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Updated February 16, 2019 - 8:08 PM EST
US Investigating Years of WikiLeaks Activities
US General: Arm, Aid Syria Kurds After Pullout
  Kurdish Commander: Anti-ISIS Offensive Slowed by Civilians
Will Yemen War Be Trump's First Veto?
  Walter Jones Made the Yemen Vote Happen
  New Bill Would Honor Rep. Walter Jones by Repealing AUMF
1,000 US Troops Leaving Afghanistan in 'Efficiency Effort'
US Military Aircraft to Deliver Aid to Venezuela's Border
item Warsaw Summit Was a Failure for Trump, but a Win for Netanyahu  by Trita Parsi
item Understanding Why Iranians Bash the US Govt  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Is Tulsi Gabbard for Real? America Is Ready for a Genuine Peace Candidate  by Philip Giraldi
item A Tribute to Rep. Walter Jones  by Rep. John J. Duncan
item Raymond Davis, CIA, and the Hunt for Osama bin Laden  by Nauman Sadiq
item How US Politicians Use Charges of Anti-Semitism as a Weapon  by Mairav Zonszein

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Trump Says Military Help Needed Due to 'Gravity' of Border Emergency
ICE Stops Force-Feeding Detainees
Iran Confirms Second Failed Satellite Launch
US to Slash Payouts From 9/11 Victims Fund
UK 'On Wrong Side' of Law Over Saudi Arms Sales, Lords Say
Yemen's FM Says 'Error' Caused Him to Sit Next to Netanyahu
After Auschwitz Visit, Pence Accuses Iran of Nazi-Like Anti-Semitism
Iran Confirms Second Failed Satellite Launch
FM Javad Zarif Warns It Would Be 'Suicidal' to Go to War With Iran
More Truffle Gatherers Kidnapped; Four Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Villagers Driven Off Iraq Mountainsides by Turkish Airstrikes
Ankara Says Only Turkish Forces Should Be in Syria Safe Zone
US General Cautions Against Talk of 'Winning' in Anti-ISIS Fight
UN and Syrian Red Crescent Deliver Aid to Isolated Camp
20 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza: Medics
Israel Looks Ahead to New Hamas War, but Doesn't Look Back at Old Lessons
Israeli Spyware Firm NSO Group 'Re-Acquired' by Founders
Israel Still Holding a Palestinian Lawmaker as Political Prisoner Indefinitely
Middle East
Lebanon Parliament Approves New Government
Turkey Urges US to Put Its Weight Behind Khashoggi Probe
66 Killed in Nigerian State Before Presidential Election
Nigeria Bolsters Security on Eve of Presidential Election
Ethiopia Says Some 1,000 Oromo Rebels Give Up Arms
DR Congo Leader Calls for 'Better Armed' UN Peacekeepers
Egypt Official: Home-Made Bomb Explodes Near Mosque, 3 Hurt
Burkina Faso Army Doctor Killed by Bomb Hidden in Corpse Near Djibo
Sudanese Policeman Dies After Protesters Stone Vehicle
Tunisian Oil Refinery Workers Kidnapped in Libya
UN: Rape Still Endemic in South Sudan Unity State Despite Peace
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
India's PM Modi Warns Pakistan of Strong Response to Kashmir Attack
India to Remove Trade Privileges, Ensure Complete Isolation of Pakistan: Finance Minister
Kashmir Suicide Bomber Radicalized After Beating by Troops, Parents Say
Jaish-E-Mohammad, the Pakistan-Based Militants at Heart of Tension With India
From Comrades to Assassins, North Korea and Vietnam Eye New Chapter With Trump-Kim Summit
Miller Praises Pressure on Taliban by Afghan Commandos
China Plans to Build Space Solar Station
Japan to Recognise Ainu as 'Indigenous People' for First Time
Japanese Man Abducted to North Korea Decades Ago Alive
US Raises Pressure on Maduro Via Sanctions, Aid Airlift
US Military to Ship Venezuela Aid to Colombia
Trading Arm of Russia's Lukoil Stops Swap Operations in Venezuela
Trafigura Halts Oil Trade With Venezuela
Virgin's Branson Plans Humanitarian Aid Concert on Venezuela Border
Haiti to Unveil Economic Measures to Quell Violent Protests
Haiti's President Defies Violent Protests, Will Not Step Down
Explosive Device Found, Disarmed in Mexican Mall
EU to Blacklist Eight Russians Over Azov Sea Stand-Off
Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Fly Over Sea of Japan
The War at Home
Top Senators on Foreign Relations Committee Seek More Info on Jamal Khashoggi Killing
Man Fatally Shot at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi After Pursuit, Crash in Stolen Car
Weekend Reviews
Imperial Exceptionalism
The Dangers of Romanticizing Regime Change
The Russians Are Coming, Again
Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History
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