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Updated April 12, 2019 - 8:36 PM EDT
Assange Arrested on US Extradition Request
  IMF Deal for Ecuador Paved Way for Assange’s Arrest
  US Must Produce Case for Assange Extradition by June 12: UK Judge
  Here's the Assange Indictment
  'Not My Thing' – Trump Distances Himself From WikiLeaks Arrest
  'Our Property Now': Most US Lawmakers Rejoice Over Assange Arrest
  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: Assange Arrest Is a Threat to Journalists
Surprise Coup: Sudan's Military Ousts Bashir
  Leader of Sudan Coup on US Sanction List for Darfur Genocide
  South Sudan Frets Sudan Coup Could Derail Fragile Peace Deal
Pakistan: Explosion Hits Quetta Market, 20 Dead
US Denies Entry to Leader of Movement to Boycott Israel
SK's Moon Seeks North Summit To Save Peace Process
Oil Prices Likely Derail Trump's Plans to Stop Iran Exports
item Why Julian Assange's Extradition Must Be Opposed at All Costs  by Nozomi Hayase
item Assange Has Been Arrested for US Extradition, Now Is the Time To Act  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Pardoning Assange Would Be First Step Back Toward Rule of Law  by Thomas Knapp
item Where Trump's and Bibi's Interests Clash  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item For Palestinians, It Doesn't Matter Who Wins the Israeli Elections  by Mohamed Mohamed
item The Pentagon's Bottomless Money Pit  by Matt Taibbi

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Facebook Still Tracks You After You Deactivate Account
Daunting Salvage Awaits Japanese F-35 Investigators Baffled by Crash
Saudi Aramco Bonds' Modest Gains Suggest Demand Was Inflated
US Army Terminal Missile Defense System Is Headed to Eastern Europe
Israel's Attorney General Urged to Probe Likud Hidden Cameras in Arab Polling Stations
Kahlon Negotiating Return to Likud Fold, Would Stay on as Finance Minister
Final Vote Tally, Not Yet Official, Keeps New Right Out of Next Knesset
Pompeo, in Testimony to Senate, Refuses to Back Two-State Solution
Moon Landing by Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft Ends in Crash
Large-Scale Anti-ISIS Operation; 18 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi, US-Led Troops Destroy ISIS Media Propaganda Center
Land Mine Blast Kills Three Children in Southern Syria
Nine-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Girl Shot Dead by Turkish Border Police
Pro-Kurdish Party Slams Turkey Ban on Elected Mayors Taking Office
Turkey Condemns French and Italian Recognition of Armenian Genocide
Middle East
US Senate Leader McConnell Still Weighing Response to Saudi Journalist's Death
Lebanese Army Receives A-29 Super Tucano Aircraft From US
Sudan Protest Organizers Reject Military Coup, Vow More Demos
Sudan's Security Service Announces Release of Political Prisoners
US Suspends Talks With Sudan After Military Ousts Bashir
Joy Turns to Anger for 'Hoodwinked' Sudan Protesters
Libya Fighting Kills 56, European Powers Jostle Over Conflict
Tripoli Forces Take Prisoners as EU Demands Libya's Haftar to Stop Offensive
ISIS Says It Killed Six Members of East Libyan LNA Force Near Sabha
UN Says Fighting Over Libya's Capital Displaces 8,000
Egypt Officials: Four Policemen Killed in Two Sinai Attacks
UN: Nigerian Troops Forced 10,000 People to Leave NE Town
Germany Raids Suspected Hamas Helpers
WWII Bomb Leads to Evacuations Near Wiesbaden Base Housing Area
Russian Lawmakers Approve Second Reading of 'Sovereign' Internet Bill
Ex-Soldier Confesses to Shooting Slain Slovak Journalist
Man Is Shot by Sentry Outside North Macedonian Army Barracks
Julian Assange Arrested
Ecuador Arrests Swedish Software Developer Allegedly Tied to WikiLeaks After Assange Arrest
Assange Arrest Video
Daniel Ellsberg on Assange Arrest: The Beginning of the End for Press Freedom
UK Judge Convicts Assange of Breaching Bail
UK Pledges It Won't Send Assange to Country With Death Penalty: Ecuador
Assange's Life in Danger if Extradited to the US, His Quito Lawyer Says
Assange Hacking Charge Limits Free Speech Defense: Legal Experts
Assange Arrest a 'Dark Moment': Snowden
UN Rights Expert Seeks Access to Assange, Evidence
Kremlin Hopes Assange Rights Will Not Be Violated After His Arrest
Lawyer Says to Push for Sweden to Reopen Assange Investigation
UK Govt Did Not Lobby Ecuador to Revoke Assange's Asylum: May's Spokeswoman
Pamela Anderson Outraged Over Arrest of Julian Assange, a 'Hero'
US Military
Defense Dept Paid Trump Properties $300,000 Since Start of Presidency
Senators Show Deep Skepticism on Space Force Proposal
National Reconnaissance Office Could Join Space Force Down the Road, Shanahan Says
The Pentagon Is Killing a Key Independent-Research Program
Navy Dropping Charges Against Officers in Deadly 2017 Collision
US Military Advances Sprawling Mission to Quell Housing-Safety Scandal
Kim Jong Un Named to Head State Panel; New Premier Selected
Trump, in Talks With South Korea's Moon, Says Sanctions on North Korea to Stay in Place
Philippine News Site Asks Top Court to Scrap Duterte's Ban on Its Reporters
Indonesia Election and the Role of Its Powerful Military
Myanmar Rebels Kidnap Civilians From Police Base
Afghan Taliban Bans WHO and Red Cross Work Amid Vaccination Drive
Big Turnout for India's Giant Election, Where Modi Has an Edge
US Says Countries Reviewing Aid Plan for Venezuela
World Bank Preparing to Become 'Deeply Involved' in Venezuela
International Red Cross Says Stepping Up Aid to Venezuela
Oil Tankers Leave Venezuela for Cuba Despite Sanctions
Mexico Names Army General to Lead New National Guard
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