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Updated April 21, 2019 - 8:24 PM EDT
US To End Sanctions Waivers for Iran Oil
Poroshenko Concedes Defeat in Ukraine Vote
Bombings Kill 200 in Sri Lanka Churches, Hotels
ISIS Hits Syria Army With Major Attacks, 60 Killed
Over 70,000 Killed in Yemen's Civil War: Database
  Trump Now Owns the Yemen War
Pompeo Says He Can't Be Removed From Talks
  US Intel Doubts North Korea Weapons Test Was Successful
Mueller Obliterates Trump Conspiracy Theories
Afghan Peace Talks Are Postponed Indefinitely
US Reveals Support for Former CIA Asset Hafter in Libya
Ecuador Judge Orders Detention of Ex-FM Over Assange
item Mueller Pursued Every Avenue to Dispel the Collusion Myth  by Michael Tracey
item CNN Disgraces Itself as the Mueller Report Shatters Media Dreams  by Barbara Boland
item 100,000 Pentagon Whistleblower Complaints Have Been Silenced  by Lee Camp
item Jimmy Carter: US 'Most Warlike Nation in History of the World'  by Brett Wilkins
item Abolish Foreign Aid, All of It  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item US Media Lament Internet Censorship – in China, Not US  by Julianne Tveten

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US Arrests Former Marine Connected to North Korea Embassy Raid in Spain
True ISIS Believers Regroup Inside Refugee Camp, Terrorize the 'Impious'
Italy, France Aim to Chart Common Strategy on Violent Libya
How the Saudi Royal Rivalry Rattles the Entire Mideast
US Envoy 'Disappointed' by Collapse of Inter-Afghan Peace Meeting
Ex-President: Peace Possible When All Afghans Sit Together
Three Herat NDS Officers Killed Defusing Bomb in Afghanistan
China Says Silk Road Not Geopolitical Tool, Understands Concerns
China Sentences Military Veterans for Protesting
Gunmen Kill 14 Passengers Pulled From Buses in Pakistan
US-Thai Pair Facing Death for 'Sea Home' Should Fight the Charge, Thailand Says
Hundreds of Thousands Back on Algeria's Streets, Demanding Radical Reform
Algerians Demand More Concessions in 9th Week of Mass Protests
A Young Man Injured in Last Week's Protests in Algiers Dies
More Protesters Flood Sudan's Sit-In to Demand Civilian Rule
Sudan Opposition to Present Candidates for Civilian Leadership on Sunday
Egyptians to Vote on Changes To Allow Sisi To Stay Until 2030
Egyptian Police Coerce Shopkeepers to Support Pro-Referendum Campaign
Boko Haram Kills 11 in Overnight Attack in Cameroon's Far North
Militiamen Kill Senior WHO Official in Attack on DR Congo Ebola Center
Mali Struggles to Disarm Ethnic Militia Suspected of Massacre
Burundi Police Chief Publicly Threatens Opposition Members' Lives
Americans Still Dying
Central Pa. Marine Killed in Afghanistan Riffed on Movies, Gave Respect to All
Marine From Standish (ME) Fatally Shot on S.C. Base
Guardsman (MD) Killed in Training Accident Formerly Served in Marines' Special Operations Command
US Mideast Plan Will Not Include Land Transfer From Egypt's Sinai: Envoy
Israel Threatens to Attack All of Lebanon, Reveals S-300-Evading Missile
48 Wounded in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in Eastern Gaza: Medics
Israeli Tank, Aircraft Hit Gaza After Cross-Border Shots: Army
USAID to Lay Off 85% of Local Employees on Palestinian Projects
Democratic Senators Introduce Resolution to Restore US Aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza
Israel Destroys Family Home of Palestinian Accused of Murdering Jewish Woman
Macron Sparks Turkish Anger by Meeting Syrian Kurds
Assad Urges Progress on Idlib Deal Ahead of Syria Talks
Turkey Arrests Suspected Spies for UAE, Investigating Khashoggi Link
Russia Would Be Turkey's 'First Best Choice' for Fighter Jets if Its F-35 Plan Flops
Turkey Says Russian System No Threat to F-35s, Seeks Panel
Turkey Pins Hopes on Trump to Avoid Sanctions Over Russia Missile Deal
Middle East
US Service Member Among 17 Killed in Iraq
Saudi Arabia, Russia Oil Cooperation 'Here to Stay'
Unknown Gunmen Ambush Security Patrol in Yemen's Taiz, Officer Killed
Jordan Toughens Border Controls, Irking Israelis on Passover Vacation
Ukrainian Presidential Candidates Trade Insults in Rowdy Stadium Debate
Ukraine May Elect a Jewish President. Here's Why It's Not an Issue
Thousands Rally in Belgrade to Support Serbia's President Vucic
Nicaraguans Use Good Friday Processions to Protest
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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