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Updated February 26, 2019 - 8:36 PM EST
Pakistan Doubts India's Claim of 'Major' Attack
GOP Move Blocks Yemen Bill From Senate Vote
  Sanders Moves to Rescue Yemen Pullout After House Screwed It Up
Trump, Kim May Declare End to Korean War
  Kim: 'I Don't Want to Burden My Children With Nuclear Arms'
Highest Level Afghanistan Negotiations To Begin
  UN: Record Number of Afghan Civilians Killed in 2018
Iran FM Issues Surprise Resignation on Instagram
  Story on Iran's Rouhani Rejecting Zarif's Resignation Is Withdrawn
  Iran FM Javad Zarif Resigns Hours After Meeting With Code Pink
US Sets New Venezuela Sanctions, Makes Threats
  US Military Flying More Recon Flights Over Venezuela Coast
  Brazil VP: US Can't Use Brazilian Soil to Invade Venezuela
  Burning Aid: Apparent Deception on Colombia-Venezuela Bridge
World Court Ruling May Force US to Abandon Diego Garcia
US Airstrikes Kill at Least 35 'Extremists' in Somalia
item How Politics Trump Intel in the
US-Russia Nuke Treaty Pullout
 by Scott Ritter
item Is Israel's Tax Grab a Prelude to Further Hollowing Out the PA?  by Jonathan Cook
item Have World Leaders Really Got the Will to Bring Peace to Yemen?  by Radhya al-Mutawakel
item The Chef Boyardee War: Venezuela's Clueless Opposition  by Justin Raimondo
item The Ghosts of Chauncey Gardner and Francisco Franco in Madrid  by Thomas Harrington
item Farewell, Afghanistan  by Stephen Kinzer

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Japan to Push Ahead With US Base Relocation Despite Okinawa Referendum Result
Mali: France Airstrike Kills 15 in Mopti as EU Training Base in Koulikoro Attacked
Gantz's Effort to Bring Down Netanyahu May Hinge on AIPAC and Palestinian Party
Humanitarian Chiefs Concerned Over Saudi Arabia and UAE Aid Funding for Yemen
Houthi Rebels, Government Forces Begin Withdrawing From Key Yemen Ports in Hudaydah
American Oil Worker Danny Burch Freed After Captivity in Yemen
Baiji Refinery Attack Repelled; Seven Killed in Iraq
Iraq President Salih Says ISIS Detainees Transferred to Iraq Will Be Tried There
Iraq Says It Will Prosecute French ISIS Fighters
As the Battle Against ISIS Grinds to a Close, No One Knows How Many People Are Inside Its Shrinking Territory
Mass Evacuations From Syria's Last ISIS Holdout Continue
Assad Meets Khamenei in First Iran Visit Since Syrian War Began
UK to Ban Lebanon's 'Terrorist' Hezbollah's Political Wing
How Saudi Arabia Supported Israel's 2006 War on Lebanon
Israeli Election
Gantz's Effort to Bring Down Netanyahu May Hinge on AIPAC and a Palestinian Party
Leading US Jewish Journalists Denounce Netanyahu for Deal With Extremists
New Right, Likud Accuse Each Other of Enabling Kushner's Two-State Push
Netanyahu Confirmed for AIPAC Conference on Heels of Extremist Rebuke
Bennett Claims Trump and Netanyahu Will Establish Palestinian State After Election
Kushner: Trump Peace Plan to Address Israel's Borders, United Palestinian Entity
Soldiers Assault a Blind Man in His Home Near Bethlehem
Dialysis Patients in Life-Or-Death Situation as Gaza Faces New Fuel Crisis
Seven US Troops Injured in Van Crash in Poland
Serbia Receives 4 More Mig-29 Fighter Jets From Belarus
The War at Home
On Its First Combat Deployment, F-35Bs Flew Combat Missions Over Afghanistan and Syria
Microsoft Workers Call for Canceling Military Contract for Technology That Could Turn Warfare Into a 'Video Game'
Security Council Sets Open Meeting on Venezuela
Univision Team Briefly Held in Venezuela After Maduro Interview
200,000 or 10,000? WAPO Deletes Inflated Venezuela Aid Live Attendance Figure From Its Website
Cubans Overwhelmingly Ratify New Socialist Constitution
Guatemala War Survivors Demand Justice, Not Amnesty for Military
US Envoy and Taliban Leader Meet Ahead of Peace Talks
Afghanistan to Hold Grand Council of Elders to Discuss Peace Talks
Women to Make 30 Percent of Afghan Peace Jirga Delegates
Abdullah Criticizes Taliban for Not Talking to Afghan Govt
Father, Son Deployed to Afghanistan With Arizona Army National Guard
North Korea
North Korea's Kim Arrives to Warm Welcome in Vietnam; Trump on the Way
Traveling to Meet Trump, Kim Jong-UN Takes the Long Route
Trump Delays China Tariff Hike
US Navy Ships Pass Through Strategic Taiwan Strait, Riling China
Protests Flare in India at Eviction of a Million Forest Families
Would-Be Bangladeshi Plane Hijacker Had Toy Gun
Pakistan's Govt Allows Afghan Refugees to Open Bank Accounts
Haftar Forces 'Killed Civilians' in Libya Attack
Shopping Street Rises From the Ashes of War in Libya's Benghazi
At Least 10 Dead in Somalia Attack
Burkina Faso Says Its Forces Have Killed 29 Extremists
Incumbent Macky Sall Wins Senegal Presidential Election: PM
Sudan's Bashir Bans Protests in New Emergency Measures
Rigging Claims Fly as Nigeria Election Results Come In
Sissi Says Europe Should Not Lecture Egypt on Human Rights
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