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Updated February 18, 2019 - 8:47 PM EST
Hiding in Plain Sight: Military Sales Gone Rogue?
US General: Army Still Supporting Saudis in Yemen
  Yemen Factions Agree on First Pullback From Hodeidah Port Area
  Saudis Say 88 Houthis Killed Saturday Across Yemen
  Yemen's War Is a Mercenary Heaven. Are Israelis Reaping Profits?
US Envoy: Withdrawal From Syria 'To Be Gradual'
  Commander: US Can't Back Syrian Forces Aligned With Assad
  In Iraq Visit, Top US General Talks Long-Term ISIS 'Threat'
US Backs India After Kashmir Attacks
US Blocks N. Korea Air Traffic Revival Ahead of Summit
item Hiding in Plain Sight – US Military Sales Gone Rogue?  by Kimberly Dvorak
item Hate-Fest in Warsaw  by Eric Margolis
item House Vote on Yemen Shows How Much Has Changed  by James Carden
item The Neocon Revival
 by Justin Raimondo
item War With China?  by Michael Klare
item Do You Believe in the Deep State Now?  by Robert W. Merry

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Spanish Warship With Guns Manned Orders Boats in Gibraltar to Leave
Japan's PM Nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on US Request
Tulsi Gabbard: WikiLeaks 'Spurred Some Necessary Change'
US-Taliban Talks in Islamabad Postponed
Attack at Military Base Near Kirkuk; 11 Killed in Iraq
The Ruins of the Old City of Mosul
Iraq Returns 1,200 Displaced People to Their Areas in Diyala's Khanaqin
'Caliphate Cub' Survivor Fights to Save Other Yazidis Forced to Join ISIS
Assad Vows to 'Liberate Every Inch of Syria' From Foreign Troops
Syria: Civilians Face Familiar Threats in Rebel-Held Areas
Two Humanitarian Corridors to Open for Displaced Syrians in Rukban Camp
Trump: EU Must Take Back 800 ISIS Fighters Captured in Syria
Top French Officer Raps West's Tactics Against ISIS in Syria, Faces Punishment
Afrin: Elderly Couple Claim Turkish-Backed Rebels Stormed, Looted Home
Iran Warns Pakistan to Crack Down on Jaish Al-Adl
Iran Summons Pakistan's Envoy Over Deadly Suicide Bomb Attack
Merkel, Pence Clash on Iran Deal at Munich Conference
Iran's Zarif Accuses Israel, US of Seeking War
Iran's Foreign Minister Says Public Are Losing Faith in Nuclear Deal
Rouhani Unveils Iran's Cruise Missile-Equipped Fateh Submarine
Saudi Arabia
Britain's Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Unlawful
Saudi Crown Prince Begins Asia Tour With $20 Billion Pakistan Investment Pledge
Israel To Withhold Millions of Dollars in Palestinian Funds
PA Fumes Over Israeli 'Piracy' After Decision to Deduct Terror Money
Clashes in Northern Gaza Injure Nine Palestinians, Israeli Soldier
Israel Evicts Palestinians From Jerusalem Home
Palestinian Teen Dies 4 Days After Being Struck by Tear Gas Canister During Gaza Protests
Record Number of Reports Criticizing Israel Said to Be Released by UN Next Month
Netanyahu Gives Up Role as Israel's Foreign Minister
After Netanyahu Holocaust Row, Polish PM Won't Attend Summit in Israel
Hamas Takes Control of Gaza Goods Crossing With Israel
Nasrallah: Warsaw Meet Unmasked Israel-Gulf Ties, Arab Leaders Israel's 'Tools'
Israel Won't Let Gazan Visit Stroke-Victim Father in West Bank. The Reason? He Isn't Sick Enough
Middle East
Lethal Swine Flu Spreads in War-Torn Yemen Amid Collapse of Health System
Pence: 'We Will Not Stand Idly By' as Turkey Purchases S-400
One Killed, Six Injured in Riot in Jordan
Kuwait Takes Case of Gulf War 'Disappeared' Back to UN
UK and Russia Hold First Talks in Over a Year
China Rebuffs Germany's Call for US Missile Deal With Russia
Montenegrins March Demanding Government Resignation
Albanian Protesters Attack PM's Office to Demand He Quits
Germany Warns It Will Stop Extradition of Its Citizens to UK After Brexit
The War at Home
Acting Pentagon Chief Not Decided Yet on Funding Border Wall
Legal Challenges to Trump Emergency Declaration Face Uphill Battle
Troops Do Not View Immigration as a 'National Emergency.' Not Even Close.
Trump's Choice for UN Ambassador Withdraws
US Military Delivers Aid to Colombia for Venezuelan Migrants
Venezuela's Guaido Calls for 'Million Volunteers' in Aid Standoff
Marco Rubio Warns Venezuelan Soldiers to Let Aid Enter
Russia's Gazprombank Freezes Accounts of Venezuela's Pdvsa
Venezuela Opposition to Leave Citgo Funds, Management Untouched
Venezuela Opposition Slams Raid of NGO That Supports Humanitarian Aid
Venezuela's Guaido Asks Citibank to Freeze Gold Swap With Maduro
Six Dead, Three Wounded in Shooting at Street Party in Mexico City
Armed Bar Attack Kills 5, Wounds 5 More in Mexico's Cancun
Nicaragua: New Talks Explored but Opposition Sets Conditions
India Ends Police Protection for Kashmir Leaders After Bombing
2,000 Muslims Take Refuge in Kashmir Mosque to Avoid Hindus' Attacks
In Indian-Controlled Kashmir, Unprecedented Attack Puts Focus on Homegrow' Militants
Kashmiris Complain of Evictions After Deadly Attack on Indian Forces, Authorities Promise Safety
India Detains 23 Men With Suspected Links to Group Behind Deadly Kashmir Attack
'The Victory Was So Strong': Afghans Celebrate Soviet Pullout
Civilian Killed, Three Injured as Blast Rocks Eastern Afghan's Ghazni City
US Lawmakers Meet Ghani, Warn Against Big Afghanistan Troop Pullout
Kabul Lodges Complaint With UN Over Taliban Trip to Pakistan
Boko Haram Kills Four Nigeria Troops in Assault on Buni Yadi Military Base
Eight Killed in Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria
Nigeria: Opposition Parties Lambast Delayed Presidential Poll
Tunisian Police and Protesters Clash After Death at Police Station
Tunisian Workers Kidnapped in Libya Have Been Freed
Malian Soldier Wounded in Firefight With German Allies
ISIS Claims North Sinai Attack, Says 20 Egyptian Troops Killed
Sahel Instability Spreading to Coastal West Africa: Burkina Faso
Paramount Group in Talks to Develop Africa's Defense Industry
Kenya Recalls Ambassador to Somalia Over Water Rights Clash
DR Congo's Virunga Park Reopens Eight Months After Deadly Ambush
Sudanese Fruit Seller Dies Choking on Tear Gas Fired at Protesters: Family
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