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Updated March 12, 2019 - 8:37 PM EDT
Senate to Vote Again Wednesday on Yemen War
  Yemeni Boys 'Raped by Saudi Militiamen' Inside Mosque: Amnesty
White House Wants Huge Increase in War Funding
  White House Proposes Loan Fund to Help Allies Buy US Arms
  US to Make Parts for Missiles Covered by Treaty Trump Suspended
Netanyahu: We Fund Hamas To Split Palestinians
  Netanyahu: Israel Is 'Not a State of All Its Citizens'
40 Killed in Afghanistan Fighting in 24 Hours
  Report: Taliban Leader Omar Lived for Years Near Major US Base
US Airstrikes Kill 50, Mostly Civilians, in E. Syria
Iran Looks to Bolster Iraq Trade To Beat US Sanctions
US Turns Hawkish on N. Korea, but Diplomacy Still Open
item How US Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda  by Glenn Greenwald
item Chelsea Manning: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Again  by Thomas Knapp
item Is Trump Heading Toward War With Iran?  by Curt Mills
item Israel Liability: Moral and Strategic Hazards of an Ill-Advised Alliance  by Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
item Nuclear Powers Need to Disarm Before It's Too Late  by Conn Hallinan
item A World Without the West  by Andrew J. Bacevich

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Favorable US Views of China Drop Sharply in New Poll
Russian Defense Ministry Boasts About Revived Military Power
Ex-Mossad Agents Harass US Students, BDS Activists
AIPAC to Host First Settler Leader at US Conference
Pakistani, Indian Troops Trade Fire in Kashmir, Killing 1
200 Muslim Homes Burnt Down in India's Meerut
India Says 'Key Conspirator' Behind Kashmir Attack Killed in Shootout
Bolton Says Pakistan Committed to Easing Tensions With India
20 Afghan Security Force Members Killed in Badghis
Kabul Rejects 'Delusional Claim' Mullah Omar Died in Afghanistan
North Korea
UN Probing North Korea Sanctions Violations in 20 Countries
US Envoy to North Korea: 'We Are Not Going to Do Denuclearization Incrementally'
Bolton: Kim Has 'Very Clear Idea' of Where Trump Stands on Missile Tests
US Says North Korea Diplomacy 'Very Much Alive,' but Watching Rocket Site
Taiwan Requests Fighter Jets From the US, but With an Unusual Twist
Algeria's Bouteflika Abandons Re-Election Bid After Weeks of Protest
New Constitution for Algeria Will Be Submitted to a Referendum
Egypt Says 3 Troops, 46 Militants Killed in Sinai
Chad Defense Minister Says UFDD Rebel Fighters Laid Down Arms in Libya
Nigeria Election Observers Criticize Intimidation, Violence
Violence Sparks First Major Humanitarian Crisis in Burkina Faso
Sudan's Parliament Cuts State of Emergency to Six Months
Venezuela Congress Declares 'State of Alarm' Over Blackout
US Sanctions Russian Bank Over Dealings With Venezuela State Oil Firm
Case of 43 Disappeared Students Gets Fresh Start in Mexico
Bus Passengers Kidnapped in Mexico May Be Migrants
Roadside Bomb Blasts Militia; Four Killed in Iraq, 15 Found in Mass Grave
Some 20,000 Iraqis Could Return From Syria in Weeks: Red Cross
Across Baghdad, a Moment of Respite and Guarded Hope
Trump: 'I Would Win 98% of the Vote if I Ran in the Israeli Elections'
Arabs Aren't 'Second-Class Voters,' President Rivlin Rebukes Netanyahu
Gantz: We're Willing to Sit in Government With 'Anyone Jewish and Zionist'
PA Announces Major Austerity Measures in Wake of Tax Dispute With Israel
Sen. Graham Says He Will Lobby Trump to Recognize Golan as Part of Israel
One Israeli's Journey From Ultra-Orthodox Settler to Peace Activist
Israeli Deportation Hearing Focuses on Human Right Watch Official's Tweets
US Citizen Michael White Sentenced in Iranian Court
Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced to 38 Years in Jail, Lashes: Husband
Middle East
Turkish Foreign Ministry Summons Belgium's Ambassador in Ankara Over PKK
Saudi Govt Forces Pilgrims to Travel Within 15 Days of Umrah Visa Approval
US Warns Germany Over Use of 'Untrusted Vendors' in 5G Network
German Military Not Satisfied With Readiness of Submarines, Some Aircraft
North Macedonia President Won't Sign 11 Bills Under New Name
UK Labour Party Investigates Electronic Intifada Journalist
Bosnia Will Take Back and Try Two Captured ISIS Fighters
US Navy
Navy's Top Housing Official Resigns After Reports of Poor Conditions
Colombia's Duque to Return Peace Legislation to Congress
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Boycott Israel

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Israel Liability: Moral and Strategic Hazards of an Ill-Advised Alliance

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Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

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America's War Culture

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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

Ran HaCohen
Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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