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Updated March 7, 2019 - 9:27 PM EST
N. Korea Offered Everything, Trump Said 'More'
  Trump Still Hopeful for NK Deal After Report of Repairs at Rocket Site
Sen. Rubio: Saudi Crown Prince Is 'Full Gangster'
  Rumor: Growing Rift Between Saudi King, Crown Prince
  US and European Arms Used to Attack Yemeni Civilians: Report
1 or 5 Years, US and Taliban Spar Over Pullout
  17 Civilians Killed in Attack on Construction Firm in Afghanistan
US Shifts Weapons From Iraq to Syria
  Iraqi, Kurdish Authorities Torturing Children to Confess ISIS Membership
Israel Could Target Iranian Tankers: Netanyahu
  Israeli Arab Slate, Far-Left Candidate Banned From Election
House Votes to Condemn 'Hate' Amid Omar Controversy
Trump: Halt Reports of Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes
Feds' Database Tracks Journalists, Immigration Activists
item Criticizing Israel Isn't Anti-Semitic. Here's What Is.  by Sarah Gertler
item House Democrats' 'Rebuke' of Rep. Omar Is a Fraud  by Glenn Greenwald
item US Must Move Past Its 'Sputnik' Moment on North Korea – or Else  by Harry J. Kazianis
item An Officer's Path to Dissent  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item It Was Kim That Walked Away  by Patrick Lawrence
item Afghan War Vets Support Ending the War  by Beth Bailey

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Guantanamo Sees New Construction a Decade After Prison Ordered Shut
Why Napalm Is a Cautionary Tale for Tech Giants Pursuing Military Contracts
Russia Wants to Join Luxembourg in Space Mining
Israeli Dismissal of Gaza Report Slammed
American Support for Israel Falls to Ten-Year Low, Poll Finds
Netanyahu Election Rival Pledges to Separate From Palestinians
Kahanist Party Leader Allowed to Run in Israeli Election Despite Attorney General's Objection
Babies Killed After Israeli Army Prevents Fire-Brigades From Entering Hebron
Deri: Lieberman Unhappy That Shas Wants to Keep Out Non-Jews
2 Palestinians Injured, 11 Detained in Israeli Raids Across West Bank
Israel Blacklists Hamas Station Said to Use On-Air Cues to Recruit Terrorists
'I Only Saw America Killing': An ISIS Widow's View of Syria's War
Syrian Army Attacks ISIS Targets in Desert
Hundreds More ISIS Fighters Surrender in East Syria
Militia Forces Ambushed in North; Nine Killed in Iraq
Former Iraq PM Falsely Claims Only 8 Women and Children Killed in Battle of Mosul
Iran Hopes Trade Channel Skirting US Sanctions Will Work Within Weeks
Iran Sees 'Strong Support' From Europeans, Russia, China
Saudi Arabia
Trump Pick for Saudi Ambassador Defends US Relationship With Riyadh
Germany Extending Saudi Arms Freeze to End-March: Foreign Minister
Spanish Agency Accused of Corruption in Saudi Arms Sales
Erdogan: Turkey Must Control Planned Northern Syria Safe Zone
Erdogan Says Turkey Will Not Go Back on Missile Defense Deal With Russia
Two US Soldiers Dead After Reported Vehicle Accident in Kuwait
US to Punish Foreign Banks Who Deal With Venezuela's Maduro
US Envoy Says It Is Hard to See Role for Maduro in Venezuela's Future
Venezuelan Authorities Release US Journalist After Day in Custody
US to Revoke Visas of 77 Others Tied to Venezuela's Maduro: Pence
Political Activist Dies at Hospital Six Days After He Disappeared, Allegedly Beaten
Sanctioned Bank to Service Venezuela Pdvsa Accounts in Russia
Venezuela Orders German Ambassador to Leave the Country
The War at Home
Federal Deficit Up 77 Percent So Far This Budget Year
US Sen. McSally, Air Force Veteran, Says She Was Raped by a Superior Officer
NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020
Pentagon Reportedly Wants Fewer F-35 Fighters, but More Allies Want the Stealthy Jet
16 Cancer Cases in One Family: Base Water Contamination Fight Moves to Congress
New Mexico Sues US Air Force Over Groundwater Contamination
Responding to Unsafe Military Housing, US Armed Forces Unveil Tenant Bill of Rights
Two Marine Hornets Collide at Twentynine Palms; No Injuries Reported
Satellite Images Show Madrasa Buildings Still Standing at Scene of Indian Bombing
Pakistan Denies Terror Clampdown Is Result of Indian Tensions
Indian Opposition Attacks Modi Over Alleged Political Use of Armed Forces
India May Prosecute Newspaper Under Secrets Act Over Rafale Documents
Seven ISIS Loyalists Killed by Afghan Commando Forces Operation
US Senators Offer North Korea Sanctions Bill, Backed by Warmbier Parents
France Monitoring Algeria Protests, Says Up to People to Decide Future
Algeria War Veterans Back Protests Demanding End to Bouteflika's Rule
Debts Pile Up as Rival Libyan Governments Struggle for Power
Nigeria: Roadside Bomb Blast Blamed on ISWA Kills Five People Near Maiduguri
Central African Republic Is Now the 'Most Dangerous Place in the World for Children'
Malawi Police Block Protest March by Hundreds of Albinos
Zimbabwe Says Rapprochement With West Still on Despite US Sanctions
Austria Tells Militant Fighters Looking to Return: You're on Your Own
Israeli-US Company to Sell Italy 40 Combat Robots in $10 Million Deal
US-Funded Cuban Network Fires Staff for 'Anti-Semitic' Report on Soros
Human Rights Groups Warn of Proposed Amnesty in El Salvador
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