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Updated April 11, 2019 - 9:28 PM EDT
Assange Arrested on US Extradition Request
  'Not My Deal' – Trump Distances Himself From WikiLeaks Arrest
  Ecuador: UK Won't Send Assange to Country With Death Penalty
  US Charges Assange With 'Computer Hacking Conspiracy'
  UK Judge Convicts Assange of Breaching Bail
  Julian Assange Arrest Video
Opponents of US Wars See Growing Momentum
  Pentagon to Extend 'Defeat ISIS' Coalition Beyond Syria
  Rand Paul to Pompeo: You Don't Have 'Permission' for War With Iran
Saudis Launch New Airstrikes in Yemeni Capital
  Dozens of Saudi Cadets Trained in UK Since Yemen Intervention
  Mass Funeral in Sanaa for Children Killed in Saudi Airstrike
Worst Day of Fighting in Libyan Capital, PM Mobilizes
  US Sees Bigger Role for Libya's Hafter as Key to Avoiding Civil War
  France Blocks EU Call to Stop Haftar's Offensive in Libya
Netanyahu: Annexation for Immunity From Indictment
  PR Agency Takes Credit for Low Turnout at Arab Polling Stations
Omar Hassan Al-Bashir Is Removed as Sudan's President
New Leak: Google Manually Manipulates News Blacklist
US Resumes Somalia Strikes After Admitting to Deaths
Erdogan Calls for Annulment of Istanbul Election
Pence Says US Wants Maduro Out, 'All Options' on Table
item Yes, You Should Fear the Arrest of Julian Assange  by Kelley Vlahos
item US-Israel 'Special Relationship' Subsidizes US Military Industry and Israeli Colonialism  by Anna Badillo
item The Unfinished Gaza War: What Netanyahu Hopes to Gain From Attacking Palestinian Prisoners  by Ramzy Baroud
item For Military Contractors, Tax Day Is Pay Day  by Lindsay Koshgarian
item Venezuela Is a Tragedy of Corruption, but Not a Threat  by Doug Bandow
item No to NATO: Time to End Aggressive Militarism  by Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese

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WikiLeaks Says Julian Assange Is Being Spied on in Ecuadorean Embassy
Spanish Police Probe Extortion Scheme Involving Surveillance on Assange
Republicans Falsely Claim Ilhan Omar Denied 9/11 Attackers Were Terrorists
Court Hears Challenge to UK's Decision to License Arms Exports to Saudis
The War at Home
NSA Gave Contractors $630m in Incentives. Its Watchdog Has Questions.
CIA Considering Cloud Contract Worth 'Tens of Billions'
Republicans Falsely Claim Ilhan Omar Denied 9/11 Attackers Were Terrorists
Trump Says Will Have to Call Up More Military at US-Mexico Border
National Guard Expects $193m Shortfall in Training Account Due to Border Deployment
Pentagon to Find Places to Potentially House Up to 5,000 Unaccompanied Migrant Children
Netanyahu Has Become an Issue in the US Presidential Campaign
Lieberman In, Bennett Out: Winners and Losers in the 2019 Israeli Election
Powerful Israeli Religious Parties May Prevent Needed Budget Restraint After Election
Trump Says Netanyahu Election Win Means a 'Better Chance for Peace'
Senior Palestinian Official Says Israelis Voted 'No to Peace'
Palestinians Condemn Airbnb About-Face on Delisting Israeli Settlements
Saudi Arabia
Khashoggi's Children Deny Considering Settlement Over Murder
Son of Slain Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Appears to Defend Saudi Prince, Compensation
Arrests of Saudi Women Activists' Supporters Rise to 14
Pompeo Urges Release of US Activists for Saudi Women's Rights
Retired General Confirmed as US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Bomb Targets Tribal Leader and Family; Two Killed in Iraq
Iraq Seeks Multibillion Dollar Fee to Receive ISIS Prisoners
Report: ISIS Still Forcing Iraqis to Pay Taxes
PM Instructs Iraq Govt to Pay Peshmerga Salaries
Syria Solution Should Be Political, Not Military: EU
Third Batch of Civilians Leave Rukban Camp in SE Syria
Syria's Sexual Violence Survivors Seek Justice
Iran Plans Satellite Launches Despite US Opposition
Four Injured in Military Helicopter Crash in NW Iran
Middle East
Turkey Says It Will Look Elsewhere if US Won't Sell Patriots, F-35s
Landmine Explosion Kills Yemeni Citizen in Hodeidah
Saudi Arabia, Iran 'Topped Global Executions' Again in 2018
Amnesty Urges UAE to Release Activist on Hunger Strike
Hezbollah Warns US Over Sanctions Against Iran and Allies
Honduran, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan Leaders Not Invited to Salvadoran's Swearing-In
Libya Is on the Brink of Civil War and a US Citizen Is Responsible. Here's What to Know
How Libya's Haftar Blindsided World Powers With Advance on Tripoli
Thousands Flee Tripoli Homes as Battle Rages on Outskirts
Eleven Killed in Sudan Protests Including Six 'State Forces': Government Spokesman
Sudan Protesters Rally for Fifth Night Outside Army HQ
Egypt Withdraws From US-Led Anti-Iran Security Initiative: Sources
France and Mali Troops Kill 30 Militants in Counter-Terrorism Op Near Burkina Faso Border
Niger Gendarmes Killed and Hostages Taken in Latest ISIS Attack in Diffa
Algeria to Hold July 4 Presidential Election After Mass Protests
Vatican Tries Retreat Diplomacy as South Sudan Peace Deal Falters
Afghan Peace Efforts Should Be Expedited: Logar Residents
Pompeo Sees 'Meaningful' Role for Kabul in Any Peace Deal
Remnants of War: Afghanistan's Landmine Crisis Continues
North Korea
North Korea's Ruling Party to Meet Amid 'Tense Situation'
Japan Extending Sanctions Against North Korea for Two More Years
Crashed F-35 Was the First One Assembled by Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Balakot Air Strike: Pakistan Shows Off Disputed Site on Eve of India Election
UN Extends Experts Monitoring North Korea Sanctions
US, China 'Agree to Establish Trade Deal Enforcement Offices'
Pakistan PM Khan Says Anti-Militant Push Vital for Stability
Sri Lanka's Wartime Defense Chief Sued in US Over Alleged Torture and Murder
Myanmar Rebels Storm Police Base in Rakhine State Amid Fresh Clashes in Temple Town
British Submarine Yard Evacuated but No Nuclear Incident
Kosovo Orders New Elections in Serb-Dominated Areas
Austria Wants ISIS Fighters to Be Tried in UN-Style Tribunals
German Police Raid Islamic Organizations Over Suspected Hamas Support
Russian Investigators Call for US Investor to Be Let Out of Jail
Pence Asks UN to Recognize Guaido as Venezuela's Leader
IMF: No Transactions With Venezuela While Leadership in Doubt
Castro Says Cuba Will Not Abandon Venezuela Despite US 'Blackmail'
Red Cross Regains Entry to Venezuela Jails, Military Prisons
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