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Updated April 17, 2019 - 9:44 PM EDT
N. Korea Reveals Testing of New Tactical Weapon
Trump Vetoes Bill to End Support of Yemen War
  UN: Thousands of Children Killed or Sexually Assaulted in Yemen
Julian Assange Wins EU Journalism Award
  US Gave Verbal Pledge of No Death Penalty for Assange: Sources
Iran Parliament Blacklists US Centcom as Terrorists
  Instagram Bans Iran Guard Commanders Over US Terror Declaration
Russian Troops, Shi'ite Militias Clash in Aleppo, 11 Dead
USAF Sec.: We Must Prove Ability to Strike in Space
CIA Chief Used Duck Photos to Push Anti-Russia Move
Jimmy Carter: China Doesn't Waste Money on Wars
item Gallup Quietly Admits 'Israeli vs. Palestinian' Polls Are Misleading  by Grant Smith
item Assange's Arrest Sets Dangerous Precedent  by Matthias von Hein
item West Bank Annexation May Unlock Netanyahu's Legal Troubles  by Jonathan Cook
item Who Will Be the Last to Die for a Lie?: The Afghan War Drags On  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The Fly in the Mueller Ointment  Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity
item Trump Dances to Israel's Tune  by Philip Giraldi

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Spanish Court Returns Stolen Material to N. Korea Embassy: Judicial Source
DHS Considering Classifying Fentanyl as Weapon of Mass Destruction
Trump Ordered Thousands More Troops to Border
China's Growth Steady Amid Tariff Fight With US
Palestinians Turn to Russia to Bypass US Peace Plan
Israeli Court Upholds Deportation of Human Rights Watch Official
13th Century Palestinian Mosque 'Converted to Nightclub' in Israel
US Publishes First Map Showing Golan as Israeli Territory
Palestinian PM Accuses US of 'Financial War'
Pompeo Says PM's West Bank Sovereignty Vow Won't Hurt Trump Peace Plan
Palestinians End Hunger Strike After Israeli Concessions
Dimona Nuclear Reactor Official Arrested for Corruption
Roadside Bomb Targets Soldiers; 23 Killed in Iraq
Experts Find Mass Grave in Iraq Thought to Contain 500 Yezidis
Back on Track: Railway Linking Iran to Syria Through Iraq
Chinese Company Starts Drilling 1st Oil Well in Iraq's Diyala Province
Erdogan's AK Party Calls for Rerun of Istanbul Elections
Turkey Hopeful US Will Extend Waiver on Iran Sanctions
Turkey Eyes Trump Protection From Any Sanctions for Russian Defense Purchase
Turkey's Albayrak, Trump Discuss Russian Missile Defense Issue
Middle East
Princess Reema Sworn in as Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US
Bahrain Jails 139 on Terrorism Charges, Revokes Citizenship
Flowers Bloom in War-Torn Syria's Battered Cities
Another Girls' School Destroyed in Afghanistan
Hundreds of Afghan Delegates to Meet Taliban in Doha
Afghan Activists March in Balkh to Protect Women's Rights
Shootout in Northwest Pakistan Kills Policeman, Five Militants
Pakistani Minority Shi'ites End Days-Long Protest in Quetta
US Envoy to North Korea to Visit Moscow, Discuss Denuclearization
Okinawa Has Been Eager to Expel US Troops. a Murder-Suicide Is Pouring Fuel on Those Flames.
Philippine Police: Four Wives of Abu Sayyaf Commanders Arrested
Kashmir: Blast in Srinagar's Anchar Area Injures Five Civilians
Taiwan President Says Chinese Drills a Threat but Not Intimidated
Thwarting Fraud: Thousands to 'Crowd-Source' Indonesian Election Results
US Military
Alcohol, Sex and Violence Collided in Murder Case Involving SEALs and Marines
Army's Brand-New Combat Vehicle Was Designed for the Last War, Army Secretary Says
New VA Whistleblower Protection Office Is Under Investigation for Retaliating Against Whistleblowers
Marine Raider Killed in ATV Accident During Training Exercise
In Libya, a Rogues' Gallery of Militias Prepare for War
Western Allies Add Fuel to Libya's Fire With Alleged Military Shipments to Warlord
Late Night Shelling in Tripoli as Europe, Gulf Divided Over Haftar
Shelling Kills Four in Tripoli as UN Debates Libya Ceasefire
Fleeing Battle for Tripoli, Libyan Families Take Refuge in Abandoned Factory
UN Says Fighting Over Libya's Capital Has Displaced 20,000
UK Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Libya Amid Diplomatic Divide Over Haftar Offensive
Washington Will Not Remove Sudan From Terror List While Military Rules: US Official
Egypt's Sisi Calls Sudan's Military Leader to Offer Support
Russia Recognizes New Authorities in Sudan
Sudan's Interim Military Council Fires 3 Top Public Prosecutors
Egypt's Parliament Backs Measures That Could Extend Sisi's Term
Algerian Military Considering All Options to End Crisis
Ex-Pilot Accused of Plotting Attack in Ukraine Set Free
Czech Jailed for Rail Attacks He Blamed on Islamic Militants
Poland Close to Establishing US Military Base President Joked Would Be Called 'Fort Trump'
Russian Court Jails Norwegian for 14 Years for Espionage
Venezuela's Guaido to Seek to Annul $8.7 Billion Conoco Award
First Shipment of Red Cross Aid Arrives in Venezuela
Hundreds of Prisoners Released in Nicaragua Ahead of Protests Anniversary
Nicaragua Police Deny Permit for Protest Anniversary March
Parents of Swedish Coder Held by Ecuador Say He Is Innocent
Mexico Releases Spy Agency's Files on Current President
Trump to Allow Suits Over US Properties Seized in Cuba
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