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Updated April 9, 2019 - 8:52 PM EDT
Likud Holds Narrow Lead as 80% of Vote Counted
Netanyahu Asked Trump To Blacklist Iran Guards
  Iran Designates US Centcom as Terrorists
  Trump Org May Have Financial Link to IRGC
Three US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  Battle Continues to Rage in North Afghanistan's Badghis Province
UN Seeks Probe of Deadly 'Explosion' in Yemeni Capital
  Trump May Reconsider, Now Heed Call to End US War Role
Ecuador Removes Official Over Close Assange Relationship
  Ecuador Reserves the Right to Investigate Assange: Foreign Minister
After Losing Istanbul Vote, Erdogan Wants a Do-Over
Libyan Unity Govt Bombs, Recaptures Tripoli Airport
UN Seeks Probe of Deadly 'Explosion' in Yemeni Capital
Ukrainians to US: Don't You Want Our Evidence on Dems?
item Philippines 'Mutual' Defense Treaty Isn't Mutual at All  by Doug Bandow
item IRGC Designation: More From the War-With-Iran Playbook  by Daniel R. DePetris & Richard Sokolsky
item Rep. Barbara Lee's Startling Vote to Boost Military Spending  by Norman Solomon
item America and Russia: The Tale of the Tape  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item President Moon's Unenviable Task  by Kevin Martin & Gabe Murphy
item Israeli Election Is Between Right Wing and Even More Right Wing  by Jonathan Cook

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Trump Administration Ends MLB/Cuba Baseball Deal
Internet Crackdown Raises Fears for Free Speech in UK
Budget for Korean DMZ Hiking Trails Approved
As Sudan Brutalizes Its People, the US Offers Closer Relations
Trump Fires Secret Service Chief Randolph Alles
Fighting in South of Libyan Capital Kills 25, Wounds 80
UN Says 2,200 People Flee Libya Clashes, Many More Trapped
Two Doctors Killed in Battle for Libya's Capital
Detained Refugees 'Terrified' as Clashes Near Tripoli Rage
Oil Prices Rise to 2019 High as Libya Civil War Threatens Supply
Clashes Among Armed Forces at Khartoum Sit-In
Sudanese Army Blocks Attempt to Disperse Protesters
Seven People Killed Over Two Days During Protests in Sudan
Sudan Activists Say Soldier Killed During Raid on Sit-In
Sudan's Defense Minister Says Security Forces Won't Permit Attempts to Divide Them
Freed Comoros Opposition Leader Retracts Accusation Against President
Rwandan Rebel Group Spokesman Faces Terrorism-Related Charges in Kigali Court
US, Brazilian Vice Presidents Discuss Venezuela Pressure at White House
Venezuela Pledges to Honor Oil Commitments to Cuba Despite Sanctions
US Sanctions Oil Trade Between Venezuela and Cuba
Pompeo to Visit Venezuela Border on South America Tour
Iranian Delegation Travels to Venezuela to Discuss Direct Flight Route
US Blacklists Greek Tanker for Venezuela Sanctions-Busting
Government Says Ready to Continue Nicaragua Talks
Brazil: 10 Soldiers Arrested After Firing 80 Bullets Into Family's Car
The War at Home
The Army Wants AI to Read Soldiers' Minds
New Mexico: Military Needs to Do More to Clean Up Jet Fuel
Saudi Arabia
Secrecy Behind Saudi Nuclear Talks Infuriates Congress
US Bars Entry to 16 Saudis Over Khashoggi Killing
Saudi Arabia Rejects Reports About Plans to Drop Dollar as Oil Currency
Two Killed, Two Arrested in Saudi Security Operation in Eastern Province
Clashes in Haditha; Six Killed in Iraq
Four ISIS Terrorists Killed in Fierce Clashes With Paramilitary Fighters in Iraq
Iraq Reopens Theater at Green Zone After 15 Years of Closure
Trump Admin Refuses to Discuss Netanyahu's Remarks on Annexing West Bank
Artificial Limbs Change Lives for Wounded Gaza Protesters
Turkish Election Board Rejects Recount Call in 31 Istanbul Districts
Putin and Erdogan Discuss S-400 Missile Deal
Middle East
Russia, Turkey Will Continue Efforts to Establish Peace in Syria: Putin
Bahrain Welcomes US Blacklisting of Iran Revolutionary Guards
Indian Air Force Says Radar Image Proof of Downed Pakistan Jet
Ahead of India Election, BJP Vows to Strip Kashmir of Special Rights
China/Hong Kong
US 'Not Satisfied Yet' in China Trade Talks: White House Official
Occupy Leaders Found Guilty Over Role in Hong Kong's 2014 Umbrella Movement
Romania Indicts Ex-President Iliescu for 1989 Revolution Killings
UK Government Met With BAE Systems Weeks After Khashoggi Murder to Discuss Response
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
America and Russia: The Tale of the Tape

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Why Won't Maduro Let US Humanitarian Aid Into Venezuela? History.

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America's War Culture

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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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