
Over 20 Agreements to Be Activated Between Lebanon, Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Said to Have Informed Israel Two Years Ago It Wanted to Normalize Ties
Macedonia Is Officially Renamed North Macedonia
Macedonia Raises NATO Flag Ahead of Name Change
UN: 2015 Peace Accord for Ukraine's East Not Implemented
Germany Bans Kurdish PKK Publishers After Raids
US, Russia Present Rival UN Draft Resolutions on Venezuela
Russia Says Ready to Help Venezuela Dialogue, Warns US Against Meddling
Maduro Challenger Plans Caravans for US Aid to Venezuela
Turkey's President Says Venezuelan Gold to Be Processed in Turkey
Venezuelan Challenger Guaido Says He's Working to Renew Ties With Israel
Brazil to Set Up Aid Center on Venezuelan Border: Opposition Envoy
Afghan Government Fires Election Officials After Votes Tainted by Fraud Claims
Taliban Unveil Negotiating Team Ahead of US Peace Talks
Vietnam Says Being Chosen to Host Second Trump-Kim Summit Is a Positive Sign
Suspected Militants Kill Four Police in Pakistan
11 Injured in 'Governor Convoy Attack' in Cameroon
DR Congo Army Says Four Militiamen Killed, Hostages Released
Morocco Arrests Three Frenchmen Suspected of Terrorism Financing
Sudan Security Arrests Professors as Protests Rage On
UN Investigates 'Russian Soldier Torture' Case in Central African Republic
The War at Home
The US Air Force Has Won Control of the Space Force
Drug Lord, Escape Artist 'El Chapo' Convicted by US Jury
Admiral to Congress: Think About the 280-Plus Ships That Didn't Have Collisions
Trump Orders Government to Prioritize Artificial Intelligence
Three Soldiers Hospitalized After Golden Knights Parachuting Accident in Florida
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