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Updated March 18, 2019 - 9:18 PM EDT
Censorship at the Center of Christchurch Attack
  Would Social Media Have Censored Video of 9/11?
US Denies Plan to Keep 1,000 Troops in Syria
  US-Backed Forces Admit to Difficulties Beating ISIS in Syria
S. Korea Mulls North Talks To Ease US Tensions
  UN Faults South Korea Over Unreported Oil Shipment to North Korea
  NK Resistance Group Behind Mysterious Embassy Raid in Spain
At Least 3 Dead in Shooting on Netherlands Tram
Taliban Captures 150 Troops Fleeing Afghanistan
Saudi Prince's Covert Campaign Against Dissent
India, Pakistan Threatened to Launch Missiles at Each Other
Pentagon Uses China to Justify Huge Budget Increase
item Would Social Media Have Censored Video of 9/11?  by Thomas Knapp
item A Lonely Voice in Washington Is Talking Some Sense  by James Carden
item US Corporations Are Funding Israeli Settlements  by Alex Kane
item Conservatives Should Be Antiwar  by Andrew Syrios
item The World's Most Dangerous Divide  by John Feffer
item Trump's Backward Move on Drone Civilian Casualties  by Daniel Brunstetter

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Man Rams Car Into Australia Mosque in 'Copycat Attack'
Trump May Send Volunteer Force to Border
Canada to Extend Military Training Mission in Ukraine
Russia Says It Will Respond to New EU Sanctions
Why the Media Fails to Cover Palestine With Accuracy and Empathy
Battles Intensify Amid Efforts for Afghan Peace
Explosion in Kandahar Leaves Four Dead
US-China Political Tensions Affect UN Afghan Mission's Mandate
Afghan Journalists Raise Concerns on Their Safety
Kabul Summons Diplomat Over Remarks by Pakistan's Khan
North Korea
Bolton: North Korea 'Not Willing to Do What They Needed to Do' for Nuclear Deal
North Korea, Russia Agree to Bolster 'High-Level Contact,' Cooperation in Various Areas
Philippines Officially Out of the International Criminal Court
Philippines Hopes Islamist Group 'Neutralized' After De Facto Leader Killed
Cambodian Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Top Opposition Leaders
Four Killed in Train Blast in Pakistan's Resource-Rich Baluchistan
Thousands March in Madrid Supporting Catalan Separatists on Trial
Albanian Police Disperse Protesters With Tear Gas and Water Cannon
French PM Plans New Security Measures After Champs Elysees Rioting
Protesters Rally Outside Serbia President's Residence, Police Use Pepper Spray
Maduro Plans 'Deep Restructuring' of Government: VP
Guaido Launches National Tour in 'New Phase' to Oust Maduro
Venezuela Launches Drills to Protect Public Services
Anti-Govt Protests Erupt in Nicaragua After Extended Pause
Mexican Journalist Who Covered Drug Gangs Killed Near US Border
Colombian Duque's Bid to Change Peace Deal Rattles Sabres, but War Unlikely
Israel's Top Court Bans Kahanist Leader From Election Run, Okays Arab Slates, Far-Left Candidate
Likud MK: Netanyahu Ready to Conquer Gaza Before Elections 'if Need Be'
New Right Launches Election Campaign Aimed at 'Defeating' High Court, Hamas
UN Official Condemns Hamas Crackdown on Gaza Protests
Palestinian Self-Immolates on 3rd Day of Gaza Protests Against Hamas
Palestinian Kills Israeli Soldier in West Bank Knife and Gun Attack
Israel Gives Islamic Authority Deadline in Holy Site Closure
Palestinians Rip Doors Off Disputed Building on Temple Mount
25 Yemeni Houthi Rebels Killed in Pro-Govt Military Operation
Girl Killed in Landmine Blast in Southern Yemen
No Signs of Peace as Yemen's Devastating Conflict Continues
PKK in Fresh Clashes; Eight Killed in Iraq
Iraqi PM Vows No Return to War Policies
Iraqi Kurds Commemorate Halabja Massacre
Water Woes Hit Henna Plant Farms in Iraq's Fao Peninsula
In Iraq, the Dangerous Search for Truffles Is Worth the Prize
Yazidi Mass Graves: UN Team Exhumes Bodies in Iraq
21 Soldiers Dead as Gunmen Storm Mali Army Camp
Algeria PM Starts Talks on New Cabinet as Gas Field Workers Protest
Fire Kills at Least Eight, Destroys Homes in Northeast Nigeria Camp for War Displaced
US Military
Congressman Asks for Suicide Inquiry at Alaska Military Base
The Army Is Rebuilding Its Ammunition Stores
Air Force Asks for 4,400 More Airmen, New F-15EX Fighter
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